File Title
1 Diet key to feeding the world in 2050 without further deforestation, modelling suggests
2 Brain circuit that helps us adapt to change fades with age, study finds
3 Fossil teeth of 21-million-year-old monkey discovered in North America
4 Earth getting greener due to rising carbon dioxide levels, global snapshot shows
5 Adult-like proportions may have given baby titanosaurs an advantage when they hatched
6 Music may help babies learn language skills
7 Monster black hole 3 billion times the mass of the sun formed by trio of colliding galaxies
8 No brain? No problem! Single-cell slime mould can learn
9 Teeth marks on bone evidence that early humans in North Africa were eaten by animals
10 Secret of how peacocks shake their tail feathers to hypnotise a mate revealed
11 Genes behind increased chance of having non-identical twins identified
12 Three planets discovered orbiting nearby cool small star 'best places to look for life'
13 Faulty gene may help explain why food-obsessed Labradors top obesity charts
14 Crocodile sperm provides insights into male infertility
15 Human embryos cultured in lab for record time a 'major step forward' that opens ethical debate
16 Do newborn babies imitate adults? New study says 'no,' rekindling long-standing debate
17 One small step, one giant stride in our understanding of our ancestors as scientists analyse prehistoric footprints
18 Romsey Abbey: The mystery of the hair in the coffin
19 Etruscan stone could help unravel enigma of one of Italy's first civilizations
20 Modern DNA reveals ancient male population explosions linked to migration and technology
21 Stolen Thracian-Roman Silver Mask Helmet Restored, Showcased in Bulgaria's Plovdiv 21 Years after Theft
22 Jerusalem Dig Uncovers Ancient Greek Citadel
23 Archaeologists in Arkansas have unearthed what they believe are remains of a large wooden Christian cross that Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto placed atop a hill in in what is now Cross County 1541
24 Newly Restored 3,000-Year-Old Gold Breastplate from Huge Thracian Necropolis in Western Bulgaria Shown for the First Time
25 Iron age man was as fond of Swiss cheese as we are
26 Ancient mosaic featuring 'cheerful' skeleton found in Turkey
27 Rare statue could help unearth secrets of Long Melford's Roman past
28 Half of Western European men descended from one Bronze Age 'king'
29 Archaeology: "An Overlooked Inca Wonder" [cf. 111]
30 Corps determines Kennewick Man is Native American
31 Historic flint axes found in Denmark
32 Building on shells: Study starts unraveling mysteries of Calusa kingdom
33 Spanish Empire Shipwrecks Offer New Data in the Quest to Understand Hurricanes
34 Buddhist Sculptures Discovered in Ruins of Ancient Shrine
35 Rare 600kg haul of ancient Romain [sic] coins found in Spain
36 Did Chavin society create authoritarianism?
37 Water storage made prehistoric settlement expansion possible in Amazonia
38 Over 2000-year old geoglyph found in Nazca desert
39 Hominins may have been food for carnivores 500,000 years ago
40 Neandertals and Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens had different dietary strategies
41 4800-Year Old Mummy of 'Mother Holding Infant' Unearthed
42 Plight of Japan's archeologists as ancient tombs deteriorate
43 HMS Endeavour found: Captain James Cook's ship 'discovered in Newport harbour'
44 Slovaks discover ancient air conditioning in Kuwait
45 300-year-old bowl found in St. Augustine
46 Secret Atomic Role of WWII-Era Aircraft Carrier Revealed
47 French company documents destruction of archaeological sites in Syria
48 Have archaeologists found the remains of the site where William Wallace was made Guardian of Scotland?
49 Women in a Temple of Death
50 New interpretation of the Rok runestone inscription changes view of Viking Age
51 Molecular clock for estimating ages of ancient genomes
52 Chinese archaeologists discover 8,000-year-old paddy
53 Leonardo da Vinci's DNA
54 USS Monitor gun turret: Ramping up to save a landmark artifact
55 Egypt: new archaeological discovery in Matariya
56 Two finds in one at Harray chamber
57 Reconstructing the evolution of vegetation on Gran Canaria
58 Don't like the buttons on your toaster? Just print your own
59 38 genes influence when you lose your virginity. But so what?
60 How can we keep aircraft safe from future drone strikes?
61 Gravitational wave hunters gear up to detect extreme black holes
62 Computer generates all possible ideas to beat patent trolls
63 Water telescope's first sky map shows flickering black holes
64 Brexit might lead to weaker environmental rules, says report
65 Why super-gonorrhoea is spreading and may soon be untreatable
66 Unprecedented global warming as 2016 approaches 1.5íC mark
67 Zika may bring a wave of mental health problems in future years
68 Pollutants found in fish we eat can compromise body's defences
69 Dementia incidence for over 65s has fallen drastically in UK men
70 Sydney's nanoscience lab has floating floors and Faraday cages
71 The mobile games that are more about evolving beauty than action
72 EU is good for UK science but hampers GM and clinical trials
73 We are closing in on possible whereabouts of Planet Nine
74 Do flatlining emissions make Paris climate deal more realistic?
75 Metadating helps you find love based on your everyday data
76 Atomic memory could store US Library of Congress in a dust speck
77 New Arctic life on barren seabed thrives on methane jets
78 Dusty doughnut around massive black hole spied for first time
79 NASA's Dawn probe may visit third asteroid after Ceres and Vesta
80 Victorians experienced early climate change but missed the signs
81 The layout of QWERTY keyboards shapes our feelings about words
82 One Per Cent
83 How to explore Guatemala's Mayan ruins from 4500 kilometres away
84 21-million-year-old fossil is North America's first monkey
85 Climate change has been kind to Americans--but it won't last
86 Childcare and housework are what give women more heart problems
87 Hidden motors: cycling's mechanical doping problem hits new low
88 Hubble telescope catches stunning picture of the Bubble Nebula
89 Half a degree extra warming would lead to catastrophic impacts
90 The buzz of your skull can be used to tell exactly who you are
91 The foundations of schizophrenia may be laid down in the womb
92 Sleeping away from home? Half your brain is still awake
93 Vampire vine helps to destroy alien European weeds in Australia
94 Huge never-before-seen lake spotted hiding under Antarctic ice
95 First direct evidence of ancient Mars's oxygen-rich atmosphere
96 Judge gene-edited crops by what they do, not how they are made
97 Earth's core is two-and-a-half years younger than its crust
98 Purple pain: Why grief runs so deep when a pop icon dies young
99 Inside the lost cave world of the Amazon's tepui mountains
100 Cassini gears up for final fiery plunge into Saturn's atmosphere
101 Plant bleeds nectar when attacked to summon ant defenders
102 Bear dung helps Japanese cherry trees survive climate change
103 Hacking the LHC to sift trash could help find a mystery particle
104 Robo-Don Draper: The ad firm where the new boss is a robot
105 Upside-down lightning and mystery blue glimpses caught on film
106 Bathing in blue light before surgery may prevent organ damage
107 An Earth made verdant by greenhouse gases brings its own dangers
108 Prescription monitoring system to curb drug abuse in Australia
109 Animals may be fed manure-bred maggots to make meat sustainable
110 State of US health: black health up, teen pregnancies down
111 An Overlooked Inca Wonder [cf. 29]