File Title
1 Does learning improve when every student gets a laptop?
2 The older you get, the more difficult it may become to 'smell' through your mouth
3 New land snail species from Australia shows dissection not necessary to identify molluscs
4 Micro-needle insertion into hippocampus helps brain regeneration in animal model of AD
5 Abnormally low blood flow indicates damage to NFL players' brains
6 Atomic magnets using hydrogen and graphene
7 Radioactive waste disposal could be safer and cheaper
8 Scientist explains sulfur behavior in Venus atmosphere
9 Oscillations determine whether blood vessels grow thicker or branch
10 The $60 billion question--can we prevent norovirus?
11 Type 2 diabetes people 'let down' over delayed treatment
12 Conflicts of interest in surgical research: More transparency needed, study finds
13 Immuno-psychiatry: When your body makes its own angel dust
14 Could off-grid electricity systems accelerate energy access?
15 Hybrid forms of the common house mosquito may serve as vectors between birds and humans
16 Mars' surface revealed in unprecedented detail
17 Large wildlife important for carbon storage in tropical forests
18 Light echoes give clues to planet nursery around star
19 Fermentation festival leads to rapid response system at Center for Microbiome Innovation
20 Allen Institute releases powerful new data on the aging brain and traumatic brain injury
21 UBC study finds psychedelic drugs may reduce domestic violence
22 Threat of novel swine flu viruses in pigs and humans
23 Radiant zinc fireworks reveal human egg quality
24 Gender differences and relationship power could be key in preventing HIV in South African adolescents
25 Does frequent sex lead to better relationships? Depends on how you ask
26 Researchers create artificial protein to control assembly of buckyballs
27 Weighing the pros and cons of mental-health apps
28 Chernobyl, three decades on
29 'A fatty liver may result in a broken heart,' according to new research
30 Trabecular bone score validated as standalone predictor of fracture risk
31 Statins and colorectal cancer
32 Child homicide--speaking of the unspeakable
33 New hepatocellular carcinoma prognostic model improves prediction of patient survival
34 MicroRNA pathway could lead to new avenues for leukemia treatment
35 Poor understandability of notifications sent to women regarding breast density
36 Breast density and outcomes of supplemental breast cancer screening
37 Time spent working rotating night shift and risk of heart disease
38 Study finds readability of dense breast notifications poor
39 Nutrient supplements can give antidepressants a boost
40 Penn team restores memory formation following sleep deprivation in mice
41 Penn Medicine study uncovers new pathways that control skin tanning and lightening
42 Increased risk of coronary heart disease seen among women who work rotating night shifts
43 Reducing the sodium content of packaged foods: How does Canada measure up?
44 N/A
45 N/A
46 New discovery may help engineers design quieter jet airplanes
47 Dartmouth study measures bias in how we learn and make decisions
48 The high cost of norovirus worldwide
49 Despite efforts, childhood obesity remains on the rise
50 Proteomics method measures carbon uptake of marine microbes
51 How breast cancer cells slide to metastasis
52 Nocebo response, social observation, body-related cognitive styles published by DovePress
53 Robots may be able to lift, drive, and chat, but are they safe and trustworthy?
54 Salk scientists uncover how a cell's 'fuel gauge' promotes healthy development
55 Study identifies compound that reverses symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
56 Medicare patients have low adherence to biologic drug therapy for psoriasis
57 Changes in 'microbiome' during canine atopic dermatitis could lead to antibiotic-free therapies for human and canine disease
58 Nurturing during preschool years boosts child's brain growth
59 Risk factors identified for acute pancreatitis that can disrupt leukemia treatment
60 Flipping a chemical switch helps perovskite solar cells beat the heat
61 Why is visceral fat worse than subcutaneous fat?
62 Study finds no change in antibody levels associated with food allergy
63 What scientists know--and don't know--about sexual orientation
64 Role of life's timekeeper--a novel theory of animal evolution
65 Medical literature may overemphasize role of hospital volume in patient outcomes
66 Patterns of glowing sharks get clearer with depth
67 Transplanted liver cells protect against liver failure after massive hepatectomy surgery
68 Do successful leaders produce more successful leaders?
69 Designing better drugs
70 Head impacts from season of high school football produce measurable change in brain cells
71 Gut feeling: ONR research examines link between stomach bacteria, PTSD
72 Researchers discover fate of melting glacial ice in Greenland
73 Increased odds of ADHD for kids with some types of vision problems
74 Framing discourse around conservative values shifts climate change attitudes
75 New studies published in Nature Immunology further understanding of immune system
76 Scientists propose non-animal tools for assessing the toxicity of nanomaterials
77 Economic concerns drive sustainability in American cities and towns
78 Even low levels of air pollution appear to affect children's lung health
79 Relapses of childhood leukemia improve with high doses of common chemo drug
80 GI problems in autism may originate in genes, study suggests
81 The female pelvis adjusts for childbearing years
82 Soy shows promise as natural anti-microbial agent: Study
83 Internet video portals do not control views well
84 Common steroid shows promise in healing damaged newborn lungs
85 Environmental impacts of demand-side technologies and strategies for carbon mitigation
86 Dopamine neurons have a role in movement, new study finds
87 World-class oral presentations featured at ARRS 2016 Annual Meeting
88 Iowa State engineers develop micro-sized, liquid-metal particles for heat-free soldering
89 Risks of harm from spanking confirmed by analysis of 5 decades of research
90 Vitamin D insufficiency, low rate of DNA methylation in black teens may increase disease risk
91 Providing guidance on criteria for endocrine disruptor legislation in Europe
92 Are money problems and violence related?
93 Online HIV prevention resources face resistance from black female college students
94 Microbial cooperation in the intestine
95 Patient attitudes to diabetic foot ulcers have 'significant effect' on survival
96 Brain signals between seizures may explain memory problems in patients with epilepsy
97 Changing climate conditions in Michigan pose an emerging public health threat
98 New advance announced in fight against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
99 Folding molecules into screw-shaped structures
100 Atrophosclerodermic manifestations of lyme borreliosis
101 Critically endangered and ancient Himalayan wolf needs global conservation attention
102 Tracing the ancestry of dung beetles
103 Videogame addiction linked to ADHD
104 New understanding of enzymes could help to develop new drugs to treat diseases
105 Attending US charter schools may lead to higher earnings in the future
106 Revolutionary antibiotics will save the world
107 How and why single cell organisms evolved into multicellular life
108 The reliability of material simulations put to test
109 Infection alert in catheters could tackle hospital superbugs
110 Do fish survive in streams in winter?