File Title
1 After Verizon FiOS changeover to Frontier, some customers lose service
2 Home developer built an ISP because state law restricts muni broadband
3 Netflix throttling itself isn't a net neutrality problem, FCC chair says
4 The Windows 10 Anniversary Update can mirror Android notifications
5 Mild concussion? Simple blood test can detect injury up to a week after
6 FBI offers crypto assistance to local cops: "We are in this together"
7 New nonsurgical weight-loss treatment curbs hunger, melts away pounds
8 Oculus Rift customers suffer shipments delay due to component shortage
9 Japanese X-ray observatory seen spinning out of control
10 To dodge crypto, undercover UK cops simply asked to see terror convict's iPhone
11 A spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz is angering publishers all over again
12 God hates climate scientists: Ars meets the Westboro Baptist Church
13 CDC braces for Zika's US invasion as scientists watch virus melt fetal brain
14 Google and Oracle both swear they won't Google jurors in upcoming trial
15 Midnight Special is an intense fantasy about faith and surveillance
16 Optimizing fisheries management for economics make them more sustainable
17 MPAA opposes proposed Minnesota revenge porn law, says it limits speech
18 Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek with an "Ultimate Voyage" concert
19 Dead of Winter review: Zombies, frostbite, and betrayal
20 Brussels terror attacks: Why ramping up online surveillance isn't the answer
21 Why Blue Origin's latest launch is a huge deal for cheap space access
22 Senator: let's fix "third-party doctrine" that enabled NSA mass snooping
23 The science behind the insane popularity of "react" videos on YouTube
24 Two-wheeled domination: Yamaha's YZF-R1 MotoAmerica racing bike
25 It takes more than one type of neuron to form a memory
26 Inside Meow Wolf, the amusement park for people who want a weirder Disneyland
27 Uncharted 4 gameplay reveal: Jeeping and stealthing through Madagascar
28 $85 million patent verdict, largest ever against Google, wiped out on appeal
29 The modular Nex Band makes smart alerts more customizable than ever
30 Top Silk Road 2.0 admin "DoctorClu" pleads guilty, could face 8 years in prison
31 FCC's "nutrition labels" for broadband show speed, caps, and hidden fees
32 Molten salt lithium air battery doesn't die quite so quickly
33 Functional skin--complete with hair and oil glands--grown in lab
34 World's most powerful X-ray laser to get a major upgrade
35 Judge calls Uber algorithm "genius," green-lights surge-pricing lawsuit
36 OS X 10.11.4 hidden framework hints Apple could rebrand it as 'macOS'
37 Cowen upgrades Apple to 'outperform,' envisions OLED iPhones with new form factors
38 iPhone SE event spurs traffic spikes to Apple's websites in China, India
39 Apple claims reversal of $120 million verdict against Samsung violates US Constitution
40 Buy now or wait? Apple's new iPhone SE vs. the rumored 'iPhone 7'
41 Apple partner Foxconn finally seals the deal with Sharp for $3.5B
42 Apple launches new, experimental Safari Technology Preview browser for developers
43 Apple & Google have faced 63 All Writs Act-related orders to access devices, ACLU says
44 Apple Supplier Responsibility 2016 Progress Report reveals 97% work-hour compliance, carbon emissions reductions
45 iOS 9.3 Apple's 'most stable new release in years,' app analytics firm finds
46 Google launches Cardboard SDK for iOS, Microsoft begins shipping HoloLens to developers
47 Microsoft adds info-hunting 'Bot' assistants to Skype for iPhone & iPad
48 Apple iPhone SE teardown reveals mashup of iPhone 5 & 6 series chips, few new parts
49 FBI agrees to help crack iPhone 6 and iPod tied to Arkansas murder trial, but method unknown
50 First shipments of Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro arrive, are promptly unboxed
51 Apple invents modular Apple Watch accessories that link together, connect via diagnostics port
52 Only months after launch, 'Disney Infinity' ditches support for Apple TV
53 Rumor: Apple targeting 4-5M iPhone SE shipments in second quarter
54 FBI's iPhone unlock technique could be kept secret by White House review group
55 Reversing track, Kanye West's full 'Life of Pablo' may come to Apple Music on Friday
56 Apple releases iOS 9.3.1 to fix Web link crashing bug
57 Verizon planning $20 upgrade fee even for customers of Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, leak suggests
58 Roundup: The best cases you can buy for Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro right now
59 iPhone SE generating low traffic at Apple Stores, in line with predictions, analyst says
60 'iPhone 7' may use new 'fan-out' packaging tech to save internal space
61 Apple begins collecting ResearchKit data to further platform integration
62 Apple's Siri updated to understand sexual assault queries, provide help
63 Sprint promises fix for iPhone LTE woes after iOS 9.3 update
64 New teardown reveals iPhone SE contains display identical to iPhone 5s, larger battery
65 Apple flies original Mac team's pirate flag for company's 40th anniversary
66 Taylor Swift turns to promoting Apple Music's curated playlists in new video ad
67 Apple turning comparatively low profit on iPhone SE despite cheaper parts, analyst says
68 Tesla unveils more affordable Model 3, gives glimpse at Apple's future auto competition
69 Apple files amicus brief supporting EPA's Clean Power Plan
70 Cellebrite again rumored to have accessed San Bernardino iPhone 5c for FBI
71 Review: Apple's 4" iPhone SE is better than we deserve
72 Apple profiles iPad apps for World Autism Acceptance Day
73 Review: Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro is professional-grade, powerful & pricey
74 Apple's iPhone shipments 'likely' to fall below 200M in 2016, insider says
75 Indian smartphone sellers fear iPhone 'snob value' as Apple plans to sell used handsets
76 Like Bo, now Apple's Siri knows baseball
77 9.7" iPad Pro teardown finds 12.9" model's tech crammed into smaller, less repairable package
78 Apple's new iPhone SE lags siblings in sales as 9.7" iPad Pro performs well, analytics data says
79 Sheer amount of data involved delaying EU ruling on Apple's Irish tax deals, Commissioner says
80 Brean Capital believes iPhone sales will fall to 216M this year, return to growth in 2017
81 Pebble brings iOS text replies to Verizon, adds customizable vibrations & more
82 Apple's ResearchKit incorporates more genetics through new 23andMe module
83 Siri security flaw on iPhone 6s & 6s Plus grants access to Contacts and Photos without passcode
84 Apple Stores to use paper, not plastic, bags in environmental push, report says
85 Iowa's only Apple Store to get massive $3 million makeover, nearly triple in size
86 Barclays adds Apple Pay support 9 months after UK launch
87 Pinky torture: Why the iPhone SE is a one-handed wonder, and the iPhone 6s is not
88 Former Apple execs Fred Anderson, Avie Tevanian raise NeXT-themed venture capital fund
89 Twitter wins rights to stream NFL's slate of Thursday, Night Football games
90 Apple celebrates 40 years of business with ad-inspired music playlist
91 France says Apple owes 48.5 million euros for unfair iPhone contracts with carriers
92 Starz arrives on iOS, Apple TV as standalone service with $8.99 price tag
93 Apple opens official Apple News feed on Twitter to promote stories
94 Popular messaging app WhatsApp boosts security with complete end-to-end encryption
95 Holding out for a Jobs: Tim Cook still auditioning for position of Apple god
96 Daring Fireball's Gruber reviews iPhone SE: 'Feels the best in hand'
97 Apple flies the pirate flag in 40th birthday celebration
98 Apple at 40: The forgotten co-founder who gave it all away
99 Disabled Apple ID? Here is what to do about it
100 Apple's first 40 years: An oral history from insiders; Spoiler: Bill Gates had a bigger role in Apple's success than even he may know
101 Some thoughts on the Apple Pencil
102 Apple shoots for the impossible: An unbreakable iPhone
103 Patent application reveals Apple Watch 2 may be able to detect sign language through hand gestures
104 Apple shares new video 'Dillan's Voice' highlighting technology's effect on those with special needs
105 Kanye West's album that he said would 'never never never be on Apple' is now on Apple Music
106 Fitbit CEO: The Apple Watch 'does too much,' confusing consumers
107 Apple at 40: 12 products that changed computing forever
108 FBI vs. Apple: 'Unduly burdensome'
109 Woz: Silicon Valley cares too much about money
110 Add-ins are coming to Microsoft's Office for Mac