File Title
1 As New Moms' Work-Hours Go Up, the Chance of Long-Term Breastfeeding Declines
2 Study Finds Websites and Apps that Calculate Fertility Are Often Inaccurate
3 Exercise Can Lower Risk of Some Cancers by 20%
4 Hate Push-Ups? You'll Want to Try THIS Variation
5 4 Tasty (and Healthy) Ways to Enjoy Rhubarb that Aren't Pie
6 Watch Amy Schumer's On-Point Response to Body Shaming Salespeople
7 11 Celebs on Why Photoshopping Seriously Needs to Stop
8 This Color Light Could Help Ease Migraines, According to New Study
9 This Is What Happened When I Copied Victoria Beckham's Foil Face Mask
10 Women Who Regularly Go to Church May Live Longer
11 Exposure to Pesticides May Increase ALS Risk
12 Your Sunscreen Might Not Have the SPF You Think It Does
13 Why this Beauty Vlogger Is Rubbing Socks on Her Face
14 Nearly Half of All Heart Attacks Don't Have Symptoms, Study Says
15 We Tried Cricket Chocolate Chip Cookies So You Don't Have To
16 Getting Married May Help Protect Against Alcoholism, Particularly in High-Risk Families
17 Potato-Heavy Diet Linked to High Blood Pressure--But of Course, It's Complicated
18 Scientists Test 'Magic Mushroom' Chemical for Tough-to-Treat Depression
19 GMO Crops Don't Harm Human Health, Report Says
20 The FDA Begins Process of Defining "Natural" Label
21 Asian-Americans in Better Health than Other U.S. Adults
22 8 Ways to Amp Up Your Bodyweight Workout
23 Taking Aspirin After Mini-Stroke May Reduce Risk of Major Stroke by 80%
24 If You've Ever Had a C-Section, Probably Best to Avoid Home Birth, Experts Say
25 Giving Babies Food Early, Not Late, May Be Best Way to Avoid Allergy
26 There's Actually a 'Smart' Tampon in the Works
27 B12 Shots: Should You Get One?
28 Folic Acid-Fortified Foods Prevent Some, but Not All Neural Tube Birth Defects
29 'Sunscreen' Gene May Guard Against Skin Cancer
30 Think You Have a Concussion? Why You Should Seek Treatment Right Away
31 Zika Cases in U.S. Pregnant Women Nears 300
32 Nutritional Label Overhaul Will Include Added Sugar Counts, Against Industry Complaints
33 Scientists Capture High-Resolution Images of Solar Flare as It Unfolds
34 Global Warming May Help Crops Grow: How a Greenhouse Gas Causes Plant Growth
35 Seeing Double: NASA Missions Find Solar Flare from Two Spots in Space
36 Each City Has Its Own Unique Microbes; How Microbial Communities Differ
37 Heart-Shaped Solar Flare Unleashes Burst of Radiation Causing Radio Blackouts
38 Mouse Embryos Develop in Space on Chinese Satellite for Very First Time
39 Polar Bears Swimming More Often as Climate Change Melts Sea Ice
40 Great Barrier Reef: More than 90 Percent of Marine Ecosystem Suffering from Coral Bleaching
41 'Ghost Town' Chernobyl Thriving with Wildlife 30 Years After Nuclear Disaster
42 Lemurs Mix Their Smelly Secretions to Create Fragrant Odor that Lasts Longer
43 CRISPRainbow Uses Gene-Editing Technology to Track DNA in Live Cells
44 Great Barrier Reef and Other Corals May Survive Bleaching by Being Promiscuous
45 21-Million-Year-Old Monkey Fossils Suggest Primates Crossed Sea to North America
46 Newly Found 13-Million-Year-Old Crocodilian Reveals How Telescoping Eyes Evolved
47 Mice in Space Showed Early Signs of Liver Disease After Only Two Weeks
48 Biologists Call WWF's Reported Tiger Population Increase into Question
49 Scientists Develop Genome Editing Technique that Improves upon CRISPR, Can Edit Single Letters of DNA Sequence
50 Fossil Teeth Reveal that Bird Ancestors Survived Dinosaur Extinction by Eating Seeds
51 Climate Change Pushing Us Toward Unhealthy Ozone Levels, More Smoggy Days
52 1.5 C vs. 2 C: How Half a Degree Matters So Much in Global Warming
53 North American Mammoths Participated in Interbreeding, Mated Beyond Species' Boundaries
54 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Cosmic Soap Bubble to Celebrate 26th Birthday
55 Source of Cosmic Space Radiation Discovered with NASA's ACE Spacecraft
56 Darwin's Finches Reveal Evolution in Action with Newly Discovered Gene
57 Psychology of Astronauts: Why They Feel Awe After Seeing Earth from Space
58 Baby Titanosaur Fossil Reveals Harsh, Lonely Childhood of the Massive Dinosaur Species
59 How to Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction: Better Data Needed for Conservation
60 Hunt for Dark Matter Reveals It's Not Made of Certain Axion-Like Particles
61 Scientists Discover New 'Tunneling' State of Water Molecule
62 Unexpected New Reef System Discovered at Mouth of Amazon River
63 Monarch Butterfly Faces Threats to Its Habitat and Life-Sustaining Nectar
64 Old-Growth Forests May Act as Buffer Against Climate Change
65 Rainforest Biodiversity Loss Worse than We Think Thanks to Common Scientific Method
66 Subglacial Lake Under Antarctic Ice Could Harbor Hidden Life Forms Preserved for Millions of Years
67 Dinosaur Families Fled Europe During Curious Early Cretaceous Migration [PHOTO]
68 NASA Reveals Methane Ice on Pluto's 'Halo' Craters, Baffles Astronomers [PHOTO]
69 Scientists Create RNA in Water Puddle, Shed Light on Prebiotic Earth
70 ORNL Scientists Discover an Entirely New Tunneling State of Water Molecules
71 Researchers Uncover Mystery of Greenland's Glacial Ice Meltwater
72 Strange, Mammal-Like Reptile Lived During the Same Time as Ancient Mammals
73 Bed Bugs May Dislike Certain Colors and Seek Out Others, New Study Reveals
74 'Shark Vision' Camera Reveals How Sharks Communicate Through Biofluorescence
75 Watch the World's First Brain-Powered Drone Race at the University of Florida [VIDEO]
76 Ancient Marine Sediments Shed Light on Future Climate Change, Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels
77 New Images of Mars Reveal Clearer Look at Beagle 2 Lander and Other Features
78 Evidence of Global Warming Revealed in Climate Data Spanning Back to Industrial Revolution
79 Intact Skull Fossil Reveals Titanosaurian Dinosaur that Hung Its Head like Eeyore [VIDEO]
80 Chernobyl 30 Years After the Disaster: How Wildlife and Organisms Responded to Radiation
81 Critically Endangered Himalayan 'Woolly' Wolf Is in Desperate Need of Conservation Efforts
82 Scientists Uncover 30-Million-Year-Old Supernova that Equaled Detonation of 100 Million Suns
83 Tiny Dwarf Planet Makemake Has Miniature Moon Just like Pluto [VIDEO]
84 Climate Change: Northeast Forests May Be Unsustainable Due to Drought After 2050
85 Coral Reefs Have Immune Systems that Utilize 550 Million-Year-Old Molecule Seen in Humans
86 Excess Carbon Dioxide Fertilization May Be Greening Earth
87 Scientists Create Smallest Thermometer in the World with DNA
88 Volcanoes and Climate Change: How Continental Volcanic Eruptions Drove Historic Climate Shifts
89 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Discovers Methane Sea on Saturn's Moon TItan
90 Single-Celled Slime Mold Capable of Learning
91 Scientists Create 'Brain Dictionary' to Help Decode Our Inner Thoughts [VIDEO]
92 Scientists Discover Giant Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of 3 Colliding Spiral Galaxies
93 NASA SDO Releases Stunning New Video of April 17 Solar Flare [VIDEO]
94 Ancient Hyenas May Have Snacked on Our Human Ancestors Thousands of Years Ago
95 'Freckle' Gene MC1R Linked to Aging and Youthful Looks
96 Scientists Uncover Physics Behind Peacock Feathers and Their Mating Behavior
97 Global Warming Could Soon Deplete Oceans of Their Oxygen, Study Says
98 SpaceX and NASA Team Up to Land Dragons on Mars by 2018
99 Neanderthals' Dietary Strategy Doesn't Explain Why They Went Extinct
100 Are Humans Alone in the Universe? Ancient Alien Civilizations May Have Previously Existed
101 Lizards May Dream like Humans: How Bearded Dragons Sleep
102 Humanoid Robot 'Mermaid' Recovers Treasures from King Louis XIV's Shipwreck [VIDEO]
103 Vitamin May Stop Organ Aging and Help with Cell Restoration
104 Winds Shooting at a Quarter of the Speed of Light Spotted Leaving Black Hole System
105 Earth's Oldest Crystals May Have Been Created by Asteroids Slamming into Early Earth
106 CERN's Large Hadron Collider, World's Largest Atom Smasher, Shut Down by Rodent
107 Ancient Building Block of Earth, Comet C/2014 S3, Sheds Light on Planet's Birth
108 Scientists Solve Mystery of Greenland Ice Sheet's Lack of Surface Melting
109 Great Barrier Reef's Future Could Be Grim Within 20 Years
110 Jellyfish Resembling Alien Spaceship Discovered in Marianas Trench [VIDEO]