File Title
1 520-Million-Year-Old Fossil Larva Preserved in 3D
2 Stunning Cloud Maps Tell the Story of Life on Earth
3 Major Depression Might Be Averted by Online Help: Study
4 Reference: Esophagus: Facts, Functions & Diseases
5 N/A
6 Reference: Precambrian: Facts About the Beginning of Time
7 The Real Reason Your Lab Is Fat
8 Go Outside and Play: Tips to Get Kids Moving
9 New Print-Out Lasers Are So Cheap They're Disposable
10 5 Delightfully Tech-y Dresses from the 2016 Met Gala
11 Flexible 'e-skin' film lets us turn our bodies into LED displays (+video)
12 Why Stephen Hawking's robot mission to Alpha Centauri may face obstacles
13 Mysterious volcano prompts collaboration of North Korean, Western scientists
14 Interstellar dust: How these rare cosmic specks challenge our views
15 Solar Impulse 2 to resume solar-powered flight around the globe
16 Why do so many earthquakes strike Japan?
17 Why was an inflatable pod just attached to the space station? (+video)
18 17 years later, billions of Brood V cicadas make a noisy emergence
19 Red Planet spuds? NASA really does want to grow potatoes on Mars
20 Were dinosaurs really thriving before that huge asteroid wiped them out?
21 Why rising carbon dioxide may actually help some crops
22 Which trees might succumb to drought? New method reveals clues.
23 How a new imaging technique could make detecting nukes easier
24 Gamma-ray discovery sheds light on gravitational waves, black holes
25 How fast ocean currents will help plankton survive climate change
26 From shark gills to human limbs? 'Sonic hedgehog' gene revives an old idea.
27 108-year-old message in a bottle oldest ever found
28 Bizarre crater on Ceres looks like a stop sign
29 Why US skies keep getting cleaner (+video)
30 Can scientists predict dangerous solar flares? New research shows promise.
31 Did monkeys cross the ocean to North America?
32 Seismic networks can help fight fires. Here's how.
33 Not-so-tiny titanosaur babies hatched ready and raring to go
34 Did seeds help birds become the only living dinosaurs?
35 How an EU radar satellite shed light on North Korea's nuclear test
36 Hubble captures a stellar blue 'Bubble' photo for its birthday
37 Are supernovae impacting Earth? Cosmic rays might offer clues.
38 Friday night show: Lyrid meteor shower will blaze overhead
39 The path to flight takes legwork, say scientists
40 Darwin's finches are pecking their way through evolution
41 What's a 'pink moon,' anyway? (+video)
42 Could vegetarians save the world's forests?
43 Surprise! Scientists discover coral reef at mouth of Amazon River
44 Scientists investigate deer that sounds just like a Nazgul
45 Pluto has mysterious, icy 'halo' craters. How did they form?
46 Queen Elizabeth II receives birthday greeting from space
47 Solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, completes trans-Pacific flight
48 Just another day on the ISS: Tim Peake runs marathon, breaks record
49 Kepler gets back to work after 'emergency mode' scare
50 Did something drive Cretaceous-era dinosaurs out of Europe?
51 On World Penguin Day, some cause for celebration
52 What can the Eocene epoch teach us about today's global warming?
53 Animal smarts: A Q&A with primatologist Frans de Waal
54 These sharks glow brilliant green in the dark ocean depths
55 Second ESA satellite completes Earth-mapping Sentinel constellation
56 New imaging method sharpens focus on lost Beagle 2 Mars lander
57 'Computer vision' brings Martian surface into stunning relief
58 'Once in a lifetime' dino find yields new titanosaur species
59 NASA astronauts take Boeing shuttle simulator for test drive
60 Hubble spots a tiny moon orbiting Pluto's little sister, Makemake
61 Mars or bust: Can SpaceX really get to Red Planet by 2018?
62 Massive hidden lake may run deep beneath Antarctica (+video)
63 How will James Webb telescope outshine Hubble?
64 Peacock-feather physics: How this "train-rattling" display might woo potential mates
65 How Hertha Marks Ayrton made ripples in math and women's rights
66 Russia launches first rocket from troubled new cosmodrome
67 AI upgrade from MIT, Northeastern gets NASA robot ready for space
68 Decreasing ocean oxygen levels could be catastrophic, scientists say
69 At 9,000-years-old, 'Kennewick Man' can now get native American burial
70 Slumbering 'dragons' hint at evolution of human sleep patterns
71 How this French satellite could 'shake the foundations of physics'
72 A new 'robo-mermaid' can hunt for deep-sea treasure with a delicate touch
73 Tim Peake's next challenge: Driving a rover from space
74 Why Japan gave up on fixing lost satellite Hitomi
75 Watch NASA's high-quality video of the solar flare
76 Weasel shuts down Large Hadron Collider
77 This newly-found 'Manx comet' is missing its tail. Why?
78 How to train your robots: Elon Musk's new AI gym
79 Are we the only intelligent life in cosmos? Probably not, say astronomers.
80 How will rising temperatures affect the world's workers?
81 'My goal is to ride the clouds,' says French hoverboard record-breaker
82 Bubbling, boiling water may have carved into mysterious Martian slopes
83 Will European rover ever get to Mars?
84 Florida's sawfish makes a rare video cameo. Can it be saved?
85 Could these three Earth-like exoplanets be capable of sustaining life?
86 99.999 percent of microbe species remain undiscovered, say researchers.
87 How Captain Cook's ship, HMS Endeavor, was found off Rhode Island
88 Game of bones? Ancient genomes uncover Ice Age European drama
89 Mars 2020 rover: How NASA will look for life with a shoestring budget (+video)
90 Mercury will take rare trip across the sun: How to catch the celestial event
91 $3 million Breakthrough Prize goes to gravitational wave researchers
92 How did a lake in Venezuela become the world's lightning capital?
93 IBM wants to bring quantum computing to the masses
94 Google and Fiat Chrysler partner to create self-driving automobiles
95 When it comes to climate change, it's survival of the oldest
96 California Surfer Films Great White Shark Breaching While Surfing at Sunset Beach
97 Apple's Secret Car Lab in Berlin
98 Mice Flown in Space Aboard the Shuttle Atlantis Found to Have Early Signs of Liver Damage
99 Breaking NASA News: Lone Planetary-Mass Object Found Free-floating in Our Galaxy
100 Quantum Computing Technology Reaches New Milestone; Quantum Data Bus Finally Attainable?
101 Stephen Hawking Suggests Black Holes Are Possible Portals to Another Universe
102 Prehistoric Warm Periods Can Help Predict Future Climate Change
103 Study: Mammal-Like Reptiles May Have Existed Longer During the Cretaceous Era
104 LuminAID Is a Solar Light with Inflatable LED Technology and Illuminates for 30 Hours
105 Mercury Transit Sun on May 9, View It Carefully
106 Tiny Telescope One-Ups Kepler in Discovering Exoplanets
107 Tesla Smart Vehicles: Self-driving Cars Lead to More Sex Sessions?
108 Defaunation and Carbon Storage Affect Each Other, Says Study
109 Starbucks Lawsuit: Woman Charges Famous Coffee Chain for Using Too Much Ice
110 YouTube Level Up: Modern and Cleaner Material Design Makeover
111 Belgium News: Fighting Nuclear Attack from ISIS
112 Study Confirms Endangered Mammal Existence Before Dinosaurs' Extinction
113 Ginger Genes: Red Hairs Look Young for a Longer Time, Study Says
114 Three Possibly Habitable Planets Found Near Ultracool Dwarf Star
115 European Space Agency Plans to Construct a 'Moon Village' by 2030
116 Tesla Model 3: The Most Affordable Electric Car, Features a Ludicrous Mode