File Title
1 Colorectal Cancer on the Rise in Adults Under 50
2 Elusive Snow Leopard Collared in Kyrgyzstan
3 Woman Sprouts Thousands of Tiny Moles, and Doctors Aren't Sure Why
4 New Obesity Treatment: Gas-Filled Balloons
5 These 7 Foods Cause the Most Pet Deaths
6 Confirmed: The Soil Under Your Feet Is Teeming with Life
7 Centuries-Old Artifacts Discovered Beneath Malcolm X's Childhood Home
8 Do Trees Sleep at Night?
9 Alien Life? Radiation May Erase Mars, Europa Fossils
10 The Science of Weight Loss
11 Reference: Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
12 Gluten-Free Diets Are Not Necessarily Healthier, Doctors Warn
13 Why Is Mount Everest So Deadly?
14 Blazing-Fast Hypersonic Jet on Track for 2018 Launch
15 Missing for 72 Years: WWII Aircraft Finally Located in Pacific
16 The Unpredictable Nature of Today's Synthetic Drugs
17 Listeria in Your Freezer: How Long the Bacteria Survive
18 Reference: Diverticulitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
19 Reference: Vertigo: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
20 Dino Senses: Ankylosaurus Cousin Had a Super Sniffer
21 Highest-Altitude Prehistoric Rock Art Revealed
22 Vaping Could Make Medical Pot Healthier
23 Can Stomach Botox Injections Help People Lose Weight?
24 Snorkeling Paradise Inside a Volcano Named Best US Beach
25 Live Crocs Invade NYC in New Museum Exhibit
26 X-Ray Laser Vaporizes Water Droplets in Striking New Video
27 Shape-Shifting Touch Screens Can Morph on Demand
28 Stunning Turquoise Comet Wows Amateur Astronomer (Photo)
29 Cellphone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions
30 Reference: Cambrian Period: Facts & Information
31 The Science of Parenting: Who's the Best Judge of Moms and Dads?
32 Vintage Brew: Carlsberg Recreates Historic Lager with Old Yeast
33 Will Your Weight Loss Program Work? It May Depend on Your Genes
34 Kids with Puzzling Stomachaches Might Benefit from Probiotics
35 In Hot Water: Thousands of Public Pools Fail Health Inspections
36 Reference: What Is Ovulation?
37 The True Story Behind the 1st Memorial Day
38 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
39 Why Do Mice Poop So Much?
40 T. Rex May Have Had Lips
41 Has Aristotle's Tomb Been Found? Archaeologists Doubt Claims
42 New Gadget Helps Turn Departed Loved Ones into Trees
43 Hurricane 2016 Forecast: A 'Near-Normal' 10 to 16 Storms
44 King Tut's Blade Made of Meteorite
45 Supersponge the Size of a Minivan Found Near Hawaii
46 The Heat Is On: Most of US Likely to Have a Scorching Summer
47 What Vaccines Do You Need Before College?
48 Building Blocks of Life Found in Comet's Atmosphere
49 Perfect Storm: Pregnant Woman Gets Appendicitis During Blizzard
50 New Report Doesn't Prove Cellphones Cause Cancer
51 Women with Migraines More Prone to Heart Disease
52 Distracted Driving May Play a Bigger Role in Teen Crashes than Thought
53 Video: Science Is Infectious in YouTube's Veritasium
54 Harambe the Gorilla Put Zoo in Lose-Lose Situation, by Being Himself (Op-Ed)
55 Surprising Echo of Ancient Irish Horns in Indian Instruments
56 Marijuana Use Linked to Gum Disease
57 Are Elephants Really Afraid of Mice?
58 Black-Death Survey Reveals Incredible Devastation Wrought by Plague
59 Mother Nature Overshadows Impact of Anglers
60 Could Aluminum Nitride Be Engineered to Produce Quantum Bits?
61 How Much Does Groundwater Contribute to Sea Level Rise?
62 Even Einstein Struggled: Learning About Scientists' Failures Can Boost STEM Grades
63 The Master Variable of Soil Science: pH
64 Tracking Climate Change? Use the Daily Highs
65 No Males Needed: All-Female Salamanders Regrow Tails 36 Percent Faster
66 A Cleansing Rain Falls; a Soil-Filled Mist Arises
67 U.S. Climate-Adaptation Plans Long on Ideas, Short on Details, Priorities
68 Climate-Exodus Expected in the Middle East and North Africa
69 New Study Found Ocean Acidification May Be Impacting Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys
70 Hydropeaking of River Water Levels Is Disrupting Insect Survival, River Ecosystems
71 Maryland Climate and Health Report Identifies State's Vulnerabilities to Climate Change
72 The crucial role that sea-ice loss plays in rapid Arctic warming is regulated by variable climate patterns taking place in the Pacific Ocean, a pioneering new study has found
73 New Interpretation of the Rok Runestone Inscription Changes View of Viking Age
74 From the Deep Sea to Deep Space: Sea Urchin's Teeth Inspire New Design for Space Exploration Device
75 Three Potentially Habitable Worlds Found Around Nearby Ultracool Dwarf Star
76 IFT Food Facts Releases New Video on Ancient Grains
77 Indiana University Researchers Find Earth May Be Home to 1 Trillion Species
78 University of Kentucky Researchers Discover Three New Primate Species
79 Biologists Find the Arizona Black Rattlesnake on 'Extinction Trajectory'
80 UF/IFAS Study on Luring, Trapping Dangerous Beetle Wins Prestigious Award
81 Program provides support to exceptional researchers
82 Dr. Peter Jones becomes second Van Andel Institute scientist to join the academy
83 Introducing the Disposable Laser
84 Changing Colors for Built-in Sunblock
85 Research to Help Better Remove Baked-on, Stuck-on Food Soils Honored by American Cleaning Institute
86 PECASE Winner Bridges Oceans and Lakes
87 Algae Use Their 'Tails' to Gallop and Trot like Quadrupeds
88 Is It Possible to Cry a River?
89 Preventing Another Flint, Mich.; New Research Could Lead to More Corrosion-Resistant Water Pipes
90 Planet Nine: A World that Shouldn't Exist
91 PPPL Scientists Challenge Conventional Understanding and Improve Predictions of the Bootstrap Current at the Edge of Fusion Plasmas
92 April Was 4th Warmest Month in Satellite Record
93 Estimates of Cheetah Numbers Are 'Guesswork,' Say Researchers
94 Experts Propose Strategy to Save Mammals on the Brink of Extinction
95 Beneficial Biofilm Works as a 'Probiotic' to Control Biofouling
96 Avocado Tree-Destroying Pathogen Now in 61 of 67 Florida Counties
97 UA Researcher Studies Cuba's Coastal Forests in Anticipation of Tourism Increase
98 Made Better Through Science: Calcite Tuned to Be Mollusk-Tough
99 Squished Cells Could Shape Design of Synthetic Materials
100 Study Finds Ice Isn't Being Lost from Greenland's Interior
101 Keeping a Pulse on the Soil
102 First-of-Its-Kind Global Analysis Indicates Leopards Have Lost Nearly 75 Percent of Their Historic Range
103 Second Strongest Shock Wave Found in Merging Galaxy Clusters
104 Our Brain Uses Statistics to Calculate Confidence, Make Decisions
105 The Following Statement Was Released Today by Dale Miquelle, Director of the WCS Russia Program on the Opening of the First Wildlife Tunnel in Russia
106 Capturing Molecular Motion with Relativistic Electrons
107 Humans Have Faster Metabolism than Closely Related Primates, Enabling Larger Brains, Study Finds
108 How Tree Crickets Tune into Each Other's Songs
109 Phoney Protection for Passwords
110 Stickleback Fish Adapt Their Vision in the Blink of an Eye