File Title
1 Scientists track Greenland's ice melt with seismic waves
2 Silk keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration, according to Tufts study
3 Mass. General-developed device may provide rapid diagnosis of bacterial infections
4 Immunization rates climb when pediatricians have easy access to vaccination records
5 Achieving fish biomass targets: The key to securing a sustainable future for coral reefs
6 Expanding tropics pushing high altitude clouds towards poles, NASA study finds
7 Research findings reveal potential to reverse cancer-related nerve pain
8 High blood pressure lowers significantly after drinking tart Montmorency cherry juice
9 Protein may predict response to immunotherapy in patients with metastatic melanoma
10 Nine ornamental landscape plants tested for salt tolerance
11 Videogame addiction: Sleep loss, obesity, and cardiovascular risk for some gamers
12 Study finds many patients abusing drugs and alcohol are self-medicating chronic pain
13 Stochastic resonance, chaos transfer shown in an optomechanical microresonator
14 More than half of streamflow in the upper Colorado River basin originates as groundwater
15 Effects of spectral quality, intensity of LEDs
16 Junction opening protein boosts cancer-killing effect of oncolytic virus
17 New techniques make RFID tags 25 percent smaller
18 Graphene flakes to calm synapses
19 Radiotherapy halves deaths from prostate cancer 15 years after diagnosis
20 Investigational malaria vaccine protects healthy US adults for more than one year
21 When you take acetaminophen, you don't feel others' pain as much
22 New research gives deeper understanding of why some breast cancers are hard to treat
23 Dartmouth researcher, collaborators announce new way to explore mathematical universe
24 Study: Smartphone alerts increase inattention--and hyperactivity
25 Changing default prescription settings in EMRs increased rates of generic drugs, Penn Medicine study finds
26 Atomic force microscope reveals molecular ghosts
27 Biofeedback system designed to control photosynthetic lighting
28 First single-enzyme method to produce quantum dots revealed
29 Major global study identifies a safer treatment of acute stroke
30 Targeted antibiotic is easier on the gut microbiome
31 New data on brain network activity can help in understanding 'cognitive vulnerability' to depression
32 Do genes express themselves through poetry?
33 Antarctic whales and the krill they eat
34 Intense wind found in the neighborhood of a black hole
35 Screening for postpartum depression--research review and update
36 Neutrons tap into magnetism in topological insulators at high temperatures
37 TGen and international team find new avenues of precision medicine for treating cancer
38 Influential factors of the social divide in child obesity rates
39 Clinical trial underway for treatment of sleep apnea in adolescents with Down syndrome
40 Saharan dust makes big impact on Caribbean waters
41 Epigenetic study of lactose intolerance may shed light on the origin of mental illness
42 Rapid diagnostics for multidrug resistant organisms in combat-related infection
43 Modeling and simulation help optimize chemotherapy to combat brain tumor
44 In cities, flooding and rainfall extremes to rise as climate changes
45 Study suggests new treatment for seizures
46 Congregations striving for racial and ethnic diversity may shrink, Baylor study finds
47 Junk food causes similar high blood sugar levels as type 2 diabetes
48 A better way to diagnose and manage neuroendocrine tumors
49 Infants swaddling for sleep associated with sudden infant death syndrome
50 Study supports natural causes, not alien activity, to explain mystery star's behavior
51 Pesticide exposure may be ALS risk factor
52 Rice experts unveil submicroscopic tunable, optical amplifier
53 Novel functionalized nanomaterials for CO2 capture
54 'Goshen Gold,' late-season apricot debuts
55 Raising a child with autism
56 The Sun's magnetic field during the grand minimum is in fact at its maximum
57 Study shows possible 'key' to improved therapy for adrenocortical carcinoma
58 Research shows youth sports hazing victims often in denial
59 Big thinking in small pieces: Computer guides humans in crowdsourced research
60 Distance wireless charging enhanced by magnetic metamaterials
61 Patients and doctors in Brazil need better education on leprosy
62 LED treatments enhance lettuce phytochemicals, antioxidants
63 Nation's beekeepers lost 44 percent of bees in 2015-16
64 Researchers integrate diamond/boron nitride crystalline layers for high-power devices
65 Photosynthetic bacteria give biologists a cool new tool
66 New design of primitive quantum computer finds application
67 Scientists take a major leap toward a 'perfect' quantum metamaterial
68 UTSA professor Janakiram Seshu explores new method to stop the spread of Lyme disease
69 Early life stress accelerates maturation of key brain region in male mice
70 How to make a faster ski
71 Radioactive isotopes reveal age of oil and gas wastewater spills
72 Long-term survival achieved in metastatic melanoma with personalized vaccine
73 Acidification and low oxygen put fish in double jeopardy
74 Obesity less dangerous than 40 years ago
75 New test by deepest galaxy map finds Einstein's theory stands true
76 New device steps toward isolating single electrons for quantum computing
77 Technique processes RFID signals rapidly for real-time interactivity
78 Study points to challenges, hopes of helping vulnerable patients avoid stroke
79 More than 1,200 new planets confirmed using new technique for verifying Kepler data
80 Dartmouth-Stanford study finds health advertorials misleading but persuasive
81 Survey: Common asthma warnings overlooked
82 Coral mass spawning triggered by seasonal rises in ocean temperature
83 Breath test may help diagnose irritable bowel syndrome
84 Hijacked cell division helped fuel rise of fungi
85 Potential target in treatment of oral cancer discovered
86 Tent camping could lead to flame retardant exposure
87 New investigation of endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins
88 Migraine drugs underused
89 Chapman University research shows body image strongly linked to overall life satisfaction
90 Greater social media use tied to higher risk of eating and body image concerns
91 Stem cells from diabetic patients coaxed to become insulin-secreting cells
92 Silk stabilizes blood samples for months at high temperatures
93 How algae could save plants from themselves
94 Alcohol accelerates liver damage in people living with hepatitis C
95 Research discovers mechanism that causes cancer cells to escape from the immune system
96 Unsafe sex is fastest-growing risk for ill health in teens
97 High fruit intake during adolescence linked with lower breast cancer risk
98 Gene and tonic: Genetic link in binge-drinking teens
99 New research shows sensitivity to oxidative stress is not always linked to aging
100 A brief history of syphilis points to a neglected disease in sub-Saharan Africa
101 PTSD linked to low levels of fat hormone
102 Targeted orphaned domain may lead to drug therapies
103 A quasiparticle collider
104 Ferrous chemistry in aqueous solution unravelled
105 Brief report on mucocutaneous findings, course in adult with Zika virus infection
106 New study finds asthma patients rely heavily on rescue inhalers, difficult to diagnose
107 CDC study looks at link between age at first solid foods and later child obesity
108 How the spectacular Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain became so bendy
109 Children with swollen, painful knees: Is it Lyme disease or septic arthritis?
110 New brain research may help treat single-sided deafness