File Title
1 Imaging study shows promising results for patients with schizophrenia
2 Trouble with parasites? Just migrate!
3 Spin glass physics with trapped ions
4 Why robin eggs are blue
5 At the top of their game
6 Study: Social media use may help identify students at risk of alcohol problems
7 Investors reap greater profits when trading stocks of firms with more connected boards
8 Automating DNA origami opens door to many new uses
9 Skin cancer: A team synthesizes new drugs with surprising powers
10 PNNL helps lead national microbiome initiative
11 In wake of Flint crisis, new proposal seeks to 'focus on the fix' for lead poisoning
12 First-of-its-kind procedure combines scalp, skull, kidney and pancreas transplant
13 Tasty fat: X-rays finding the blueprint of why fat is yummy
14 Designing acoustic devices using thin materials
15 US military members who report poor sleep were less resilient in recent study
16 Telling irregularities
17 ANKRD55: A new gene involved in Multiple Sclerosis is discovered
18 Appalachian coal ash richest in rare earth elements
19 New survey shows that retirement includes work for many older Americans
20 New model of T cell activation
21 Blood test supports use of potential new treatment for patients with stomach cancer
22 New survey shows that only one-third of older Americans feel financially prepared for retirement
23 Guarding the gatekeepers
24 Strathclyde study identifies descendants of medieval Scottish king
25 New compound switches between liquid and solid states when exposed to light or heat
26 Research reveals that sharks have individual personalities
27 Expert urges voluntary family planning to mitigate climate change
28 Arctic Ocean methane does not reach the atmosphere
29 Hawk moths have a second nose for evaluating flowers
30 Baby talk words with repeated sounds help infants learn language
31 Predicting the spread of the Zika virus
32 Fungi--a promising source of chemical diversity
33 Vismodegib in basal cell carcinoma: Added benefit not proven
34 Brivaracetam in epilepsy: Added benefit not proven
35 Pharmacist prescribes education as key to curbing opioid abuse
36 Faster, more efficient CRISPR editing in mice
37 Simple attraction: Researchers control protein release from nanoparticles without encapsulation
38 Small talk: Electronic media keeping kids from communicating with parents
39 Study shows tax on plug-in vehicles is not answer to road-funding woes
40 Vitamin nicotinamide riboside protects mice from diabetes complications
41 Remains of bizarre group of extinct snail-eating Australian marsupials discovered
42 Restoring chemotherapy sensitivity by boosting microRNA levels
43 Study underlines gaps in pregnancy testing before surgery in women of reproductive age
44 Music for the eyes
45 Study finds that protein puts the brakes on melanin
46 Zika virus infects human placental macrophages
47 The dying child: Room for improvement in end-of-life care
48 How Zika infects the placenta
49 Slithery new species
50 Palliative, hospice care lacking among dying cancer patients, Stanford researcher finds
51 Genomic study tracks African-American dispersal in the Great Migration
52 Rethinking hospital alarms
53 A planet 1,200 light-years away is a good prospect for a habitable world
54 Underwater grass beds have ability to protect and maintain their own health
55 Moving beyond race-based drugs
56 New study uncovers mechanisms underlying how diabetes damages the heart
57 Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light
58 Beating the limits of the light microscope, one photon at a time
59 Coping with active surveillance anxiety in prostate cancer
60 Why everyone wants to help the sick--but not the unemployed
61 Can we extend healthspan by altering the perception of food?
62 How the brain makes--and breaks--a habit
63 UT Southwestern researchers determine 3-D atomic structure of cholesterol transporter
64 First discovery in United States of colistin resistance in a human E. coli infection
65 PETA science group publishes a review on pulmonary effects of nanomaterials
66 Doubling down on Schrodinger's cat
67 NIST, partners create standard to improve sustainable manufacturing
68 Fasting-like diet reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms
69 The developmental origins of cultural learning
70 NASA releases 'Metabolomics: You Are What You Eat' video
71 Weight gain in children associated with low hormone levels
72 Surrogate endpoints poor proxy for survival in cancer drug approval process
73 For millions on long-term opioid medications, change will be a challenge
74 Scientists illuminate a hidden regulator in gene transcription
75 ACP, other medical groups urge Congress to prevent Zika public health emergency
76 New technique captures the activity of an entire brain in a snapshot
77 Finding a new formula for concrete
78 New 3-D hydrogel biochips prove to be superior in detecting bowel cancer at early stages
79 Difficult decisions involving perception increase activity in brain's insular cortex, study finds
80 Spring snow a no-go?
81 UPMC researchers shine light on common heart complication after lung transplantation
82 Exploring the rise and fall of alcohol-related mortality in Scotland
83 Study explores why there is no Labor Party in the United States [cf.92]
84 New discovery from the molecular machinery for depression and addiction
85 Astronomers find giant planet around very young star
86 Does AAV-based gene delivery cause liver cancer? The debate heats up
87 Study: Unmet surgical needs high for world's 60 million refugees
88 Party on(line): The link between social media, alcohol use
89 Researchers identify critical factors that determine drought vulnerability of wheat, maize
90 Mothers' parenting stress impacts both parents' sexual satisfaction
91 Targeting metals to fight pathogenic bacteria
92 Why is there no Labor Party in the United States? [cf. 83]
93 Bright lights, healthy choices
94 A look beyond the horizon of events
95 Researchers aiming at improved early diagnosis of arthrosis
96 Migration back to Africa took place during the Paleolithic
97 Investigational drugs show promise for treating overactive bladder
98 Scientists uncover potential trigger to kill cancer
99 Supermassive black hole wind can stop new stars from forming
100 Small offshore oil spills put seabirds at risk: Industry self-monitoring failing
101 Top-down design brings new DNA structures to life
102 Powering up the circadian rhythm
103 Free colonoscopy program for uninsured detects cancer at earlier stage and is cost neutral
104 The Lancet Oncology: Teenagers and young adults still fare worse than children for many common cancers, according to Europe-wide study
105 'Phage' fishing yields new weapon against antibiotic resistance
106 John Innes scientists discover missing link in plant nitrogen fixation process
107 Investment in energy storage vital if renewables to achieve full potential
108 Science commentary explores ways to pay for success in gene therapy
109 SwRI scientists discover evidence of ice age at martian north pole
110 Study identifies risk factors associated with eye abnormalities in infants with presumed Zika virus