File Title
1 Marine preserve to help penguins in a 'predictably unpredictable' place
2 Microbes Take Center Stage in Workings of 'the River's Liver'
3 Veteran Biologist Named Director of UF/IFAS Entomology Lab
4 Looking Inside Plutonium
5 Run for Your Life: Exercise Protects Against Cancer
6 Wine Yeast Genomes Lack Diversity
7 News: Report Shows How to Say Goodbye to Harmful Algal Blooms
8 Catalyst Could Make Production of Key Chemical More Eco-Friendly
9 Function of Mysterious RNAs May Often Lie in Their Genes
10 IU Biologist Armin Moczek Receives $1.25 Million to Co-Lead Study on Evolutionary Development
11 Soft and Small Imaging Breakthrough
12 Oregon Researchers Use Light and Sound Waves to Control Electron States
13 Function of Mysterious RNAs May Often Lie in Their Genes
14 IU Biologist Armin Moczek Receives $1.25 Million to Co-Lead Study on Evolutionary Development
15 Soft and Small Imaging Breakthrough
16 Oregon Researchers Use Light and Sound Waves to Control Electron States
17 Rare Meets Common: Reacting Protactinium with Ubiquitous Water Explains an Elemental Oddity
18 Methods Used to Create Textiles also Could Help Manufacture Human Tissues
19 Thinking Green This Earth Day? UGA Has Experts with Research on Some of the Hottest Green Trends
20 Astrophysicists Find Triple Star System with 'Hot Jupiter'
21 Public Understanding of Genetics Can Reduce Stereotypes
22 Laos, China and Viet Nam Enhance Cooperation to Combat Transnational Wildlife Trafficking Networks
23 Primate Evolution in the Fast Lane: Mechanism Discovered that Creates 'Clusters of Mutations' that Affect Traits
24 Physicists Build Ultra-Powerful Accelerator Magnet
25 Developing Ways to Study Influenza D Virus
26 ORNL Neutron 'Splashes' Reveal Signature of Exotic Particles
27 'Climate-Smart Soils' May Help Balance the Carbon Budget
28 New Models Predicting Where to Find Fossils
29 Can You Detect Driverless Cars Based on Driving Behaviours?
30 Physicists Discover Flaws in Superconductor Theory
31 Quantum Dots Enhance Light-to-Current Conversion in Layered Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors
32 When Life Returned After a Volcanic Mass Extinction
33 New Magnetism Research Brings High-Temp Superconductivity Applications Closer
34 Using Fungi to Decrease Need for Chemical Fertilizers
35 New Microwave Synthesis Technique Produces More-Affordable Hydrogen
36 UW-Led Research Team Wins $7.5 million MURI Grant to Defend Against Advanced Cyberattacks
37 The Future Is Here: Interactive Screens on Your Packages
38 Climate and Agriculture: Changing Monsoon Patterns, More Rainfall Contribute to Lower Tea Yield in Chinese Provinces
39 Restoring Ecosystems--How to Learn from Our Mistakes
40 Scientists Invent Robotic 'Artist' that Spray Paints Giant Murals
41 Engine Design Takes a Major Leap at Argonne
42 From Alaska to Florida, FAU's Third Sea-Level Rise Summit Will Generate Blueprint for Solutions and Adaptation
43 Selection Pressures Push Plants Over Adaption Cliff--New Study Has Significant Implications for How We Address Rapid Climate Change
44 UF/IFAS Study Finds Better Way to Keep Shrimp Juicy, Tasty
45 Kirkham Gold Medal Honors Soil Scientist Van Genuchten
46 Scientists Uncover What Makes Plants "Clot"
47 Ames Laboratory Physicists Discover New Type of Material that May Speed Computing
48 Tulane Expands Chance to Win $1 Million for "Dead Zone" Solution
49 Researchers Generate Clean Energy Using Bacteria-Powered Solar Panel
50 ORNL Hosts Southeast Bioenergy Meeting, Study Tour
51 Space Scientist Tapped for French Knighthood
52 Problem Turned into Performance for Solar Cells
53 Fertilizer's Legacy: Taking a Toll on Land and Water
54 New Tool Refines Exoplanet Search
55 Study Says Alaska Could Lose Massive Icefield by 2200
56 Combined Effects of Copper, Climate Change Can Be Deadly for Amphibians, Research Finds
57 Researchers Define Links Within Two Supercontinents
58 Pronghorn Migration Interpretive Site Completed in Wyoming
59 New, Fast Solar Wind Propulsion System Is Aim of NASA, UAH Study
60 NSF Grant Will Help Researchers Improve Wear Resistance of Teflon
61 Mosquito May Play Key Role in Transmitting Eastern Equine Encephalitis in Southeast
62 UNF Professors Awarded NSF Grant for Undergraduate Coastal Biology Research
63 Will Raindrops Stick to a Spider Web's Threads?
64 Bringing the Landslide Laboratory to Remote Regions
65 Research Reveals Trend in Bird-Shape Evolution on Islands
66 Expert Can Comment on Why Speaking Two Languages Is Good for the Brain
67 1917 Astronomical Plate Has First-Ever Evidence of Exoplanetary System
68 A Flexible Camera: A Radically Different Approach to Imaging
69 Russian Scientists Develop Long-Range Secure Quantum Communication System
70 The Pyrophilic Primate
71 Economic Development Does Mean Greater Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
72 Using Nanotubes to Create Single Photons for Quantum Communication
73 Undergrads Win $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for Gloves that Translate Sign Language
74 Ocean Scientists Recommend Plan to Combat Changes to Seawater Chemistry
75 COSMIC Turns 10
76 How Climate Change Dries Up Mountain Streams
77 Consensus on Consensus
78 Maple Syrup Protects Neurons and Nurtures Young Minds
79 Biodiversity Research Institute Responds to New Wildlife Health Concern
80 How Everyday People Are Helping Tackle the Digital Divide
81 Computers in Your Clothes? A Milestone for Wearable Electronics
82 Downwind Safety on the Farm
83 Trap and Neutralize: A New Way to Clean Contaminated Groundwater
84 First-ever 'global index' of vulnerable corals provides tool to combat world crisis
85 Mississippi State's 'Car of the Future' Revealed in Detroit
86 Elusive State of Superconducting Matter Discovered after 50 Years
87 Physicists Gain New View of Superconductor
88 Why Bearcats Smell like Buttered Popcorn
89 Powerful Mass Spectrometer Opens New Vistas for Scientists
90 Make STEM "Fun": ACI Video, Activity Kits Teach "The Science Behind Soap"
91 Rising CO2 Levels Reduce Protein in Crucial Pollen Source for Bees
92 Iowa State Physicist Analyzes First Electron Neutrino Data from NOvA Experiment
93 Fresh Look at Trope About Eskimo Words for Snow
94 Graphene Is Both Transparent and Opaque to Radiation
95 Superconductivity Seen in a New Light
96 In Wide Range of Species, Longevity Proteins Affect Dozens of the Same Genes
97 Are Humans the New Supercomputer?
98 Close Encounters Don't Tell Whole Story of Hunted Species in Amazon Ecosystems
99 Probing the Transforming World of Neutrinos
100 The Red Queen Rules
101 Undergraduate Research Shows that Water-Born Plastics Make Chesapeake Oysters Sick
102 Atomically-Thin Sensor Detects Harmful Air Pollution in the Home
103 Researchers Use Simple Sugar to Detect Human Brain Tumors
104 The Cozier the Better for Bubbles Inside Powerful Volcanoes
105 El Nino's Warm Water Devastates Coral Reefs in Pacific Ocean
106 Janus-Like Nanoparticle Membranes
107 Dwarf Dark Galaxy Hidden in ALMA Gravitational Lens Image
108 Surface Mutation Lets Canine Parvovirus Jump to Other Species
109 Gaming and Rocket Science Taking Off at U of S
110 Right Whales Threatened by Planned Seismic Surveys Along Mid- and Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, Say Scientists