File Title
1 Why Does Virtual Reality Make Some People Sick?
2 How Your Diet Affects Your Risk of Colon Polyps
3 Life Expectancy Drops for US White Women
4 Oldest Depiction of Ancient Egyptian Demons Found
5 Google Celebrates National Park Week with Virtual Views
6 Happy Earth Day! 6 Books to Read to Celebrate the Planet
7 Designer Medicine Needs More than Big Data, It Needs New Science (Op-Ed)
8 Why Do Cats Stretch So Much?
9 Oldest Viking Crucifix Uncovered in Denmark
10 Gay Pride? Famous Male Lions Just Hugging
11 This Look Makes Candidates More Electable
12 Zap! Sparking the Brain Stimulates Creativity
13 Healthy Eating Trick: Use Tech to Order Food
14 Lap Dinos? Gigantic Sauropods Started Out Chihuahua-Size
15 Levitating Sled Sets New World Speed Record
16 Great Barrier Reef Devastated by Coral Bleaching
17 Did Prince Die from the Flu? How the Virus Kills
18 What Happens When Women Get Their Periods in Space
19 108-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Is Oldest Ever Found
20 Sci-Tech Visionaries Gather for 'Future Is Here' Festival
21 For Social Work to Work, People Need to Know They Belong (Op-Ed)
22 'First Night' Insomnia: Why You Don't Sleep Well in a New Place
23 Reference: Brain Hemorrhage: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
24 Reference: The Flu (Influenza): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
25 A Royal Wardrobe Recovered from 17th-Century Shipwreck
26 Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?
27 Volatile Sakurajima Volcano is a Lightning Laboratory
28 How Jet-Black Metal Converts Sunlight to Steam Power
29 Bizarre Ice-Forming Bacteria's Secrets Revealed
30 Poison Pen: Deadly Potions in Shakespeare's Plays
31 Why Does My Water Taste Weird?
32 Woman's Paranoia Had an Unusual Cause
33 Aurorasaurus! Citizens Keep Watch as Auroras Light Up the Skies
34 Why Some 'Unhealthy' Eating Behaviors Might Not Be that Bad
35 Cellfina: Is There Finally a Procedure to Banish Cellulite?
36 Are You an 'Environmentalist'? Fewer in US Say They Are
37 Drug Overdose Deaths Increased 70-Fold in These US Counties
38 Earth Is 'A Beautiful Planet' from an Astronaut's-Eye-View
39 Massive Coral Reef Discovered in the Amazon River
40 William Shatner: 'Star Trek' Tech Is 'Not that Far-Fetched'
41 Tesla Coils 'Sing' in Electrifying Performance
42 He Will Rock You: Decoding Freddie Mercury's Vocal Prowess
43 An Unusual Case of a Bulging Esophagus
44 'Axion-like Particles' Probably Not a Dark Matter Answer
45 Hubble Telescope Captures Sharpest Image Yet of Mysterious Red Rectangle
46 Are Sports Drinks Better or Worse than Water?
47 Who Will Prevent the Next Chernobyl? (Op-Ed)
48 Reference: Cauliflower: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
49 Obesity Rates in US Kids Still Rising, Study Says
50 Hairy-Legged 'Chewbacca Beetle' Discovered in New Guinea
51 Mars Comes to Earth: Scientists 'Visit' Red Planet with Augmented Reality
52 Why Do Birds Sing the Same Song Over and Over?
53 Whodunit? Mystery Lines Show Up in Satellite Image of Caspian Sea
54 Should You Wear Underwear to Bed?
55 Small-Brained Titanosaur Had Super Senses
56 Camera Hogs: Wild Pigs and Other Amazonian Wildlife Pose for 'Selfies'
57 Time to Change Your Sheets? Bedbugs Have Favorite Colors
58 4,000 Sickened in Spain: How Does a Virus Get into Bottled Water?
59 Why Pregnant Women Are More Prone to Yeast Infections
60 Scientists Find New Way to Tan or Lighten Skin
61 It Takes Effort to be Selfish
62 Reference: Whiplash: Symptoms & Treatment
63 Dying Breed? Zoo Toils to Save Strange 'Scrotum Frog'
64 Europe Aiming for International 'Moon Village'
65 Acting Sorry: Why Johnny Depp Owed Australia an Apology
66 Unlucky 7? Emergency Surgery Usually Means These Operations
67 'Lost' Medieval Music Performed for First Time in 1,000 Years
68 Ancient Hyenas Ate Human Relatives Half a Million Years Ago
69 'Mindfulness' May Keep Depression from Coming Back
70 Fit in 60 Seconds? 1-Minute Workout May Be Good Enough
71 Earth Gets Greener as Globe Gets Hotter
72 Reference: Grapes: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
73 Sleep Problems Linger After Head Injury
74 Having More Friends May Mean Feeling Less Pain
75 Elon Musk Will Launch Private Missions to Mars as Early as 2018
76 Is It Possible to Clone a Dinosaur?
77 See the World Through a Glowing Shark's Eyes
78 Power Up with Pee: New Fuel Cell Could Generate Cheap Electricity
79 That Youthful Glow? It's in Your Genetic Makeup
80 Starliner Simulators: Astronauts 'Fly' Boeing Spacecraft Trainers
81 Do Australian Dragons Dream? Sleep Discovery Surprises Scientists
82 Spanking Makes Kids More Defiant, Studies Suggest
83 Did Opioids Kill Prince? Why It's So Easy to Overdose
84 Pyramid Interior Revealed Using Cosmic Rays
85 Why Some Women Are Likely to Have Twins
86 Simple Trick May Improve an Infant's Attention Span
87 Buddhist Sculptures Discovered in Ruins of Ancient Shrine
88 To Motivate Kids, Don't Dwell on Their Failures
89 New Brain Atlas Reveals Where Words Are Stored
90 Jellyfish from Outer Space? Amazing Glowing Creature Spotted
91 Dinosaurs Migrated Out of Europe as Ancient Supercontinent Broke Up
92 Mumps Outbreak at Harvard: Why Do Vaccinated People Get Sick?
93 Secret Atomic Role of WWII-Era Aircraft Carrier Revealed
94 Science Explains Why Your Mom Calls You by Your Brother's Name
95 Beyonce Got It Right: Cheating's Emotional Fallout Gushes from 'Lemonade'
96 Portable Device Can Test if Your Food Is Gluten-Free
97 Why Can't Elephants Jump?
98 Weird Tailless Comet, First Ever Seen, Is a Building Block of Earth
99 Reference: Tomatoes: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
100 Juice May Keep Sick Kids Hydrated Better than Pricey Drinks
101 Why Are Human Babies So Helpless?
102 Ancient American: Kennewick Man's Tribal Links Confirmed
103 What Would Happen if Yellowstone's Supervolcano Erupted?
104 Reference: Bedbugs: Facts, Bites and Infestation
105 Hangry No More: Dieting Actually Improves Mood
106 Hungry Polar Bears Decimating Seabird Colonies
107 Diving Robot 'Mermaid' Lends a Hand (or 2) to Ocean Exploration
108 Jet-Powered Hoverboard Sets New World Record
109 Airing of Grievances: First-Class Cabins Raise 'Air Rage' Risks
110 Long-Lost Revolutionary War Shipwreck May Have Been Found