File Title
1 Bored people reach for the crisps
2 Winds a quarter the speed of light spotted leaving mysterious binary systems
3 Machines can learn to respond to new situations like human beings would
4 New method for exhaustively isolating olfactory receptors responding to specific odorants
5 Brain cells divide the work to recognize bodies
6 Hunting wolves near Denali, Yellowstone cuts wolf sightings in half
7 A 'tropical' parasitic disease emerges in the Canadian Arctic
8 Are we alone? Setting some limits to our uniqueness
9 Modified household utensils improve autonomy and lives of people with leprosy
10 Tiny microscopes reveal hidden role of nervous system cells
11 HPV vaccination expected to reduce cancer in all races, may not eliminate all disparities
12 Theoretical tiger chases statistical sheep to probe immune system behavior
13 New study exposes growing problem of patent aggregators and negative impact on innovation
14 RNA splicing mutations play major role in genetic variation and disease
15 A vitamin that stops the aging process of organs
16 Focus on transitional care reduces hospital readmissions in stroke patients
17 New technique spots active motion in cells
18 Hear no evil: Farmed fish found to be hard of hearing
19 Fungal spores could 'hijack' human immune cells to spread infection
20 Poo transplants better understood
21 Scientists turn skin cells into heart cells and brain cells using drugs
22 Costs for orally administered cancer drugs skyrocket
23 Rosacea linked to a slightly increased risk of dementia
24 Researchers demonstrate record optical nonlinearity
25 Recent cancer diagnosis associated with increased risk of mental health disorders
26 USC-led study identifies a key to bone formation and vertebrate evolution
27 Researchers find the genes that influence dizygotic twinning and fertility
28 Cell transplant treats Parkinson's in mice under control of designer drug
29 Hospital self-harm cases have steadily risen among men in England since 2008
30 Metal hip replacements implanted since 2006 more prone to failure
31 Lifestyle has a strong impact on intestinal bacteria
32 Turn left! How myosin-Va helps direct neuron growth
33 Speedy bridge repair
34 Science news story on Sci-Hub provides detailed view of user base; related editorial
35 Nine chemical compounds induced fibroblasts to act as cardiac cells
36 Special microbiome issue
37 Reptiles share sleep patterns with mammals and birds after all
38 Study pinpoints mechanism that allows cells with faulty DNA to reproduce
39 Subtle chemical changes in brain can alter sleep-wake cycle
40 Stem cell study finds mechanism that controls skin and hair color
41 Geochemical detectives use lab mimicry to look back in time
42 Friends 'better than morphine'
43 World's first microbiome study reveals links between lifestyle and gut flora
44 IU study finds infant attention span suffers when parents' eyes wander during playtime
45 Female hormones may make women less susceptible to kidney failure than men
46 Rare disease gene has a key role in chronic hepatitis C infection
47 Age-dependent changes in pancreatic function related to diabetes identified
48 How old do you look? Study finds an answer in our genes
49 Why fraternal twins run in families
50 Climate change puts most-threatened African antelopes in 'double jeopardy'
51 Parents: Here's how to help your babies pay attention
52 Co-expression of alternative gene products helps neurons take shape
53 At last: Non-toxic and cheap thin-film solar cells for 'zero-energy' buildings
54 From retina to cortex: Max Planck researchers discover an unexpected division of labor
55 Study shows how neurons decline as Parkinson's develops
56 Working longer may lead to a longer life, new OSU research shows
57 Sedentary lifestyle associated with coronary artery calcium, UTSW researchers find
58 Study: 93 percent of advanced leukemia patients in remission after immunotherapy
59 Crop advances grow with protection
60 Scientists establish first map of the sea lion brain
61 Bacteria beneficial to plants have spread across California
62 New model for active surveillance of prostate cancer tested
63 Faith-based health promotion program successful with older Latinas
64 Protecting diversity on coral reefs: DNA may hold the key
65 All hairstyles are not created equal
66 University of Illinois researchers create 1-step graphene patterning method
67 Rosemary aroma can help older adults to remember to do things
68 Study tracks perceptions of making ethical purchases
69 Veterans and their partners see less trauma and distress symptoms after intensive retreat
70 Tiny fossil horses put their back into it
71 Nanoparticles hold promise as double-edged sword against genital herpes
72 Single antibody infusions provide durable protection against HIV-like virus in monkeys
73 This Week from AGU: Dangerous pollutants, landslides in Japan, and 4 new research papers
74 Coal-tar based sealcoats on driveways, parking lots far more toxic than suspected
75 Deep-sea biodiversity impacted by climate change's triple threat
76 'Walk-DMC' aims to improve surgery outcomes for children with cerebral palsy
77 Pitt computational model finds new protein-protein interactions in schizophrenia
78 3-D printed foam outperforms traditional cellular materials in long-term stress
79 Transforming teaching with Twitter
80 Hot melt extruded and injection moulded dosage forms
81 Fireflies light the way to female HIV transmission
82 Speakers of two dialects may share cognitive advantage with speakers of two languages
83 Study reveals COPD linked to increased bacterial invasion
84 Exercise genes? Study suggests certain people with depression may benefit from exercise
85 Segmenting ultrasound video with a wavelet variational model
86 Widespread loss of ocean oxygen to become noticeable in 2030s
87 Social media interaction tools might make MOOCs stickier
88 Bosses should maintain goodwill when saying goodbye to ex-employees
89 New tool puts a consistent value on experts' uncertainty on climate change models
90 Dexamethasone for asthma in the ER: Better compliance, nearly equal effectiveness
91 Researchers create a first frequency comb of time-bin entangled qubits
92 Probiotics stop menopause-like bone loss in mice
93 Decoding Zika to fight future outbreaks
94 Strong interactions with voice-guided vehicles do not result in safer driving
95 Contamination in North Dakota linked to fracking spills
96 Researchers list '7 chemical separations to change the world'
97 Top analytical and life sciences instrumentation firms
98 Toward dissolvable electronics for implants and sensors
99 Creating a reduced-fat chocolate that melts in your mouth
100 Beach buoys deployed to detect beach contamination
101 Locating and leveraging inside sources of consumer insight
102 One-fifth of young drinkers report consuming 'jello shots,' BU study finds
103 Cellphone-sized device quickly detects the Ebola virus
104 Hybrid nanoantennas--next-generation platform for ultradense data recording
105 Leading nutrition experts speak up about malnutrition
106 A molecular switch to better understand signaling
107 A cellular tree with healthy branches
108 When pornography uses condoms, those watching have safer sex
109 Polarization may cause climate communication to backfire
110 Diagnostics for everyone: A faster and more effective detector of fungal infections