File Title
1 Prevalence of gestational diabetes varies across seasons
2 Membrane-tube shunt device can reduce intraocular pressure
3 Database helps researchers connect exposures to health effects, compare diseases
4 Diabetes drug found no better than placebo at treating NAFLD
5 Aging affects test taking, not language, study shows
6 Brain cells that aid appetite control identified
7 Study identifies potential treatment target for pancreatic cancer
8 Online therapy effective at treating depression and anxiety
9 Scans reveal babies of mothers with gestational diabetes have more body fat
10 Use of complementary, alternative medicine affects initiation of chemotherapy
11 UCSF team finds new approaches to eradicate aggressive breast cancers
12 LSU ophthalmologist recommends UV protection inside cars
13 An old new weapon against emerging Chikungunya virus
14 What the Disneyland measles outbreak of 2014-15 can teach us about how stories go viral
15 Combination of face-to-face and online bullying may pack a powerful punch
16 One-third of autistic children likely to wander, disappear
17 Light-powered 3-D printer creates terahertz lens
18 Salt-inducible kinases may have therapeutic potential for autoimmune diseases
19 Fireworks-related burns requiring hospital stays skyrocket among kids
20 Clay nanotube-biopolymer composite scaffolds for tissue engineering
21 Study suggests breastmilk promotes brain development in preemies
22 HPV infection can be identified in self-collected vaginal swabs
23 Diluted apple juice, preferred fluids for treating mild gastroenteritis in kids
24 Stronger state policies reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths among teens
25 Good long-term quality of life after 'DIEP flap' breast reconstruction
26 CNIC researchers identify a new signaling mechanism implicated in congenital aortic valve disease
27 Complete rest until symptom-free after concussion may not be best for recovery
28 Exempt from passenger restraint laws, taxis pose risky rides for small children
29 Radiotherapy for lung cancer patients is linked to increased risk of non-cancer deaths
30 Children are diagnosed with autism at younger ages since push for universal screening
31 One in six children hospitalized for lung inflammation positive for marijuana exposure
32 Insulating layer of air above the Greenland ice sheet reduces precipitation
33 Scientists discover oral sexual encounters in spiders
34 Exposure to tobacco smoke in the home increases childhood illnesses, health care demand
35 Radiation and immunotherapy combination can destroy both primary and secondary tumors
36 Legalization of marijuana in Washington had no effect on teens' access to drug
37 Stress and depression is linked to HPV-related health problems
38 Scientists map brain's 'thesaurus' to help decode inner thoughts
39 Researchers discover potential treatment for sepsis and other responses to infection
40 Forming fogbows: Study finds limit on evaporation to ice sheets, but that may change
41 A long-noncoding RNA regulates repair of DNA breaks in triple-negative breast cancer cells
42 Gene therapy halts pulmonary hypertension progression in large animal pre-clinical study
43 Parents' presence at bedside found to decrease neonatal abstinence syndrome severity
44 Extreme heat and precipitation linked to more severe asthma requiring hospitalization
45 Gut bacteria may predict risk of life-threatening infections following chemotherapy
46 Even doctors get confused about reflux disease in babies
47 Cancer drug may treat sepsis, other uncontrollable immune responses to infection
48 Screening method uncovers drugs that may combat deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria
49 Ebola virus genome provides clues to repeated disease 'flare-ups' in Western Africa
50 Breast milk linked to significant early brain growth in preemies
51 Study finds adolescent tobacco users commonly report light smoking
52 Spintronics for future information technologies
53 What lies beneath West Antarctica?
54 Exploring phosphorene, a promising new material
55 Lower weight, diabetes, and heart disease can worsen quality of life for frail older women
56 Is breast conserving therapy or mastectomy better for early breast cancer?
57 New cancer drugs could treat lethal resistant prostate cancers
58 The gut microbiomes of infants have an impact on autoimmunity
59 Aerial spraying to combat mosquitos linked to increased risk of autism in children
60 Growing number of patients who might benefit from liver transplant removed from wait list
61 Using oxygen to sterilize medical implants could save time and money
62 First implantable hemodynamic monitoring device in single ventricle Fontan anatomy
63 NASA's Fermi Telescope helps link cosmic neutrino to blazar blast
64 Failure to publish trial results exposes patients to risks without providing benefits
65 Junk-food junkies go healthy when rewarded
66 Not just climate change: Study finds human activity is a major factor driving wildfires
67 Alcohol brand placement on TV linked with teens' brand preferences and drinking behaviors
68 Junk-food junkies go healthy when rewarded
69 Not just climate change: Study finds human activity is a major factor driving wildfires
70 Alcohol brand placement on TV linked with teens' brand preferences and drinking behaviors
71 Exposure to particulate air pollutants associated with numerous types of cancer
72 WSU researcher improves mental health evaluations
73 Black raspberry improves cardiovascular risk in metabolic syndrome
74 Newly discovered baby Titanosaur sheds light on dinosaurs' early lives
75 Hormone and neurotransmitter systems disturbed in alcoholics' brains
76 Unique fragment from Earth's formation returns after billions of years in cold storage
77 Sex exchange a heightened risk factor among women with incarceration history
78 Double-blinded randomized controlled trial of the Xiao procedure in children
79 Study identifies successful weight-gain prevention strategies for young adults
80 Ibrutinib: Indication of added benefit in one of three therapeutic indications
81 Expand prescribing of buprenorphine for opioid abuse? Experts weigh pros and cons
82 Stiffening of the arteries detected in multi-ethnic study of young adults
83 Renewed carat app gives a smart boost to battery
84 Influence of sea-ice loss on Arctic warming is shaped by temperatures in the Pacific Ocean
85 Does supplemental donor milk instead of formula reduce infections in preterm infants?
86 Antibiotics allow gut pathogens to 'breathe'
87 Hydropeaking extirpates river insects
88 Demographic changes increase the risk of natural fires
89 Improving utilization of ammonia and carbon dioxide in microalgal cultivation
90 Method stabilizes, enhances phosphorene
91 Neuroscientists discover previously unknown function of cannabinoid receptor
92 Three potentially habitable worlds found around nearby ultracool dwarf star
93 Methane production reduced in ruminants
94 How much does groundwater contribute to sea level rise?
95 Umeclidinium for symptom relief in COPD: Added benefit not proven
96 LJI scientists discover molecular mechanism for generating specific antibody responses
97 Origin of synaptic pruning process linked to learning, autism and schizophrenia identified
98 Bacteria use traffic-cop-like mechanism to infect gut
99 Study shows long-term improvement in health-related quality of life after bariatric surgery
100 Quieting cells' low-oxygen alarm stops flare-ups in rare bone disorder
101 Children with ADHD may benefit from following healthy behaviors, new study suggests
102 Maryland climate and health report identifies state's vulnerabilities to climate change
103 Cardiovascular risk tool overestimates actual chance of cardiovascular events
104 University of Kentucky researchers discover three new primate species
105 Less body fat for toddlers taking vitamin D
106 A new resource to help manage billbugs in turfgrass
107 Elevated bladder cancer risk in New England and arsenic in drinking water
108 Scientists discover potentially habitable planets
109 A skeletal marker of physiological stress might indicate good, rather than poor, health
110 No males needed: All-female salamanders regrow tails 36 percent faster