File Title
1 American University Experts Provide Perspectives on Earth Month and Earth Day
2 Dino Dinner, Dead or Alive
3 Coding and Computers Help Spot Methane, Explosives
4 Vladimir Is Thrilled by the Sungarian Man
5 Europa's Heaving Ice Might Make More Heat than Scientists Thought
6 Soil Microbes, Soil Health and Nutrient Availability
7 Silver Ants Stay Cool in the Saharan Heat
8 Nanotubes Assemble! Rice Introduces 'Teslaphoresis'
9 Proof that Ancient Supernovae Zapped Earth Sparks Hunt for Aftereffects
10 Chemical Tracers Reveal Oxygen-Dependent Switch in Cellular Pathway to Fat
11 Salk Institute Medals Awarded to Pioneering Neuroscience and Cancer Researchers
12 Night Stalker
13 WiFi Capacity Doubled at Less than Half the Size
14 First-Ever Videos Show How Heat Moves Through Materials at the Nanoscale and Speed of Sound
15 Bring the Language Lab to the Classroom
16 Danforth Center Dedicates New Wing in Honor of William H. Danforth
17 'Weirdest Martensite': Century-Old Smectic Riddle Finally Solved
18 Royal Navy Uses Pilotless Aircraft to Navigate Through Ice
19 Artificial Moth Eyes Enhance Silicon Solar Cells
20 Princeton Graduate Student Imene Goumiri Creates Computer Program that Helps Stabilize Fusion Plasmas
21 Anonymous Donor Pledges $5,000,000 to Vanderbilt Dean's Chair in Engineering
22 Fish-Eyed Lens Cuts Through the Dark
23 In These Microbes, Iron Works like Oxygen
24 Greenness Around Homes Linked to Lower Mortality
25 Clear-Cutting Destabilizes Carbon in Forest Soils, Dartmouth Study Finds
26 UCI Team Finds Method to Reduce Accumulation of Damaging Huntington's Disease Protein
27 First-Ever Videos Show How Heat Moves Through Materials at the Nanoscale and Speed of Sound
28 SLAC Researchers Recreate the Extreme Universe in the Lab
29 Fossil Fuels Could Be Phased Out Worldwide in a Decade, Says New Study
30 The City of Angels and Flies: 12 Unknown Scuttle Fly Species Have Been Flying Around L.A.
31 Multiple Paternity May Offer Fewer Advantages than Previously Thought
32 'Odd Couple' Monolayer Semiconductors Align to Advance Optoelectronics
33 Physicists Build Engine Consisting of One Atom
34 N/A
35 Derailed Train of Thought? Brain's Stopping System May Be at Fault
36 UCLA Scientists Reveal How Osteopontin Ablation Ameliorates Muscular Dystrophy
37 Researchers Can Identify You by Your Brain Waves with 100% Accuracy
38 Singapore's Wild Bird Trade Raises Troubling Questions About African Grey Parrots
39 Mapping a Path to Improved Cassava Production
40 A New Way to Get Electricity from Magnetism
41 The P Tax Cometh
42 From Lighting Screens to Lighting Homes
43 Q&A with #UDEL Environmental Historian Adam Rome, Who Wrote the Book on Earth Day--Literally
44 ORNL Forges Connections for Sturgeon Conservation
45 The Size of City Parks Can Predict Residents' Well-Being
46 What Screens Are Made of: New Twists (and Bends) in LCD Research
47 Which Trees Face Death in Drought?
48 30 Years After Chernobyl, UGA Camera Study Reveals Wildlife Abundance in CEZ
49 URI Researcher: Invasive Crabs Changing Ecology of Narragansett Bay
50 When Inhaling Media Erodes Attention, Exhaling Provides Focus
51 Science of Industrial Hemp Conference Announced
52 Chemists Achieve First by Creating New Materials from Rings that Assemble Themselves
53 Snowmobiling Could Be Hard Hit by Climate Change, New Study Says
54 Chemistry Consortium Uses Titan to Understand Actinides
55 NJIT High-Resolution Images Capture a Solar Flare as It Unfolds
56 Victorian Age Technology Can Improve Virtual Reality, Stanford-Dartmouth Study Finds
57 Ocean Currents Push Phytoplankton--and Pollution--Around the Globe Faster Than Thought
58 Built-in Shades May Protect Delicate Sensors from Blinding Light
59 New Textbook by APL Authors Shares Lessons Learned on Creating a Culture of Innovation in Large Organizations
60 Researchers Tasked with Designing Attack-Resilient Micro Aerial Vehicles
61 Researchers Pinpoint Part of the Brain that Recognizes Facial Expressions
62 Six Years After Deepwater Horizon Spill Still Looking for Answers
63 Fred Hutch President and Director Gary Gilliland Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
64 Italian Chef Carlo Cracco Draws Attention to Climate Change Threats for Small Scale Farmers in Cambodia
65 Ancient DNA Reveals Evolution of Giant Bears in the Americas
66 Bringing Nitrogen Out to Pasture
67 With Simple Process, UW--Madison Engineers Fabricate Fastest Flexible Silicon Transistor
68 The Contrarian Dance of DNA
69 Brain Study on Memory Delay Explains Visuomotor Mistakes
70 Mystery Solved: Traits Identified for Why Certain Chemicals Reach Toxic Levels in Food Webs
71 Recent Warmer Winters May Be Cooling Climate Change Concern, NYU and Duke Researchers Conclude
72 New Material Combines Useful, Typically Incompatible Properties
73 Paleontologist Finds that Ligaments in Some Dinosaurs' Necks Helped Them Graze More Efficiently
74 Scientists Sharpen View of Gene Transfer Between Pathogenic Bacteria
75 Defending a virtual power company from malicious cyber-attack!
76 Heat Trumps Cold in the Treatment of Jellyfish Stings
77 Peering Deep into Materials with Ultrafast Science
78 Cellphone Principles Help Microfluidic Chip Digitize Information on Living Cells
79 City, Corporate Actions are Crucial to Global Climate Response, Researchers Say
80 All Powered Up
81 UF/IFAS Researchers Try to Expand Muscadine Grape Market
82 Confused Cells Lead to Genetic Disorders like Heart Problems, Premature Aging
83 Plant Signals Travel Different Routes to Turn on Defense
84 Paleontologists Find First Fossil Monkey in North America--but How Did It Get Here?
85 Researchers Tackle the Electromagnetic Field for White Sands Missile Range
86 Wasatch Photonics Launches Label-Free Angiography Technique Based on Optical Coherence Tomography
87 Hubble Sees a Star 'Inflating' a Giant Bubble
88 International Conference Spotlights Improving Global Human, Animal and Ecosystem Health
89 Engineers Collaborate on $4.75 Million Blueberry Harvesting Project
90 Numerical Simulations Shed New Light on Early Universe
91 How Science Informs Local and Global Health Policy
92 DNA Proves Mammoths Mated Beyond Species Boundaries
93 New Molecule-Building Method from TSRI Opens Up Vast Realm of Chemistry for Pharma and Other Industries
94 Paleontologists Find North America's Oldest Monkey Fossil Along Panama Canal
95 Leg-Wing Cooperation in Baby Birds, Dinosaurs Is Key Transition in Origin of Flight
96 Advances in Extracting Uranium from Seawater Announced in Special Issue
97 Environmental, Human and Animal Water Needs: Finding the Balance
98 Temporal Cues Help Keep Human Looking Human
99 Mechanism Behind Plant Withering Clarified
100 Stellar Idea
101 13-Million-Year-Old 'Storyteller' Crocodylian Fossils Show Evidence for Parallel Evolution
102 Hair Analysis Is a Flawed Forensic Technique
103 Columbia Engineering-Led Team Advances Single Molecule Electronic DNA Sequencing
104 Cleaning Up Hybrid Battery Electrodes Improves Capacity and Lifespan
105 Bakery Switches to Propane Vans
106 Farming Amoebae Carry Around Detoxifying Food
107 UChicago, Evelo Biosciences Sign Licensing Deal for Microbiome-Based Cancer Immunotherapy
108 UF/IFAS Research May Give New Hope to Expanding Avocado Production
109 WOLVERINES! WCS Arctic Team Collaring Elusive Predators on Alaska's North Slope
110 Researcher Studies How Animals Puncture Things