File Title
1 Nature Study Reveals Rapid Ice-Wedge Loss Across Arctic
2 Newly Found Species Reveals How T. rex Became King of Dinosaurs
3 TSRI Scientists Identify Molecular Markers of Kidney Transplant Rejection
4 Outsourcing Crystal Space
5 Study Says Marine Protected Areas Can Benefit Large Sharks
6 Unique Beak Evolved with Tool Use in New Caledonian Crow
7 Universities Team Up to Pursue Energy Innovation
8 Whip Spiders Only Look Terrifying, UCLA Biologist Reports
9 New ORNL Method Could Unleash Solar Power Potential
10 Researcher Develops Economic Model to Help Chile Growers Battle Weeds
11 Storks Give Up on Winter Migration in Favour of Junk Food
12 Silent Oceans: Acidification Stops Shrimp Chorus
13 Generating Electricity with Tomato Waste
14 3-D Printing Could One Day Help Fix Damaged Cartilage in Knees, Noses and Ears [Video]
15 Cellular 'Backpacks' Could Treat Disease While Minimizing Side Effects
16 New material could make aircraft deicers a thing of the past
17 FAU Harbor Branch Awarded $3 Million Grant for Fish Farming Project to Help Sportfishing Industry
18 Researchers Prevent, Normalize Tumors Using Light to Control Cell Electric Signals
19 Dusting for the Fingerprint of Inflation with BICEP3
20 New Fuel Materials Could Make Nuclear Reactors Safer
21 This Necklace Hears What You Eat
22 Potential Zika Virus Risk Estimated for 50 U.S. Cities
23 Advanced Energy Storage Material Gets Unprecedented Nanoscale Analysis
24 New Technique Tracks 'Heartbeat' of Hundreds of Wetlands
25 U of S Researchers Adapt "Camera Pill" to Examine Horses
26 Bacterial Resistance to Copper in the Making for Thousands of Years
27 Climate Warming Accelerating Carbon Loss from Thawing Arctic Soils, Dartmouth Study Finds
28 Ecologist Advances Understanding of the Role of Greenhouse Gases
29 Engineering Student's Late Night Caffeine Craving Inspires Travel Mug that Brews Its Own Coffee
30 Forests Reveal Lingering Effects of Native Cultures
31 Scientists Generate a New Type of Human Stem Cell that Has Half a Genome
32 New Strategy Helps Quantum Bits Stay on Task
33 Sorghum: Not So Ho-Hum
34 Alternative Fuels Need More than Hype to Drive Transportation Market
35 Young Sun-Like Star Shows a Magnetic Field Was Critical for Life on the Early Earth
36 Maternal Instincts
37 Space Shuttle Prototype Closer to Finding New Home in Georgia
38 Temporary Disconnects Shed Light on Long-Term Brain Dysfunction
39 Coral on a Chip Cracks Coral Mysteries
40 New UAV Can Launch from Underwater for Aerial Missions
41 Paying Attention to Words Not Just Images Leads to Better Image Captions
42 Replacement for Silicon Devices Looms Big with ORNL Discovery
43 Experienced Bumblebees Won't Share with Newbies: Study
44 Drug Makes Stem Cells Become 'Embryonic' Again
45 U of S Researchers Develop New Tools to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
46 Three Clean Tech Small Businesses Matched with Argonne as Part of Dept. Of Energy Program
47 Communicating Vehicles Could Ease Through Intersections More Efficiently
48 Female Frogs Identify Own Offspring Using Inner GPS
49 Researchers Find Ancient DNA Preserved in Modern-Day Humans
50 Researchers Generate Whole-Genome Map of Fruit Fly Genetic Recombination
51 Bronze Bell Recovered from World War II Aircraft-Carrying Submarine Off Oahu Coast
52 New Technique Wipes Out Unwanted Data
53 Galapagos Lakes Reveal Tropical Pacific Climate Since Biblical Times
54 Plants' Ability to Adapt Could Change Conventional Wisdom on Climate Change
55 Plant-Based Alternative Protein Options Emerge from the Sea
56 How Consumer Demand Influences Food
57 Breakfast Boom Times: 8 American Breakfast Trends
58 8 Essential Nutrients for Aging Individuals
59 New Carbon Capture Membrane Boasts CO2 Highways
60 The Legacy of Mercury in Lake Superior
61 Two Mako Sharks Tagged by NSU Researchers Spending Spring Break Off South Carolina Coast
62 Study Sheds Light on Patterns Behind Brain, Heart Systems; Circadian Rhythms
63 Will Unlocking Apple's iPhone Unlock a Pandora's Box?
64 Dissecting the Animal Diet, Past and Present
65 Astronomers Found a Star with a Record Variation Period
66 Stanford Scientists Develop New Technique for Imaging Cells and Tissues Under the Skin
67 China's Forest Recovery Shows Hope for Mitigating Global Climate Change
68 Birdsong Could Offer Clues to Human Speech Disorders
69 Most Eccentric Planet Ever Known Flashes Astronomers with Reflected Light
70 Is Alaska's First New Butterfly Species in Decades an Ancient Hybrid?
71 Turning Mortal Enemies into Allies? Ants Can.
72 Speeding Up Accuracy of Flood Risk Assessment
73 UCLA Study Uncovers Key New Insights into How Cells Are Wired to Survive Radiation Therapy
74 Water Conservation Important to Many; Only Some Take Action
75 Researchers Track Neural Stem Cells by Coloring Chicken Eggs from the Inside
76 Lighting Up Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes
77 Los Alamos National Laboratory and Seagate Heat Up Data Archiving for Supercomputers
78 Video: Morphing Metal Shapes Future of Soft Robotics
79 Island Foxes May Need Genetic Rescue
80 Yellow as the Sunrise
81 'Category 77 Hurricane' Winds Found Near Supermassive Black Hole
82 Sisters in Science
83 Making Magma Helps Researchers Understand Volcanoes
84 Uncovering Bacterial Role in Platinum Formation
85 Survival of the Hardest-Working
86 Bump in LHC Data Has Physicists Electrified
87 City Birds Are Smarter than Country Birds
88 New Iowa State University Research Seeks to Answer Lingering Questions on the Leading Cause of Lameness in Dairy Cows
89 ORNL-NIST Team Explores Nanoscale Objects and Processes with Microwave Microscopy
90 New Way to Control Particle Motions on 2-D Materials
91 Lehigh Scientists Extend the Reach of Single Crystals
92 IU Biochemist Finds Solution to 'Terminal Acid Shock' in Craft Brewers' Sour Beer Production
93 Wrinkles and Crumples Make Graphene Better
94 How Yeast Makes Heads or Tails of Itself
95 UW Scientists Say Invasive Species Impacts Much Worse than Thought
96 Caught: A supernova shock breakout
97 Physicist Tyler Abrams Models Lithium Erosion in Tokamaks
98 Many Species Now Going Extinct May Vanish Without a Fossil Trace
99 DHS S&T Hosts Plugfest
100 Drought Alters Recovery of Rocky Mountain Forests After Fire
101 Biodiversity Brings Disease Resistance: Novel Study
102 Last Call for Entries: AIP's 2016 Science Writing Awards
103 Researchers Identify a Single Bacteria that Grows 60 Percent Better on the International Space Station than on Earth
104 Launch of New GCOOS Data Portals Featured During White House Water Summit
105 Lake Erie Phosphorus-Reduction Targets Challenging but Achievable
106 Genomes of Chimpanzee Parasite Species Reveal Evolution of Human Malaria
107 Made Ya Look: Moviegoers May Have Little Control Over Their Eye Movements During Hollywood-Style Films, Study Finds
108 ORNL Seeking U.S. Manufacturers to License Low-Cost Carbon Fiber Process
109 Printing Nanomaterials with Plasma
110 New Book Outlines 'the Intellectual Terrain of Statistics'