File Title
1 Comet Craters--Literal Melting Pots for Life on Earth
2 Hollywood Star Brad Pitt Shares a Name with a New Wasp Species from South Africa
3 Engineers Create a Better Way to Boil Water--with Industrial, Electronics Applications
4 New Evidence Connects Dung Beetle Evolution to Dinosaurs
5 Genetic Switch Could Be Key to Increased Health and Lifespan
6 X-Ray Scientist Haidan Wen Wins DOE Early Career Award
7 National Academy of Sciences Elects UAH's Dr. Gary Zank as Member
8 Not So Safe: Security Software Can Put Computers at Risk
9 NC State Study Asks Kids to Choose Wildlife Conservation Priorities
10 How to Talk About Climate Change So People Will Act
11 Three PNNL Scientists Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards
12 Bats' Flight Technique Could Lead to Better Drones
13 Partners Help Produce UF/IFAS' Annual 'Flavors of Florida' Food and Drink Showcase
14 Missouri S&T Team Boosts Lithium-Ion Battery Performance
15 Two-Minute Warnings Make Kids' 'Screen Time' Tantrums Worse
16 First Gene Linked to Temperature Sex Switch
17 Nurseries Excited About Two New Early Valencia Orange Varieties From UF/IFAS
18 New Insight on a Familiar Glow
19 ALMA Measures Mass of Black Hole with Extreme Precision
20 UCI Astronomers Determine Precise Mass of a Giant Black Hole
21 SLAC's Historic Linac Turns 50 and Gets a Makeover
22 U of G Finding May Rewrite Cell Biology Textbooks
23 Marine Corps Teams with Sandia on Microgrids and Renewable Energy Planning
24 IU Data Scientists Launch Free Tools to Analyze Online Trends, Memes
25 Manipulation of Specific Neurons Helps to Erase Bad Memories, Enhance Good Ones
26 Texas Tech Researcher's Work Could Lead to Your Next Juicy Steak
27 Online Tool Maps Louisiana's Water Flow Interactions to Preserve State's Fresh Water
28 From Genome Research: Venus Flytrap Exploits Plant Defenses in Carnivorous Lifestyle
29 Floods and Coastal Erosion May Expose Contents of UK Landfills, Study Finds
30 Getting a Better Measure of Spin with Diamond
31 Molybdenum Disulfide Holds Promise for Light Absorption
32 MD Anderson Applauds Extension of FDA Regulatory Authority to All Tobacco Products
33 Scientists Watch Bacterial Sensor Respond to Light in Real Time
34 Split-Second Imaging Shows Molecular Changes Needed for Vision
35 Fastest-Ever Molecular Imaging Reveals Reaction Crucial for Vision
36 Why Vultures Matter--and What We Lose if They're Gone
37 Speedy Ion Conduction in Solid Electrolytes Clears Road for Advanced Energy Devices
38 Penn Veterinarians Develop New Tool to Unlock the Mysteries of Cat Behavior
39 A View Through Wood Shows Futuristic Applications
40 Scientists Are First to Discover Sensory System that Detects Air Humidity
41 Evolutionary Biologist Selected as a Simons Early Career Investigator
42 Seismic Response of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Coupled Walls
43 Hollow and Filled with Potential
44 Scientist Will Use Satellite Data to Study Lightning That Sizzles
45 Small and Powerful: Pushing the Boundaries of Nano-Magnets
46 Media Alert: The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) 2016
47 Moon Plays Lead Role in New Astronomical Technique
48 How Did Birds Get Their Wings? Bacteria May Provide a Clue, Say Scientists
49 DHS S&T to Conduct Airflow Study in NYC Subway
50 Teaching Computers to Understand Human Languages
51 Bright Dusty Galaxies Are Hiding Secret Companions
52 Continental Drift Created Biologically Diverse Coral Reefs
53 N/A
54 Deadly Fungus Threatens African Frogs
55 Study Offers Clues to Better Rainfall Predictions
56 'Hammerhead' Creature Was World's First Plant-Eating Marine Reptile
57 Scientists Cite Evidence that Mosasaurs Were Warm-Blooded
58 NASA Selects ASU Undergraduate 'CubeSat' Project to Measure Phoenix Urban Heat Islands
59 How Ameriflux Helped Determine the Impact of the 2012 U.S. Drought on the Carbon Cycle
60 Large-Scale Data Study of Super Storm Sandy Utility Damage Shows "Small" Failures, Big Impact
61 NUS Scientists Develop Novel Method to Improve Photoluminescence Efficiency of Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
62 Visualizing the Lithiation of a Nanosized Iron-Oxide Material in Real Time
63 UF/IFAS Study: Hot Water, Essential Oil Could Help Prevent Postharvest Development of Citrus Black Spot
64 Machine Learning Accelerates the Discovery of New Materials
65 Artificial Intelligence Course Creates AI Teaching Assistant
66 Best of Both Worlds
67 Intense Wind Found in the Neighbourhood of a Black Hole
68 Stochastic Resonance, Chaos Transfer Shown in an Optomechanical Microresonator
69 DHS Partners with University of North Dakota to Research Unmanned Aerial Technology
70 Cold War Warriors: Sandia's Decades in Nuclear Weapons
71 How Will People Interact with Technology in the Future?
72 In Cities, Flooding and Rainfall Extremes to Rise as Climate Changes
73 Large Hadron Collider Prepares to Deliver Six Times the Data
74 First Single-Enzyme Method to Produce Quantum Dots Revealed
75 Neutrons Tap Into Magnetism in Topological Insulators at High Temperatures
76 Berkeley Lab Scientists Part of New Particle-Hunting Season at CERN's LHC
77 UCI Sleuths Search the Seas for Soot
78 Carrot Genome Paints Picture of Domestication, Could Help Improve Crops
79 Leftover Warm Water in Pacific Ocean Fueled Massive El Nino
80 Withdrawn Children Display Predictable Brain Activity During Social Interactions
81 Specific Changes to Non-Coding RNA May Be Part of What Makes Us Human
82 University of Iowa Driving Researchers Develop Virtual City to Test Vehicles of the Future
83 Columbus State University Scholars Collect New Tree Species in the Amazon
84 Feeling the Pulse of Africa
85 ESF to Announce Top 10 New Species this Month
86 This Five-Fingered Robot Hand Learns to Get a Grip on Its Own
87 Video Forensic Tools Track Suspicious Objects Left in Public Places
88 DHS S&T Deputy Under Secretary Dr. Robert Griffin to Speak at 2016 IOT World Event
89 Further Evidence Found Against Ancient 'Killer Walrus' Theory
90 Study Supports Natural Causes, Not Alien Activity, to Explain Mystery Star's Behavior
91 Digesting Sweet Taste: Gut Enzymes Localized in Taste Cells
92 Saharan Dust Makes Big Impact on Caribbean Waters
93 Argonne Rolls Out New Version of Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Analysis Tool
94 Tiger Moths Use Signals to Warn Bats: Toxic Not Tasty
95 2016 Astronomy Outreach Ambassadors to Visit World-Class Observatories in Chile
96 Mercury in Fish Affected by Both Prey Type and Quality
97 NSF Grant Highlights NAU's Leadership in Biodiversity Digitization and Informatics
98 Common Nanoparticle Has Subtle Effects on Oxidative Stress Genes
99 Berkeley Lab Scientists Brew Jet Fuel in One-Pot Recipe
100 $2.6 million Legislative Allotment Lets UF/IFAS Complete Beef Teaching Unit Expansion
101 Scientists Digitally Mimic Evolution to Create Novel Proteins
102 New Device Steps Toward Isolating Single Electrons for Quantum Computing
103 Experts Available to Discuss Fort McMurray Wildfire and Its Effects
104 Exploring the Mystery of How Enzymes Work via Simulations
105 Daffodils Help Inspire Design of Stable Structures
106 Building Compact Particle Accelerators: Bunching Electrons Can Get More Done
107 Enhancing Lab-on-a-Chip Peristalsis with Electro-Osmosis
108 Platinum, Puddles, and Water's True Nature
109 N/A
110 University of Alabama Researcher Helps Unlock Bio-Diversity Mystery