File Title
1 Egyptian Amulet Bearing Name of Pharaoh Found in Soil from Temple Mount
2 4 Newly Found Busts of Ancient Roman Emperors, Empresses Acquired by Bulgaria's National Museum of History
3 Archaeologists Find No Thracian Traces at Roman City Serdica Raising Questions about Antiquity History of Bulgaria's Capital Sofia
4 Belize cave was Maya child sacrifice site
5 3D print of Oetzi the Ice Man revealed
6 Royal 17th century wardrobe found in the Wadden Sea
7 Building for Egypt's First Female Pharaoh Discovered
8 Oldest Depiction of Ancient Egyptian Demons Found
9 Archaeologists have found a Roman child's stone coffin and a mosaic at a former villa site in Wiltshire
10 High status female found buried at Aspero archaeological site in Peru
11 Scientists reveal Jewish history's forgotten Turkish roots
12 DNA sat nav uncovers ancient Ashkenaz and Yiddish origins
13 Do newborn babies imitate adults? New study says 'no,' rekindling long-standing debate
14 Carrot genome reveals the roots of its orange color and high nutrition
15 Ancient bubbles in Pilbara rock show Earth had thin atmosphere 2.7b years ago
16 Mercury makes rare transit across Sun's face
17 World's oldest known ground-edge stone axe fragments found in Western Australia
18 World's oldest fossil micrometeorites ever found contain hints of oxygen in early Earth's atmosphere
19 Global map of sea stars a landmark for conservation efforts in deep sea
20 Shrinking shorebirds pay the price for Arctic warming when they reach the tropics
21 Scientists work on survival plans for US West Coast tsunami
22 Red crabs swarm the sea floor
23 Polymer could provide self-healing muscle for robots
24 Giant dinosaurs were independent from birth
25 Do plants form memories with shape-shifting proteins?
26 Ancient stars whiz haphazardly around Milky Way bulge
27 Huge coral reef discovered at mouth of Amazon
28 New imaging technique brings Mars into focus
29 Global 'greening' mops up carbon dioxide--but for how long?
30 Cassini explores the depths of a methane sea on Titan
31 Hubble spots tiny moon orbiting dwarf planet Makemake
32 Fighting tooth and nail? Kinetic energy is key to a successful strike
33 NASA juggles 22 drones in the air at the same time
34 Rocks hold records of Earth's ancient magnetic history
35 Why NASA plans to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid
36 Bright idea: fireflies inspire better OLEDs
37 Carbon nanotube 'wires' self-assemble in electric field
38 Bed bugs prefer red and black home interiors
39 Brain map sheds light on how we process language
40 Powerful winds stream from unusual binary systems
41 Sweet nightshade 'blood' lures ant bodyguards
42 Bearded dragons have REM sleep--and may even dream
43 Eel-like robot to become seabed janitor
44 What made the painted swirls on the Moon's surface?
45 Being asleep or awake may hinge on brain salts
46 How peacocks hypnotise the ladies with tail shakes
47 Boiling water may trigger dry avalanches on Mars
48 Video: real-time facial manipulation technology
49 Ultracool dwarf hosts three planets--and they might be habitable
50 DNA study builds picture of Ice Age Europeans
51 Earth home to a trillion species
52 Ancient Martian volcanoes shed light on ice sheets
53 Introducing inkjet-printed disposable lasers
54 NASA set to cover the transit of Mercury
55 Why Labradors are obsessed with food--it's in their genes
56 How do heat shields on spacecraft work?
57 Starspots seen on zeta Andromedae
58 Chubby waistline? Blame your big brain
59 Cafe to construction site: coffee grounds can be used to build roads
60 Pluto surprises again with reaction to solar wind
61 Venus flytraps 'sniff' prey for better digestion
62 Watch a robot operate more competently than a surgeon
63 Crocodile eyes are perfect for ambush attacks
64 White blood cells fix busted blood vessels
65 NASA delivers data on Pluto's moon Hydra
66 Newborns don't imitate adults: study
67 Satellites can judge forest health thanks to underground fungi
68 NASA releases first global topographic model of Mercury
69 Astronomers precisely 'weigh' a supermassive black hole
70 Silky sheen keeps fruit firm and fresh
71 Scientists perfect 'recipe' for replacement bone
72 Prehistoric hammerhead was first herbivorous marine reptile
73 Turbulent mantle nudges Earth's crust up and down
74 Starlight analysis gives new insight into Enceladus gas plume
75 For stronger condoms, spike them with spinifex
76 How desert travel saved the camel's genetic diversity
77 Scientists dig up carrot genome
78 New synthetic skin could make you look younger
79 NASA tracks microbial tenants on the Space Station
80 A new way to explore the mathematical universe
81 Kepler has found more planets than ever before
82 World's oldest axe found in Australia
83 Zika virus causes birth defects in mice
84 Lava and meteorites unveil ancient Earth's atmosphere
85 Bacteria, not fungi, behind dandruff severity: study
86 Dancing dung beetles capture mental maps of the sky
87 How microbes gain a foothold in mucous
88 Kepler lifts the veil on mysterious unnamed dwarf planet
89 Swarm intelligence pulls off Kentucky Derby betting coup
90 Explore the eerie world of deep-sea vents
91 Rise of the Pleiades dates ancient Greek poem
92 Shark snouts contain conductive jelly
93 MRIs could help save traumatised trees
94 Can algae help us feed the world?
95 Too much 'noise' can affect brain development
96 Fish-eyed lens cuts through the dark
97 Clear-cutting destabilizes carbon in forest soils, Dartmouth study finds
98 Princeton graduate student creates program that helps stabilize fusion plasma
99 The genetic evolution of Zika virus
100 New study demonstrates efficacy of all-oral treatment regimens in adolescents with hepatitis C virus
101 Low-cost generic direct-acting antiviral treatment for hep C is equivalent to branded formulations
102 New study challenges the concept of treatment failure in hepatitis C
103 Scientists find a way to cure hepatitis C with 6 weeks of treatment
104 Potential first-in-class treatment is well-tolerated in patients with chronic hepatitis B
105 Phase 2 data show treatment efficacy in 'difficult-to-cure' hepatitis C patients
106 Treatment for chronic hepatitis B linked to increased rates of colorectal and cervical cancer
107 Study demonstrates benefits of existing treatment for hepatitis D patients
108 Shorter treatment course potentially on the horizon for hep C patients
109 Ultrathin organic material enhances e-skin display
110 Study shows hip fracture risk rises in the 10 years after total knee replacement