File Title
1 Key Regulatory Role for Mysterious Olfaction Molecule OMP
2 Kansas State University Engineer Builds Paperlike Battery Electrode with Glass-Ceramic
3 Waste Stream to Energy Source: What if America's Next Big Fuel Source Is Its Trash?
4 Broadening the Bilayer
5 Virginia Mason Partners with Seattle Aquarium to Provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Rescued Sea Turtle
6 Heat and Light Get Larger at the Nanoscale
7 Argonne Continues to Pave Way for Improved Battery Performance Testing
8 Proving the Genetic Code's Flexibility
9 Increasing Success for Your Garden Investments
10 Flat Boron Is a Superconductor
11 Agriculture Expansion Could Reduce Rainfall in Brazil's Cerrado
12 Want to Know Where Threatened Species Live? Look to the Clouds
13 Discovery: A Radar Gun for Unruly Atoms
14 ORNL Surges Forward with 20-Kilowatt Wireless Charging for Vehicles
15 Natural Killer Cells Help to Drive Inflammation and Insulin Resistance
16 New Tumbleweed Species Rapidly Expanding Range
17 Scripps Florida Team Awarded $3.4 million to Develop Treatments for Addiction, Mood Disorders
18 X-Rays Reveal How a Solar Cell Gets Its Silver Stripes
19 Ruthenium Nanoframes Open the Doors to Better Catalysts
20 Are Wearables Really an Accurate Index for the Physical Activity Needed for Good Health?
21 Low-Cost and Lightweight
22 Are Basketball Players Especially at Risk?
23 Planning Ahead: Researchers Work to Solve Sustainability Puzzle
24 Lithium Hoarding Behind Failure of Promising New Battery
25 WCS-Managed Grant Program to Fund Wildlife Adaptations for Climate Change
26 Study Determines Economic Impact, Ripple Effect of Hunting on CRP-Funded Land
27 What are Aerosols?
28 Lifting the Veil on Sex: Can Males Be Less Expensive?
29 New Cause of Exceptional Greenland Melt Revealed
30 Ancient DNA Shows European Wipe-Out of Early Americans
31 Massive Deforestation Found in Brazil's Cerrado
32 Illuminating the Inner 'Machines' that Give Bacteria an Energy Boost
33 Ice Age Antarctic Ocean Gives Clue to 'Missing' Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
34 Possible Viking Discovery by UAB Archaeologist Could Rewrite North American History
35 Drugs Show Potential for Combating Aggressive Form of Lung Cancer
36 Do More Uphill Sprints! Higher Anaerobic Fitness Gives Edge to Mountain Ultra-Marathon Runners
37 Study: Near-Shore Wind Farms Would Have Big Impact on Coastal Tourism
38 Shocking Collapse of Gorilla Subspecies
39 Shifting Sands on Mars
40 New Understanding of Liquid-Like Materials to Solid State Transition Discovered
41 Scientists Push Valleytronics One Step Closer to Reality
42 Planting Your New Purchases
43 The Twittersphere Does Listen to the Voice of Reason--Sometimes
44 Major Upgrade Will Boost Power of World's Brightest X-ray Laser
45 Berkeley Lab Working on Key Components for LCLS-II X-ray Lasers
46 March Was Third Warmest Month in Satellite Record
47 WCS: Private Sector Must Be a Part of the Wildlife Trafficking Solution
48 With Mosquito Y Chromosome Sequencing, Researchers Lay Groundwork for Advanced Disease Control
49 Common Pesticides Kill Amphibian Parasites, Study Finds
50 Research Reveals 'Topsy Turvy' Ocean Circulation on Distant Planets
51 Recent Evolutionary Change Allows a Fruit Fly to Dine on a Toxic Fruit
52 Coral Reefs Highlight the Key Role of Existing Biodiversity for Climate Change Adaptation
53 UGA Researchers Use Single Molecule of DNA to Create World's Smallest Diode
54 Quantifying the Environmental Benefits of Skipping the Meat
55 Putting It All Together: Fermilab Assembles First Cryomodule for LCLS-II
56 Scientists Find Surprise Lurking in Crocodilian Jaw
57 New Laser to Shine Light on Remote Sensing
58 Effects of Alcohol, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana Exposure on the Placenta
59 Examining Alcohol Use Prior to Suicides and Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths
60 Fluctuations in Student Drinking During the Calendar Year
61 Closer Examination Reveals Changes to the "Gender Gap" in Drinking
62 NUS-Led Research Team Discovers Novel Way of Transferring Magnetic Information
63 How to Survive Extinction: Live Fast, Die Young
64 Architecture of the Sperm Whale Forehead Facilitates Ramming Combat
65 Scientists Study the Insulator-Superconductor Transition of Copper-Oxide Compound in Fine Detail
66 A Movie of the Microworld: Physicists Create Nanoparticle Picture Series
67 A Real Peter Rabbit Tale: Kansas State University Biologists Find Key to Myxoma Virus/Rabbit Coevolution
68 UF/IFAS Researcher's Findings Resonate 30 Years Later
69 40-Million-Year-Old Fossils Indicate How Dinosaurs Grew from Hatchlings to Adults
70 Breaking Metamaterial Symmetry with Reflected Light
71 Cooling Chips with the Flip of a Switch
72 New Effort by 23andMe Could Increase Diversity in Genetic Research
73 TSRI Scientists Get First-Ever Glimpse of 'Teenage' HIV-Neutralizing Antibody
74 World's Fastest Electron Diffraction Snapshots of Atomic Motions in Gases
75 Roswell Park Designated Scientific Lead for Ongoing Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study
76 Home Again: WCS and Blackfeet Nation Partner to Bring Buffalo Back to Their Original Homeland
77 Sweet Technique Finds Cause of Sour Oil and Gas
78 Model Aids Efforts to Reduce Cost of Carbon Nanostructures for Industry, Research
79 Multitasking New Horizons Observed Solar Wind Changes on Journey to Pluto
80 Scientists Find Safer Way to Make Common Blood Thinner Heparin
81 Cold Mountain Streams Offer Climate Refuge: Future Holds Hope for Biodiversity
82 Is Risk-Taking Behavior Contagious?
83 West Coast Scientists Sound Alarm for Changing Ocean Chemistry
84 Summer Melt-Driven Streams on Greenland's Ice Sheet Brought into Focus
85 Blueberries May Offer Benefits for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
86 Move Over, Polar Bear Plunge: Ice Swimming Is Next Big Extreme Winter Water Sport
87 How to Survive Extinction: Live Fast, Die Young
88 New Microscope Controls Brain Activity of Live Animals
89 Supermassive Black Holes Do Not Form from Stellar Black Holes
90 Enzyme Discovery Leads Scientists Further Down Path to Pumping Oil from Plants
91 Center of Space Nanomedicine to work with CASIS on research aboard International Space Station
92 Ludwig Cancer Research and the Cancer Research Institute Initiate Clinical Trial of a Novel Combination Immunotherapy for Ovarian Cancer
93 UGA Skidaway Institute Starts Study on Dynamic Cape Hatteras Waters
94 Existing State Laws Collectively Require a 50% Increase in U.S. Renewable Electricity
95 PPPL Scientists Help Test Innovative Device to Improve Efficiency of Tokamaks
96 Behemoth Black Hole Found in an Unlikely Place
97 Despite Being "the Biggest Threat Facing Humanity" Climate Change and Its Impacts Fail to Make Headlines, Says IFAD Study
98 Mediterranean Loggerhead Turtles Dying in Waters Off the Middle East and North Africa
99 Notre Dame Physicists Discover Rare Brown Dwarf, Essential for Testing Theoretical Models
100 Supermassive Black Holes May Be Lurking Everywhere in the Universe
101 Plastic Proteins: Synthetic Material Mimics Essential Characteristics of Natural Proteins
102 Yeast Against the Machine: Bakers' Yeast Could Improve Diagnosis
103 Becoming Crystal Clear
104 Changing the Color of Single Photons in a Diamond Quantum Memory
105 New Metallic Glass Bounces
106 Geothermal Heat Contributes to Greenland Ice Melt
107 CRI Scientists Find Novel Metabolic Twist that Drives Cancer Survival
108 Six Weighty Facts About Gravity
109 Invasive Species Not Best Conservation Tool: Study
110 How a Metabolic Pathway Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis