File Title
1 Risk of second major osteoporotic fracture is greatest immediately after first fracture
2 Quantum computing closer as RMIT drives towards first quantum data bus
3 UC Davis study says logos make a group seem real
4 New technique could improve detection of concealed nuclear materials
5 Nanomaterial to drive new generation of solar cells: ANU media release
6 How the brain consolidates memory during deep sleep
7 Implantable device targets pancreatic cancer
8 Researchers find method that could resurrect an abandoned pancreatic cancer targeted drug
9 Brain caught 'filing' memories during rest
10 Vegetables irrigated with treated wastewater expose consumers to drugs
11 Mapping a path to improved cassava production
12 Researchers transmit data through animal tissues at HD video rates via ultrasound
13 A new way to get electricity from magnetism
14 Dartmouth-led team devises new technique to probe 'noise' in quantum computing
15 All ants on deck
16 Reader of epigenetic marks could be 'game changer' for certain cancers
17 Dinosaurs 'already in decline' before asteroid apocalypse
18 New computer program can help uncover hidden genomic alterations that drive cancers
19 First computer program developed to detect DNA mutations in single cancer cells
20 NASA's Fermi telescope poised to pin down gravitational wave sources
21 30 years after Chernobyl, UGA camera study reveals wildlife abundance in CEZ
22 From lighting screens to lighting homes
23 Study: Ancient tectonic activity was trigger for ice ages
24 NASA eyes major Tropical Cyclone Fantala as it triggers warnings for Mauritius
25 NASA examines Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Fantala near Madagascar
26 NASA's 3-satellite view of powerful Tropical Cyclone Fantala
27 Liquid spiral vortex discovered
28 Sonic hedgehog gene provides evidence that our limbs may have evolved from sharks' gills
29 How did human paired limbs evolve? MBL Whitman Center study targets role of gill arch in fish
30 Ocean currents push phytoplankton--and pollution--around the globe faster than thought
31 NJIT high-resolution images capture a solar flare as it unfolds
32 Seeing double: NASA missions measure solar flare from 2 spots in space
33 McMaster researchers achieve a first by coaxing molecules into assembling themselves
34 First Salish Sea-wide shoreline armoring study shows cumulative effects on ecosystem
35 Researchers identify enzyme link between excessive heart muscle growth, cancer growth
36 Technique could help identify patients who would suffer chemo-induced heart damage
37 Study: Cities have individual microbial signatures
38 Breast cancer patients receiving Herceptin treatment should be monitored for heart damage at any age
39 Zip software can detect the quantum-classical boundary
40 NASA sees Fantala's eye wide open north of Madagascar
41 Promiscuity may help some corals survive bleaching events
42 NASA sees birth of Tropical Cyclone 20P, threatens American Samoa
43 Baboons watch neighbors for clues about food, but can end up in queues
44 Loneliness and isolation linked to heightened risk of heart disease/stroke
45 Team builds first quantum cascade laser on silicon
46 Study indicates polar bears are swimming more as sea ice retreats
47 Model makes designing new antennas orders of magnitude faster
48 The contrarian dance of DNA
49 New material combines useful, typically incompatible properties
50 First North American monkey fossils are found in Panama Canal excavation
51 Recent warmer winters may be cooling climate change concern
52 With simple process, UW-Madison engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor
53 Unexpected discovery leads to a better battery
54 All powered up
55 Scientists sharpen view of gene transfer between pathogenic bacteria
56 Building a CRISPR rainbow
57 Aspirin use may help prevent bile duct cancer, Mayo-led study finds
58 Exposure to routine viruses makes mice better test subjects
59 UMN researchers show 'dirty mice' could clean up immune system research
60 'Dirty mouse' may model human immune system more accurately, NIH-funded study suggests
61 Taking aspirin could increase cancer survival by 20 percent
62 Mice flown in space show nascent liver damage, says CU Anschutz researcher
63 1.5 C vs. 2 C global warming: New study shows why half a degree matters
64 Childhood obesity, malnutrition connected to mom's perception of child's weight
65 Does a parent's perception of their child's weight impact on child weight gain?
66 Paleontologists find first fossil monkey in North America--but how did it get here?
67 Virtual opponents reveal fighting strategies of male jumping spiders
68 Gun hunting could lead to extinction of threatened primates on African island
69 Plant signals travel different routes to turn on defense
70 Hubble captures birthday bubble
71 Island foxes may be 'least variable' of all wild animals
72 Cellphone principles help microfluidic chip digitize information on living cells
73 Crayfish may help restore dirty streams, Stroud study finds
74 New method enlists electricity for easier, cheaper, greener chemistry
75 Paleontologists find North America's oldest monkey fossil along Panama Canal
76 Mechanism behind plant withering clarified
77 DNA proves mammoths mated beyond species boundaries
78 Unhealthy ozone days could increase by more than a week in coming decades
79 Fossil teeth suggest that seeds saved bird ancestors from extinction
80 Numerical simulations shed new light on early universe
81 Leg-wing cooperation in baby birds, dinosaurs is key transition in origin of flight
82 Numerical simulations shed new light on early universe
83 The atom without properties
84 Temporal cues help keep human looking human
85 Gene behind 'evolution in action' in Darwin's finches identified
86 Evolution in action detected in Darwin's finches
87 Volcanoes tied to shifts in Earth's climate over millions of years
88 13-million-year-old 'storyteller' crocodylian fossils show evidence for parallel evolution
89 Discovery of 13-million-year-old croc suggests parallel evolution of 'telescoping' eyes
90 Hair analysis is a flawed forensic technique
91 Bird genomes contain 'fossils' of parasites that now infect humans
92 Microscopic 'clocks' time distance to source of galactic cosmic rays
93 Microscopic 'timers' reveal likely source of galactic space radiation
94 This is why you feel groggy after sleeping in a new place
95 Asleep somewhere new, one brain hemisphere keeps watch
96 Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food
97 The unique biology of human breast milk
98 Plastic below the ocean surface
99 Better data needed to stop sixth mass extinction
100 Dark matter does not contain certain axion-like particles
101 Researcher studies how animals puncture things
102 Bourbon or rye? You can't tell the difference, new study says
103 DNA barcodes gone wild
104 Consuming too much fructose during pregnancy raises the child's risk for heart disease
105 Columbia Engineering-led team advances single molecule electronic DNA sequencing
106 Dartmouth-led study of chimpanzees explores the early origins of human hand dexterity
107 Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases
108 Study finds explanation for some treatment-resistant breast cancers
109 Researchers identify new mechanism to target 'undruggable' cancer gene
110 Beyond milkweed: Monarchs face habitat, nectar threats