File Title
1 New research shows how silver could be the key to gold-standard flexible gadgets
2 Frequency of extreme heat waves on the increase in Africa: Could occur annually by 2040
3 Zika virus damages placenta, kills fetal mice
4 Brazilian Zika virus strain causes birth defects in experimental models
5 A plant cell recycles its resources in times of scarcity
6 New species from the Pliocene of Tibet reveals origin of ice age mountain sheep
7 A sixth sense protects drivers except when texting
8 Lateral flow urine lipoarabinomannan assay for detecting TB in HIV+ adults
9 Persistent childhood asthma linked to COPD
10 Could flies help us understand brain injuries?
11 Fast casual restaurant entrees higher in calories than fast food
12 New PSA test examines protein structures to detect prostate cancers
13 New imaging technology allows scientists to peer even deeper into fatty arteries
14 HIV testing during early infection may reduce new cases in high-risk communities
15 Crowd-augmented cognition
16 Fruit discovery could provide new treatments for obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
17 Archaeologists uncover 13,000-year-old bones of ancient, extinct species of bison
18 New research suggests climate change may have contributed to extinction of Neanderthals
19 Genetic variants may put some soldiers at higher risk of PTSD
20 High-throughput screening strategy identifies compounds active against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
21 Computer model helps physicians prescribe stroke preventing therapy
22 Ways to improve patient comfort during skin cancer screening
23 Exoplanets' complex orbital structure points to planetary migration in solar systems
24 How cosmetic companies use science to back up product advertising
25 Children of depressed parents at high risk of adverse consequences into adulthood
26 Abstinence may not be the best policy for avoiding online risk
27 NHS needs to perform more weight loss surgery to curb the obesity epidemic
28 What mountain gorillas reveal with their teeth
29 PET scans reveal that tau predicts Alzheimer's disease progression
30 Is sleeve gastrectomy a good choice for people with a sweet tooth?
31 More urinary tract stones are being treated with surgery
32 Emotions in the age of Botox
33 Physicists measure van der Waals forces of individual atoms for the first time
34 Finger-specific key presses could speed up computer interaction
35 Action of nanoparticles on platelet activation and plasmatic coagulation
36 New cardiac imaging technique improves accuracy by removing need to breathe
37 The gluten-free diet in children: Do the risks outweigh the benefits?
38 Hedgehogs are indeed not so widespread in England any more
39 Queen's scientists develop new treatment to prolong life of those with cystic fibrosis
40 Hubble catches views of a jet rotating with Comet 252P/LINEAR
41 Zika virus: Optimized tests for reliable diagnosis
42 Repetitive, subconcussive head impacts from football associated with short-term changes in eye function
43 Study finds low levels of ultraviolet A light protection in automobile side windows
44 Binocular vision-based UAVs autonomous aerial refueling platform--pilots are no longer needed
45 LSU Health New Orleans ophthalmologist recommends UV protection inside cars
46 Scientists find what might be responsible for slow heart function under general anesthesia
47 New gene for familial high cholesterol
48 Spacecraft fly through explosive magnetic phenomenon to understand space weather
49 Scientists identify protein which could improve treatments for recurrent miscarriages
50 Genetic tug of war linked to evolution of same-sex sexual behavior in beetles
51 Earthworms build huge mounds dotting tropical wetlands in South America
52 Hybrid hydrostatic transmission enables robots with human-like grace and precision
53 Skull specializations allow bats to feast on their fellow vertebrates
54 Scans reveal babies of mothers with gestational diabetes have more body fat
55 Ontario rotavirus hospitalizations drop >70 percent after launch of infant vaccine program
56 Surgical oncology societies: Global curriculum to address training variations, inadequacies
57 New study suggests rethink of dementia causes
58 Gene expression depends on a constant dialogue between the nucleus and the cytoplasm
59 Microwaved nanoribbons may bolster oil and gas wells
60 Can a smartphone application help treat anxiety and depression?
61 Size of brain region is associated with response to PTSD treatment
62 Poaching of old forest elephant matriarchs threatens rainforests
63 Women's preference for smaller competition may account for inequality
64 Risks of heart attack, stroke may outweigh benefits of calcium supplement
65 Finnish research shows inaccuracies in emission measurements of important greenhouse gas, N2O
66 Myocardial fibrosis identified as new therapeutic target
67 Scientists find that cancer can arise from changes in the proteins that package DNA
68 Researchers find blood marker that determines who will respond to colorectal cancer drug
69 Four synchronized planets reveal clues to how planets form
70 Cancer patients with depression 'struggle to get their lives back after treatment'
71 NASA directly observes fundamental process of nature for 1st time
72 Online therapy effective at treating depression and anxiety
73 NASA satellite data could help reduce flights sidelined by volcanic eruptions
74 Breast cancer drug found to reduce seizures
75 Genetic link found between impulsivity and binge-drinking teens--Sussex Uni study
76 How Arctic spring kills birds in Africa
77 Space mission first to observe key interaction between magnetic fields of Earth and sun
78 Interpreting clinical sequencing results for genome medicine
79 Mastodon meal scraps revise US prehistory
80 RSPCA to become 'less adversarial' under new boss
81 Solar Impulse aeroplane reaches Oklahoma
82 Dancing dung beetles navigate with 'sky snapshot'
83 Shrinking bird pays the bill for Arctic warming
84 Dreaming brain rhythms lock in memories
85 SSTL ships 'last' navigation payload for Galileo
86 Cryosat spacecraft's ice vision is boosted
87 Zika virus 'shrinks brains' in tests
88 Swarm tracks Earth's turbulent magnetic field
89 'Oldest axe' was made by early Australians
90 Canine clues to brain tumour discovered
91 Boaty McBoatface controversy 'good for science,' MPs told
92 Is there any point in planting new trees?
93 India's dying mother
94 Who is the 'Ivory Queen'?
95 The cave divers who went back for their friends
96 Tea, honey, hops and sponges: The antibacterials hunt
97 Welsh 'super mead' could prevent food poisoning
98 The chasm cutting an Antarctic base adrift
99 Magnetic Hyperloop pod unveiled at MIT
100 Zuckerberg: Facebook investigating censorship claim
101 How to stay digital after you die
102 Assembling Eric: Bringing back the UK's first robot
103 Second bank cyber-attack detected by Swift after Bangladesh raid
104 Privacy fears 'deterring' US web users from online shopping
105 Russia 'was behind German parliament hack'
106 Apple invests in Chinese Uber rival Didi Chuxing
107 Estonia--the Skype effect
108 New York blogger reveals parking ticket errors
109 Tougher sentences for young offenders who film their crimes
110 Star Wars: Malin Head locals feel the force of legendary film