File Title
1 Watchdog for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2 Fungus that Threatens Chocolate Forgoes Sexual Reproduction for Cloning
3 Scientists Reveal How Animals Find Their Way 'in the Dark'
4 Fertilizer Applied to Fields Today Will Pollute Water for Decades
5 UCLA Researchers Turn Carbon Dioxide into Sustainable Concrete
6 Solar Storms Trigger Jupiter's 'Northern Lights'
7 Unveiled at White House Water Summit
8 Fun and Inspiration for 575 Young Women at PPPL's Young Women's Conference
9 International Trade Damages Tropical Nature
10 Gently Rotating Small Organisms and Cells for the First Time in a Microfluidic Device
11 UF/IFAS Researcher: Signs Can Help Conserve Natural Resources in Urban Neighborhoods
12 Modeling to Save a Rare Plant
13 Tufts Faculty Earn National Awards for Exceptional Potential in Science and Engineering
14 Temperatures to Spring Above Normal Come April
15 New Research Shows Quasars Slowed Star Formation
16 You Taste like Mercury, Said the Spider to the Fly
17 Diversity Key to Improving Winter Wheat Varieties
18 Caught for the First Time: the Early Flash of an Exploding Star
19 How the Largest Lab Experiment in Earth Sciences Was Built
20 Making Molecules Comfy: Ultimate Challenge for UW's 'Glass Guy'
21 Researchers Find Worry Over Falls Among Elderly Leads to Action
22 Moon Might Have Flopped Over like Toy Top, Research Says
23 Microfluidic Devices Gently Rotate Small Organisms and Cells
24 NASA Data Leads to Rare Discovery: Earth's Moon Wandered Off Axis Billions of Years Ago
25 Novel Water-Removal Technique Boosts Performance of Carbon Nanomaterials
26 Efforts to Curtail World Temps Will Almost Surely Fail
27 Unlocking the Secrets of Gene Expression
28 Graphene Nanoribbons: It's All About the Edges
29 DNA Devices Perform Bio-Analytical Chemistry Inside Live Cells
30 Lummis Presented with 2016 Excellence Award
31 Moving Microswimmers with Tiny Swirling Flows
32 Ground-Nesting Bees on Farms Lack Food, Grow Smaller
33 Sleep Tight, Fruit Fly--Scientists Find Gene Responsible for Sleep Deprivation and Metabolic Disorders
34 Getting to the Source, for Safety's Sake
35 Study Finds Vast Diversity Among Viruses that Infect Bacteria
36 Land Bridges Linking Ancient India and Eurasia Were 'Freeways' for Biodiversity Exchange
37 Voice-Controlled Nutrition Tracker May Aid Weight Loss
38 Taking Stock of U.S. Science Literacy Broadly
39 Malaria Family Tree Has Bird Roots
40 Scientists Part the Clouds on How Droplets Form
41 New Findings in Humans Provide Encouraging Foundation for Upcoming AIDS Vaccine Clinical Trial
42 Unraveling the Mystery of Stem Cells
43 Digging a Proper Hole in the Soil
44 ASU Researcher Improves Crop Performance with New Biotechnology
45 New Catalyst is Three Times Better at Splitting Water
46 Blurred Lines: Human Sex Chromosome Swapping Occurs More Often than Previously Thought
47 DRI Wildland Fire Research Center Targets New Era of Fire Science
48 Autonomous Cloud Seeding Aircraft Successfully Tested in Nevada
49 Biomass Offsets Little or None of Permafrost Carbon Release
50 Micro-Sanctuaries Key to Survival of Wildlife in Human Dominated Landscapes
51 New Research Ensures Car LCDs Work in Extreme Cold, Heat
52 GOES-R Satellite Could Provide Better Data for Hurricane Prediction
53 Smaller. Cheaper. Better.
54 NAU STEM Teaching Practices Shape Classrooms in India
55 A Way Toward Unlocking the Teenage Brain?
56 Unlocking the Gates to Quantum Computing
57 Simulation Shows How Modern Interventions Can Affect Tropical Forests and Indigenous People
58 New Research Shows Native Alberta Algae Can Help Detoxify Tailings Ponds
59 Plant Pathologist Joins UF/IFAS to Help Solve Citrus Industry Issues
60 New Method to Identify Nanoparticles in Tissue May Shed Light on Their Health Impact
61 Saving the Worlds Seagrass Meadows Isn't Just a Pipefish Dream
62 Sniffing Out a Dangerous Vapor
63 Iowa State's ATHENA Lab Dedicated to Augmenting, Understanding Human Performance
64 The 'Not Face' Is a Universal Part of Language, Study Suggests
65 UF/IFAS Researchers Head to Brazil Seeking Zika Answers
66 Doubts About Career Potential Can Pave Way for Immoral Professional Conduct
67 A View of the Colorful Microcosm Within a Proton
68 College Cyber Defenders Get Set for "Operation Cyber Bailout" at Johns Hopkins APL
69 Old video sheds new light on plight of endangered sea turtle
70 Ocean Temps Predict U.S. Heat Waves 50 Days Out, Study Finds
71 Survey Gives Clearer View of Risky Leaks from Gas Mains
72 ORNL Scientists Show Charged Salts Can Extract Specific Central Lanthanide Elements
73 Oddball Planet Raises Questions About Origins of 'Hot Jupiters'
74 Nature-Inspired Nanotubes that Assemble Themselves, with Precision
75 N/A
76 Fralin Researchers Use New Technology to Sequence Mosquito Sex Chromosome
77 Computer Model Explains Sustained Eruptions on Icy Moon of Saturn
78 A New Species of Frog Found in the Peruvian Andes
79 Continuing the Search for Gravitational Waves
80 Iowa State University Researcher Helps to Forecast the Chances of Monarch Butterfly Survival
81 Human Carbon Release Rate Is Unprecedented in the Past 66 Million Years of Earth's History
82 Northeastern University Researcher Studies Worms to Reveal the Fountain of Youth
83 Text in Lost Language May Reveal God or Goddess Worshipped by Etruscans at Ancient Temple
84 Unravelling a Geological Mystery Using Lasers from Space
85 City Resilience: Sandia Analyzes Effects of Rising Sea Levels in Norfolk
86 Separating Charge and Discharge in Measuring Next-Generation Car Batteries
87 An Up-Close View of Bacterial 'Motors'
88 Holistic Data Analysis and Modeling Poised to Transform Protein X-ray Crystallography
89 Revealing the Fluctuations of Flexible DNA in 3-D
90 Eating Green Could Be in Your Genes
91 Dynamic Connections in the Brain
92 Neuronal Feedback Could Change What We 'See'
93 Laser Reveals Water's Secret Life in Soil
94 Exercise Keeps Muscles--And You--Young
95 UT Southwestern Scientists Identify Structure of Crucial Enzyme in Cell Division
96 BYU Scientist Finds a Towering Mountain on an Earth-Like Moon
97 Map of Rocky Exoplanet Reveals a Lava World
98 Towards a New Theory of Sleep
99 Ten Major Errors in Obesity Research Discussed
100 No Snow, No Hares: Climate Change Pushes Emblematic Species North
101 From Near-Dropout to PhD, Berkeley Lab Scientist Now at Forefront of Biofuels Revolution
102 Gene Blocking Lettuce Germination also Regulates Flowering Time
103 New Climate Model has Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting Faster, Rising Sea Level as Much as 3 Feet by 2100
104 Living Off the Fat of the Land
105 Could a New Class of Fungicides Play a Role in Autism, Neurodegenerative Diseases?
106 New Potent Nanodrug to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Infections
107 FAU Researcher Receives $2.9 Million NIH Grant for Bilingual Development Study in Spanish-Speaking Children
108 Doctoral Student's Research Enhances Cybersecurity via Rapid Address Change
109 Planet Formation in Earth-Like Orbit Around a Young Star: ALMA's Best Image Yet of a Protoplanetary Disk
110 Hubble's Journey to the Center of Our Galaxy