File Title
1 Yale Study Finds Racial Differences in Smoking Patterns
2 Astronomers Show Magnetic Field is Critical for Life
3 New Observations Show Unexpected Changes of Bright Spots on Ceres
4 New Stem Cell Innovation Could Someday Help Treat Parkinson's
5 Scientists Discover Colossal 'Super Spiral' Galaxies
6 Hubble Space Telescope Reveals Monster Stars in Star Cluster R136
7 Hubble Image of the Week-- a Cosmic Kaleidoscope
8 NASA Spacecraft Map Gravity on Mars, Give Best View Yet Inside Mars
9 Cassini Views Crater Duo on Saturn's Moon Dione
10 Yale Biologists Solve the Mystery of the Tully Monster
11 Dawn Spacecraft Reveals Bright Spots and Color Differences on Ceres
12 Engineers Design Calcium-Based Multi-Element for Liquid Batteries
13 Chandra Observations Show Solar Storms Trigger Jupiter's 'Northern Lights'
14 VLT Survey Telescope Views Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte Galaxy
15 Scientists Discover a Binary Companion for a Type Ia Supernova
16 Yale Researchers Show Parents Underestimate Their Children's Weight
17 New Horizons Views Frozen, Former Lake of Liquid Nitrogen
18 Astronomers Identify a Signature of Dark Matter Annihilation
19 Hubble Image of the Week-- a Distinctly Disorganized Dwarf Galaxy
20 Cassini Reveals Moons of Saturn May Be Only 100 Million Years Old
21 New Findings Provide a Design for an HIV Vaccine Germline-Targeting Immunogen
22 Astronomers Investigate the Mystery of Migrating 'Hot Jupiters'
23 Cassini Views Saturn's Moons Enceladus and Janus
24 A New Approach to Designing Hydrogen-Resistant Zirconium Alloys
25 Astronomers Identify Likely Trigger for Milky Way's Youngest Supernova
26 New Genome-Wide Analysis Links Marijuana Dependence and Major Depression
27 Astronomers Reveal a Planet Forming in an Earth-Like Orbit Around Young Star TW Hydrae
28 Researchers Discover 305 Million-Year-Old "Early Spider" Fossil
29 Journey to the Center of the Milky Way
30 Newly Released Cassini Image--Saturn Askew
31 Hot Jupiter KELT-4Ab Boasts Rare Triple Suns
32 Cassini Spacecraft Not Affected by Hypothetical Planet 9
33 Hubble Image of the Week--Dwarf Galaxy Leo A
34 Video: The Future of Hubble
35 Astronomers Discover a 17 Billion Solar-Mass Black Hole in an Unlikely Place
36 New Cassini View of Saturn's Rings
37 APEX Explores the Onset of Pulsation-Driven Winds in Giant Stars
38 Children of Older Mothers Are Healthier, Taller and Obtain More Education
39 MIT Researchers Create Perfect Nanoscrolls from Graphene Oxide
40 Stars Strip Away the Atmosphere of Super-Earths
41 New Discovery Challenges Dark Matter, Stellar Acceleration Models
42 New Spitzer Image: A Space Spider Watches Over Young Stars
43 Harvard Research Shows for Life Expectancy, Money Matters
44 Zipf's Law from Scale-free Geometry--Like Galaxies, like Cities
45 Cassini Y-Shaped Discontinuity on Enceladus
46 New Horizons Shows Pluto's Haze Varies in Brightness
47 New Debugging Method Finds 23 Undetected Security Flaws in Popular Web Applications
48 Hubble Image of the Week--Elegance Conceals an Eventful Past
49 New Images Reveal More Details on Ceres' Craters
50 Fermi Observations Poised to Pin Down Gravitational Wave Sources
51 Scientists Identify a Free-Floating, Planetary-Mass Object in TW Hydrae
52 Hubble Views the Bubble Nebula
53 New Horizons Image Shows Pluto's 'Halo' Craters
54 NASA to Begin Historic New Era of X-Plane Research
55 New Study Traces the Impact of Volcanic Activity on Climate Change
56 New Study Shows Fructose Alters Brain Genes, Which Can Lead to Disease
57 Measuring happiness on social media
58 TGen tracks the origins and spread of potentially deadly Valley Fever
59 One minus 1 does not always equal 0 in chemistry
60 Rational autologous cell sources for therapy of heart failure
61 Zika present in Americas longer than previously thought
62 Nanograft seeded with 3 cell types promotes blood vessel formation to speed wound healing
63 What's missing from current methods for genetic screening of sperm donors?
64 Chile quake at epicenter of expanding disaster and failure data repository
65 Carbon dioxide fertilization greening Earth, study finds
66 Race and gender may not affect employer interest in resumes
67 Tamping down neurons' energy use could treat neurodegeneration
68 First multi-year study of honey bee parasites and disease reveals troubling trends
69 NREL finds nanotube semiconductors well-suited for PV systems
70 Model predicts how forests will respond to climate change
71 NREL theory establishes a path to high-performance 2-D semiconductor devices
72 NREL demonstrates light-driven process for enzymatic ammonia production
73 Researchers find brain circuit that controls binge drinking
74 Hubble discovers moon orbiting the dwarf planet Makemake
75 One oil field a key culprit in global ethane gas increase
76 Study shows vivid language used to assure whistleblowers of protection instead evokes fear
77 Aspirin may help prevent bile duct cancer
78 Retroviral DNA needs time to find its home, but insertion happens in a blink
79 Researcher finds teenage e-cigarette use 'clustered' in certain schools
80 Nearby massive star explosion 30 million years ago equaled detonation of 100 million suns
81 Patients with low literacy levels get health information from commercial websites
82 Study may explain gene's role in major psychiatric disorders
83 An Icelandic success story of prevention of adolescent substance use
84 Ancient glass-glued walls studied for nuke waste solutions
85 Reducing waste while improving snack nutrition
86 Providing children with tablets loaded with literacy apps yields positive results
87 Rare ice data collected by early 'citizen scientists' confirms warming
88 TSRI scientists reveal secrets of a deadly virus family
89 Endocrine Society experts call for expanded screening for primary aldosteronism
90 Minimally invasive colitis screening using infrared technology could offer fast, simple test
91 EARTH: Making tracks through the dinosaur diamond
92 Penn study on fragile X syndrome uses fruitfly's point of view to identify new treatments
93 Bioreactors ready for the big time
94 Study: Answer to antibiotic-resistant infections could already be on the market
95 Cholesterol levels, not statins, influence colorectal cancer risk
96 Researchers look for causes of unexpected early bladder cancer recurrence after laparoscopic surgery
97 Study finds shifting gaps in educational attainment among students of different incomes
98 Women who are cheated on 'win' in the long run; new women 'lose'
99 Excessive tests don't benefit patient, do increase cost in age-related immune disorder
100 It takes more than peer pressure to make large microgels fit in
101 Caution advised in over-regulating e-cigarettes as alternative to smoking tobacco
102 What is the best way to whiten teeth? (video)
103 Fossils may reveal 20-million-year history of penguins in Australia
104 First small molecule targeted therapy to mitigate hearing loss in Usher syndrome type 3
105 Groundwater quality changes alongside expansion of hydraulic fracturing
106 Sub-Saharan women using modern contraceptives more likely to be HIV tested
107 Newly discovered titanosaurian dinosaur from Argentina, Sarmientosaurus
108 Despite their small brains--ravens are just as clever as chimps
109 New curiously scaled beetle species from New Britain named after 'Star Wars' Chewbacca
110 Scientists provide new insights into gene regulation