File Title
1 Could a combined dietary supplement help ward off heart disease?
2 Red light controls signaling in human cells
3 Altered primary chromatin structures and their implications in cancer development
4 20 year-old puzzle solved through genetic advances
5 The first happiness genes have been located
6 New spin Seebeck thermoelectric device with higher conversion efficiency created
7 Study shows attitude makes a champion
8 Climate change threatens Iran's great salt lake
9 How researchers teach bacteria new behaviors
10 How Vibrio cholerae is attracted by bile revealed
11 Physicists detect the enigmatic spin momentum of light
12 The light stuff: A brand-new way to produce electron spin currents
13 Pre-pregnancy obesity increases odds of having overweight children
14 CO2 fertilization greening the earth
15 Hearing aid use is associated with improved cognitive function in hearing-impaired elderly
16 Algae disrupt coral reefs' recycling
17 Rare Earth atoms see the light
18 Chronic inflammation leads to imbalanced blood system and potentially cancer risk
19 Controlling RNA in living cells
20 Scientists advance disease resistance in 3 of world's most important crops
21 Researchers provide guidance on criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in the context of European legislation
22 Fighting against counterfeit medicine
23 New study finds laundry detergent packets more dangerous than other types of detergent
24 The United States absorbed carbon dioxide despite a drought
25 Meaning of brain scans for 'pain' called into question
26 Vaccinations are more effective when administered in the morning
27 Role of animals in mitigating climate change varies across tropical forests
28 Research opens new treatment strategies for specific form of psoriasis
29 Modern DNA reveals ancient male population explosions linked to migration and technology
30 Change in the brain: Astrocytes finally getting the recognition they deserve
31 Novel anti-biofilm nano coating developed at Ben-Gurion U.
32 Key mechanism identified in brain tumor growth
33 Care disparities for Hispanic Medicare Advantage enrollees in Puerto Rico
34 For some cancers, risk lower among kids of non-US-born Hispanic mothers
35 Infants who ate rice, rice products had higher urinary concentrations of arsenic
36 Effort to detect, isolate asymptomatic C. difficile carriers linked to lower incidence
37 New technique accelerates isolation of potato late blight resistance genes
38 New gene-detecting technology brings new, resilient superwheat closer
39 Missing links brewed in primordial puddles?
40 Researchers find potential new treatment target for deadly brain cancer
41 Top tobacco control experts to FDA: Studies of e-cigs suggest more benefit than harm
42 Stark Medicare Advantage disparities present in Puerto Rico
43 Probiotics protect mice from estrogen deficiency-related bone loss
44 Ancient marine sediments provide clues to future climate change
45 New structure identified in membrane of disease-causing bacteria
46 Pre-surgical exposure to blue light reduces organ damage in mice
47 Music improves baby brain responses to music and speech
48 Expand HPV vaccination programs in Canada to include males
49 Birth defects, pregnancy terminations and miscarriages in users of acne drug
50 HIV PrEP currently too pricey to use in people who inject drugs
51 Do bed bugs have favorite colors?
52 Mammal-like reptile survived much longer than thought
53 Measuring river surface flow with image analysis
54 If your favorite brand is sincere, is innovation what you expect?
55 Study shows dinosaur families chose to exit Europe
56 'Mediterranean' diet linked to lower risk of heart attacks & strokes in heart patients
57 Live-bearing anemone undergoes major shifts in nutrition as young develop
58 Responsible pet care associated with well-controlled blood sugar in diabetic children
59 High alpine dairying may have begun over 3000 years ago
60 New survey shows Americans believe civility is on the decline
61 Scientists discover new reef system at mouth of Amazon River
62 Mobility assessment tool may help predict early postoperative outcomes for older adults
63 Study links hypoxemia from obstructive sleep apnea with renal complications in type 2 diabetes
64 ORNL researchers discover new state of water molecule
65 Research shows certain genes, in healthy environments, can lengthen lifespan
66 Estrobolome disparities may lead to developing biomarkers that could mitigate cancer risk
67 Cell death mechanism may--paradoxically--enable aggressive pancreatic cells to live on
68 Research team realizes 3-color photodetector
69 UMMS scientists identify genes that control smooth muscle contraction
70 Queen's researcher explores effectiveness of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
71 Zinc deficiency may contribute to increased inflammation among HIV-positive individuals
72 Field Museum expedition captures animal selfies in Amazon Rainforest
73 ACS-Military Health System partnership prioritizes surgeon readiness and trauma systems
74 When beauty becomes the beast: UC research efforts successfully combat invasive species
75 Changing the world, 1 fridge at a time
76 Successful laboratory test of photoswitchable anti-tumor agent
77 Attosecond physics: New movies from the microcosmos
78 It is critical to screen patients with rheumatoid arthritis for hearing impairment
79 Risk of liver cancer from hepatitis B persists even after clearing the virus
80 Mergers not the answer for HEIs seeking savings, according to new research
81 Gateway to the brain
82 Cpf1: CRISPR-enzyme scissors cutting both RNA and DNA
83 The Universe, where space-time becomes discrete
84 Researchers uncover 'local heroes' of immune system
85 Dark matter does not contain certain axion-like particles
86 Atoms placed precisely in silicon can act as quantum simulator
87 Research reveals a new secret to the miracle of breast milk
88 Discover the genetic cause for intellectual disability
89 Thin-film solar cells: How defects appear and disappear in CIGSe cells
90 Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases
91 Adding some salt to the recipe for energy storage materials
92 DNA barcodes gone wild
93 Smoking cessation drugs do not elevate risk of serious neuropsychiatric adverse effects
94 Sleep loss detrimental to blood vessels
95 The Lancet: Smoking cessation medications do not appear to increase risk of neuropsychiatric side effects, study finds
96 Researchers develop magnifying smartphone screen app for visually impaired
97 Researcher studies how animals puncture things
98 Older adults need better blood pressure and cholesterol control to prevent cardiovascular disease
99 Dartmouth-led study of chimpanzees explores the early origins of human hand dexterity
100 Organ recipients with previous cancers linked to higher death rates, new cancers
101 Danish investigators reduce sugar content of yogurt without reducing sweetness
102 Sophisticated 'mini-brains' add to evidence of Zika's toll on fetal cortex
103 Old-growth forests may provide buffer against rising temperatures
104 The unique challenges of conserving forest giants
105 Zika is test case for brain organoid mini-reactors
106 Corals most important for building reefs are now in sharp decline
107 Citizen seismologists multiply the impacts of earthquake studies
108 Higher muscle mass associated with lower mortality risk in heart disease patients
109 USC study shows how skeletal stem cells form the blueprint of the face
110 Paperbark tree to unlock climate change