File Title
1 Endometrial cancer: Study doubles clues to genetic risk
2 Skin bacteria do not change much, despite regular washing
3 Drinking alcohol makes us happy, but not for long
4 Snoring, lack of sleep may reduce breast cancer survival
5 'Kidney-on-a-chip' could save lives in the ICU
6 HIV antibody therapy looks promising
7 Prostate cancer: Testosterone therapy 'does not increase aggressive disease risk'
8 ALS: Could pesticide exposure be a risk factor?
9 Do artificial sweeteners during pregnancy increase risk of high infant BMI?
10 Lung function measured in just a phone call with new health-sensing tool
11 What are Barbiturates? Uses, Side Effects and Health Risks
12 E-cigarette and nicotine liquid poisonings increasing rapidly in young children
13 Malaria vaccine 'offers safe, effective protection for more than 1 year'
14 Could swaddling babies for sleep raise risk of SIDS?
15 Bunions: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
16 Junk food, high-fat diet may harm kidneys as much as type 2 diabetes
17 Heartburn drug prematurely ages blood vessels
18 Linking hospital patient deaths to weekend staffing a major 'oversimplification'
19 Yoga, meditation may reduce dementia risk
20 New microbiome research tool offers potential to revolutionise drug development
21 Early walking in toddlers linked to stronger bones
22 Glasgow study could boost effectiveness of chemotherapy in the treatment of lymphoma
23 CDC study: Former NFL players not at increased risk of suicide
24 Breath test may help diagnose irritable bowel syndrome
25 Neighbourhoods with more takeaways amplify social inequalities in unhealthy eating and obesity
26 U.S. stroke hospitalizations drop overall, but increase for young people and African-Americans
27 Can psychological therapies help people who self-harm?
28 Precisely flawed nanodiamonds could produce next-generation tools for imaging and communications
29 Performing cellular surgery with a laser-powered nanoblade
30 Common nanoparticle has subtle effects on oxidative stress genes
31 Scientists develop synchronized molecular motors
32 First single-enzyme method to produce quantum dots revealed
33 Researchers unveil submicroscopic tunable, optical amplifier
34 Ink with carbon nanodots luminesces via three different mechanisms
35 A compact, efficient single photon source that operates at ambient temperatures on a chip
36 New tool allows scientists to visualize 'nanoscale' processes
37 Chinese company announces development of graphene electronic paper
38 Scientists make 3D holograms of atoms inside molecular structures
39 New nanoparticle drug-delivery approach holds potential for treating obesity
40 Little ANTs: Researchers build the world's tiniest engine
41 Method stabilizes, enhances phosphorene
42 Quantum sensors for high-precision magnetometry of superconductors
43 AFM films 'living' nuclear pore complexes at work for the first time
44 Cooling graphene-based film close to pilot-scale production
45 Exploring phosphorene, a promising new material
46 Personal cooling units on the horizon
47 Nanocrack coating allows membranes to work in high temperature, low humidity environments
48 Blood biopsy: Releasing cancer cells for better analysis
49 Researchers create one-step graphene patterning method
50 Engineers look inside nanoparticles to explore how their shape improves energy storage
51 How many nanoparticle-based drugs reach tumours? Less than one percent, study shows
52 Chemists use DNA to build the world's tiniest thermometer
53 Experiment suggests it might be possible to control atoms entangled with the light they emit by manipulating detection
54 Computer simulations show it might be possible to create gamma ray beams using laser and plastic targets
55 Quantum physics inside a drop of paint
56 Crafting complex materials to solve the mystery of magnetism
57 Team proves that basic collider concepts from particle physics can be transferred to solid-state research
58 Toward 'perfect' quantum metamaterial: Study uses trapped atoms in an artificial crystal of light
59 N/A
60 New imaging technology allows scientists to peer even deeper into fatty arteries
61 New device steps toward isolating single electrons for quantum computing
62 Quantum dot replaces metallic 'island' to improve electronic turnstile
63 Novel gate may enhance power of Majorana-based quantum computers
64 Sandcastles of star-shaped motes are stable structures
65 Pesky squeaks and squeals caused by three types of 'stick-slip' behavior
66 New design of primitive quantum computer finds application
67 Enhancing lab-on-a-chip peristalsis with electro-osmosis
68 Daffodils help inspire design of stable structures
69 Building compact particle accelerators: Bunching electrons can get more done
70 Geometric heat engine simultaneously maximizes both power and efficiency
71 Researchers integrate diamond/boron nitride crystalline layers for use in high-power devices
72 Ultra-fast X-ray lasers illuminate elusive atomic spins
73 A new spintronics material promises huge leaps in computer data storage
74 Study yields insight into the mystery of smell
75 Tides in binary star systems: When neutron stars emit gravitational waves
76 Neutrons tap into magnetism in topological insulators at high temperatures
77 Machine learning accelerates the discovery of new materials
78 Stochastic resonance, chaos transfer shown in an optomechanical microresonator
79 Space mission first to observe key interaction between magnetic fields of Earth and sun
80 Small blue galaxy could shed new light on Big Bang, astronomers say
81 Giant hydrogen cloud spotted around the Triangulum Galaxy
82 The rise and fall of Martian lakes
83 Curiosity Mars rover completes its second Martian year
84 2007 OR10 is the largest unnamed dwarf planet in the solar system
85 SpaceX Dragon returns to Earth with precious science load
86 Silicate stardust traces histories of dust in the galaxy
87 Exoplanets' complex orbital structure points to planetary migration in solar systems
88 SpaceX Dragon departs space station, heads home with cargo
89 Metal content in early galaxies challenges star forming theory
90 Swept up in the solar wind
91 1,284 new planets: Kepler mission announces largest collection ever discovered
92 N/A
93 Astronomers discover two new giant lithium-rich stars in an old open cluster
94 These space rocks could save the planet
95 Mercury rising: planet completes rare transit of Sun
96 New study supports natural causes, not alien activity, explain mystery star's behavior
97 Intense wind found in the neighborhood of a black hole
98 The turbulent interstellar medium
99 Flying observatory detects atomic oxygen in Martian atmosphere
100 Mercury rising: Astronomers gear up for planetary alignment
101 Enceladus jets: Surprises in starlight
102 Students mix art with science on simulated Mars mission
103 Galaxy-sized peanuts? Astronomers use new imaging software to detect double 'peanut shell' galaxy
104 Bright dusty galaxies are hiding secret companions
105 Hybrid hydrostatic transmission enables robots with human-like grace and precision
106 Doppio: Researchers unveil dual screen smartwatch
107 Researchers advance groundbreaking 'water-in-salt' lithium ion battery technology
108 A sixth sense protects drivers except when texting
109 Solar Impulse 2 set for next leg in round-the-world flight
110 Pentagon's research agency showcases future tech