File Title
1 Astronomers Discover 3 Earth-Sized Planets, Fuel Search for Alien Life
2 Climate Change Will Soon Cause Middle East and North Africa to Be Uninhabitable: Study
3 Fundamental Limit to Genetic Code Reveals Why Its Evolution Halted Over 3,000 Million Years Ago
4 Ancient DNA Sequencing Reveals Secrets of Ice Age European Population
5 Earth Harbors One Trillion Species, Most Still Undiscovered
6 Mars' Unique Slope Channels Might Have Been Created by Boiling Water
7 The Mystery of Planet Nine: Why Is It So Far from Us?
8 'Carp-Aggedon': Australia Plans to Give Its Invasive European Carp Herpes
9 Global Warming, Ocean Acidification Dissolving Florida Keys Reefs
10 Advancements in Human Embryo Growing Outside the Womb Sparks Debate
11 Humans Evolved Bigger Brains than Apes Due to Faster Metabolism
12 Venomous Mammals Might Have Lived Alongside Dinosaurs
13 Leopards' Future Threatened: Study Points to Loss of Three-Quarters of Species' Territory
14 Mercury Transit: When, Where and What to Expect from May 9 Event
15 Shock Wave from 3.2 Billion-Year-Old Galaxy Cluster Merger Is Second Strongest Ever Observed
16 UAE's Plan to Use Artificial Mountain to Stimulate Rainfall: Will It Work?
17 Expandable Space Habitats Might Be Key to Successful Mars Mission
18 Scientists Discover Human-Derived Antibody that Targets, Destroys Cancer Cells
19 Ancient Climate Change: Primate Fossil 'Mother Lode' Reveals Global Cooling as Cause of Evolution in Africa
20 ALMA Discovers Supermassive Black Hole with Mass 600 Million Times that of the Sun
21 Pluto's Atmosphere Interacts with Solar Wind in Unique Ways, Similar to Those of Larger Planets
22 Ancient 'Hammerhead' Creature Is Earliest Known Vegetarian Marine Reptile
23 Mount St. Helens Volcano Shaken by Swarm of Small Earthquakes; Eruption Imminent?
24 Ancient Asteroid Crater Chicxulub Could Uncover Mysteries of Dinosaur Extinction
25 Fastest-Ever Molecular Imaging Technique Captures Crystallized Protein as It Reacts to Light in Real Time
26 Did Climate Change Cause Sea Level Rise to Swallow Five Solomon Islands?
27 Researchers Discover 71-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur-Era Fossils in Antarctica
28 Why Carrots Are Orange: Genome Sequencing Pinpoints Gene Responsible for Vegetable's Color
29 NASA's Mercury Maps Reveal Planet's Unique Landscape in Striking Detail [PHOTO]
30 Machine Learning Helps Scientists Uncover New Materials with Desirable Properties
31 DNA Sequencing Reveals Human Desert Migrations Shaped Camel Genetics
32 NASA Detects Atomic Oxygen in Mars' Atmosphere, but How Much?
33 State of the World's Plants Report: 1 in 5 Species Faces Extinction, Climate Change Altering Biomes
34 NASA Discovers 1,284 New Alien Planets; 9 Could Sustain Life like Earth
35 Ancient Gas Bubbles Reveal Secrets of Primordial Earth's Atmosphere
36 World's Oldest Axe: Stone Age Axe Discovered by Archaeologists in Western Australia
37 Coral Bleaching and Death Prevents Fish in Coral Reef Ecosystems from Learning to Avoid Predators
38 Kepler-223 Star System Orbital Structure Reveals Planetary Migration in Solar Systems
39 Ancient Dog Fossil Reveals New Species that Roamed North America 12 Million Years Ago
40 Climate Change Means More Wildfires in Earth's Boreal Forests
41 Eukaryotes Don't Need Mitochondria: New Discovery Turns Cellular Science on Its Head
42 Legal Hunting Might Not Reduce Poaching After All
43 NASA Mission Reveals Interaction Between Magnetic Fields of Earth and Sun for First Time Ever
44 Climate Change Shrinking Red Knots, Decreasing Survival Rates of Smaller Birds
45 Secret Harvard University Meeting Proposes Creation of Synthetic Human Genome
46 NASA Funding Magnetic Force Field and Other Projects to Improve Space Exploration
47 Dung Beetles Take Celestial 'Snapshot' of Milky Way to Guide Their Navigation
48 Mastodon Bones and Ancient Tools Rewrite History of Earliest Humans in North America
49 Massive Earthquake Could Create Tsunami with Potential to Devastate Hawaii
50 National Microbiome Initiative: White House Announces Plans to Stimulate Microbe Research
51 Mexico's Endangered Vaquita Marina, World's Smallest Porpoise, on Brink of Extinction
52 Great Barrier Reef Could Be Facing Dangers from Coal Shipping
53 Small Blue Galaxy 'Leoncino' Could Uncover Mysteries of Big Bang
54 Remains of Giant Asteroid that Collided with Ancient Earth Discovered in Australia
55 Artificial Intelligence Learns and Recreates Complex, Nobel-Winning Physics Experiment
56 Moose Populations Losing to Blood-Sucking Ticks; Lower Population Densities Could Reduce Deaths
57 Genome Sequencing of Giraffe and Okapi Reveals Clues to Giraffe Height
58 Computer Simulations Shed Light on How Jupiter's Moon Io Formed Mysterious Mountains
59 Scientists Create Synthetic 'Liquid Wire' Material that Mimics Spiders' Capture Silk
60 NASA Maps of New Orleans and Surrounding Areas Reveal that They're Still Sinking
61 Europa's Hidden Ocean Might Be Similar to Earth's, Could Harbor Life
62 Scientists Discover New Species of Horned Dinosaur in Southern Utah
63 Alien Intelligence Workshop Seeks to Shed Light on Evolution and Behavior of Extraterrestrial Life
64 Ancient Massive Tsunamis Hit Mars Billions of Years Ago
65 Antarctic Snowfall Might Not Curb Sea-Level Rise from Global Warming
66 Trees Sleep Too: Infrared Laser Scanning Reveals Day-Night Cycle of Trees
67 Riasi Fault in Himalayas Poses Major Earthquake Threat
68 Genes Behind Width and 'Pointiness' of Human Nose Identified
69 Scientists Uncover Gene-Coded Enzyme Responsible for Red in Birds
70 Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles in Florida Raise Concerns that Species Will Establish Everglades Population
71 Two Steps to Treating Diabetes
72 The Early Bird Gets the Healthier Heart
73 Sex and Kidney Failure
74 The Future of Cancer Testing
75 E-Cigarette Promotion Supported by British Physicians
76 Chronic Fatigue and Suicide: An Alarming Trend
77 First Commercial Zika Virus Test Ready for Market
78 Morphine or Friendship: Which is the Better Painkiller?
79 Waste at the World's Expense
80 The Protein that is Pumping Up Cancer Cells
81 The Pain of Uncertainty
82 New Hope for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
83 How Beer Could Help Treat Obesity
84 Nonsurgical Weight Loss--Curbing Hunger
85 Removing Toxins: Juicing Debunked
86 Hookah: Lung Abnormalities
87 Choosing Fluids for Children with Gastroenteritis
88 How Alzheimer's in Mice Was Reversed in One Week
89 Is Pot More Accessible for Teens After Legalization?
90 Psoriasis Risks Are More than Skin-Deep
91 Lung Problems Persist Even After Giving Up Cigarettes
92 Could Stress Increase Risk for Cervical Cancer?
93 Medical Errors Jump in Cause of Death List in US
94 Does Being Left-Handed Make You Better at Math?
95 In Sync: Moms and Kids
96 Pregnant? Don't Inhale
97 Want to Gain Muscle? Give it a Rest
98 Zika Virus: New Paper Based Test
99 Exercise and Treatment for Concussion
100 Type 1 Diabetes and Viral Infections
101 The Hygiene Hypothesis and Autoimmune Diseases
102 A Juicy Solution to High Blood Pressure?
103 Treating Babies Born with Drug Addiction
104 Using Video Games to Change Kids' Eating
105 Poverty and Food Access: A Vicious Cycle
106 Treating Children with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
107 Butter: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
108 Decreasing Your Pain Could Lead to Caring Less About Others
109 Probiotics May Not Offer Benefits that are Marketed
110 The Biggest Loser: Bodies Fight to Regain the Weight
111 May is American Stroke Awareness Month