File Title
1 Hooked, Pointy or Snubbed? How Your Nose Got Its Shape
2 'Rap Guide to Climate Chaos': Q&A with Baba Brinkman
3 A New Bot-ticelli? Robot Painters Show Off Works at Competition
4 Strange Microbe Lacks Cell's 'Powerhouse'
5 Healthy Living Could Prevent Half of Deaths from Cancer
6 Mega Tsunamis Rocked Mars Oceans Billions of Years Ago
7 Hannah Bronfman: "You have to Live Your Day-to-Day Life with Positivity"
8 This Is the Grown-Up Way to Rock a Braid
9 Here's How Loneliness Might Kill You--Literally
10 Kids with Gay Parents Are Just as Well-Adjusted as Peers with Straight Parents
11 5 Spring Greens You're Probably Not Eating, but Should Be
12 CDC to Investigate When Kids Should Start Playing Football
13 Why More and More Young Adults Are Getting Plastic Surgery
14 How to Make the Ultimate Stay-Slim Smoothie
15 5 Signs It's Time to Take a Rest Day
16 Here's How Alcohol and Processed Meat Can Boost Your Cancer Risk
17 Want to Help Your Child Lose Weight? Don't Do This
18 Eating Disorders More Common at Some Schools than Others, and Here's Why
19 You Can Lose Fat by Sitting Less at Work
20 Ronda Rousey Is One of Time's 100 Most Influential People and this Video Captures Why
21 So THAT'S Why You're So Attached to Certain Perfumes
22 How to Tell if You're Having a Panic Attack
23 4 Things You Should Know About Clinical Trials
24 This Is Why You Have Trouble Sleeping in New Places
25 4 Ways to Tell if You're at a Healthy Weight
26 Study Says Rise in Double Mastectomies May Be Due to Celebrity Cases
27 Dove's New #LoveYourHair Campaign Celebrates Diversity in Beauty
28 These Are the Genes Behind Healthy Aging
29 Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking with These Strategies
30 Heart Trouble? Study Suggests Choosing 'Good' Food Might Be Better than Avoiding 'Bad'
31 Bed Bugs Are Most Drawn to this Color
32 Zika Fears Cause American Olympians to Scramble
33 Female Pelvis Widens, Then Shrinks Over a Lifetime, Study Finds
34 Rice-Based Foods Could Pose Arsenic Risk for Babies
35 Here's How Music May Benefit Your Baby
36 This Fresh and Creamy Avocado Pesto Is Perfect for Spring Dishes
37 Fish Oil Plus Antidepressants May Be One-Two Punch for Depression
38 Childhood Obesity Rates Are Still Rising
39 Night Shift Work May Be Tough on Your Heart
40 Popular Yeast Infection Drug Linked to Miscarriage Risk, FDA Says
41 Your Dog Hates Hugs
42 Have One Minute? You Can Get in a Good Workout
43 Why Fewer Triplets and Quadruplets Are Being Born in the U.S.
44 Study Suggests this Skin Condition Is Linked to Alzheimer's Risk
45 Can You Lose Weight on the Mindfulness Diet?
46 That Gene for Your Cute Freckles and Red Hair Could Be Aging You
47 Kids Born to Older Moms May Be Taller, Fitter, and More Educated than Peers
48 Good-for-Your-Gut Drinks Include Wine and Coffee, but Not Soda
49 Teen Birth Rate Hits a Record Low in U.S.
50 How Your Smartphone Is Ruining Your Relationship
51 21 Signs You've Found Your Fitness Swole Mate
52 These Adorable Sweet Potato 'Nests' are Perfect for Brunch
53 If You Crave this Type of Food, You Might Just Be Bored
54 Can this Hairstyle Cause You to Lose Your Hair?
55 U.S. Reports First Death from Zika Virus in Puerto Rico
56 Cutting Calories Improves Mood and Sex Life, Even if You're Not Seriously Overweight
57 Pregnancy Flu Shot Helps Keep Newborns Safe Later On
58 Serious Insomnia? Study Finds Psychotherapy Can Help
59 Why the Biggest Loser Contestants Gain Back the Weight
60 5 Crazy-Effective Crunch Variations
61 Your High-Fat Diet Could be Making You Sleepy
62 Medical Errors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death After Heart Disease and Cancer
63 Why You Might Not Need Your Antibiotics
64 Don't Toss Your Unused Meds--Do this Instead
65 For ADHD, Start with Behavior Therapy, Not Drugs, Says the CDC
66 Robot Beats Surgeons in an Operating Room Test
67 Humans Are Fatter than Primates, but It Fuels Our Bigger Brains
68 Hepatitis C Now Kills More Americans than Any Other Infectious Disease
69 One Secret to a Longer Life? Strength Training
70 Even if Air is Polluted, Benefits of Outdoor Exercise Outweigh Risks
71 That Plastic Container You Microwave in Could Be Super-Toxic
72 Staying Slim Throughout Life Can Help You Live Longer
73 7 Ways to Prevent Thigh Rub
74 Forget the Apple--Walk Your Dog Each Day to Keep the Doctor Away
75 Despite Your Efforts to Scrub Them Away, Your Skin Germs Stay Put
76 E-Cigarettes to Be Regulated as Tobacco Products
77 Tom Brady Wants to Sell You a $200 Cookbook
78 U.S. Health Officials Prepare for Zika's Arrival
79 13 Things You Need to Know About the Zika Virus
80 Swaddling May Be a SIDS Risk for Babies
81 The 2-Minute Warning May Be Making Life Tougher for Parents
82 Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas on Going After Your Dreams and Beauty Product Faves
83 4 Times Changing Your Look Can Be a Healthy Choice (and 1 Time It Isn't)
84 5 Famous Women on Their Stretch Marks
85 This New "Second Skin" Temporarily Smoothes Wrinkles and Offers Sun Protection
86 Strict "Healthy" Diets in 2 Children Linked to Thyroid Trouble
87 Study Links Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy to Heavier Babies
88 How Junk Food Wrecks Your Body
89 This Is How to Get the 1-Minute Workout Right
90 FDA Says KIND Bars Can Keep Their 'Healthy' Label
91 Pumping Iron? Try Longer Breaks Between Sets for Max Muscles
92 Memory Failing You? Study Suggests Meditation Might Help
93 Zika Virus: What Symptoms Should You Look Out For?
94 Meet the 80-Year-Old 'Glam-ma' Whose Contour Is on Point
95 When You Can (and Definitely Can't) Use Your Phone at the Dinner Table
96 The Common Habit that Could Totally Warp Your Body Image
97 Fat-Storing Hormone Found in the Intestines Linked to Obesity Risk
98 Zika Can Cause Strange Symptoms, So Testing Is Crucial
99 Does Too Much Folic Acid in Pregnancy Increase Autism Risk?
100 Learn from These People Who Made Really Expensive Beauty Mistakes
101 The Easy Way to Stop Yourself from Overeating
102 Tween Magazine Gives Swimsuit Advice, Internet Explodes
103 Fast Casual Entrees Might Have More Calories than Fast Food
104 Even Mild Football Head Hits Can Harm Vision
105 Harmful UV Rays Can Penetrate Your Car's Side Windows
106 Women Who Have Ovaries Removed May Have Colon Cancer Risk
107 What Teen Girls Should Eat to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
108 How to Keep Your Skin from Becoming as Dry as a Sandbox this Summer
109 7 Gardening Tools the Pros Swear By
110 7 Office Plants You Won't Kill