File Title
1 Saving sunshine for a rainy day: New catalyst offers efficient storage of green energy
2 Children with Cushing syndrome may have higher suicide risk
3 Autistic and non-autistic people make similar moral judgements
4 Gene study could help heart patients cut craving for salt
5 Expectation may be essential to memory formation
6 Researchers identify SH2 domains as lipid-binding modules for cell signaling
7 A new function of the chromosomal terminus, vital for human health, discovered
8 Physicists 'undiscovered' technetium carbide
9 Citrus scion/rootstock combinations show tolerance to huanglongbing
10 Uncertainty can cause more stress than inevitable pain
11 Researchers developed manufacturing method for batteries with organic electrode materials
12 Eindhoven and Mexican researchers prove Huygens was right
13 Decoding sugar molecules offers new key for combating muscular dystrophy
14 Take-home naloxone should be an additional standard of care for prevention of heroin overdose death
15 Widespread sexual harassment persists in India
16 Water bears do not have extensive foreign DNA, new study finds
17 Engineering black gold, as light as the bones of birds
18 Impacts of salinity determined for agave
19 Effective graphene doping depends on substrate material
20 Heirloom dry beans suitable for small-scale organic production
21 Molecular mechanism for higher brain functions and neuropsychiatric disorders
22 Study finds metal foam handles heat better than steel
23 Revealing the ion transport at nanoscale
24 For prostate cancer, more radiation may not improve survival
25 Longer-term weather and environmental forecasts will provide enormous benefit
26 Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) shown to form multiple types of functional lymphocytes in vivo
27 New drug combinations could significantly improve tuberculosis treatment
28 Unravelling a geological mystery using lasers from space
29 A view of the colorful microcosm within a proton
30 New terahertz source could strengthen sensing applications
31 OU anthropologists reconstruct mitogenomes from prehistoric dental calculus
32 Fralin researchers use new technology to sequence mosquito sex chromosome
33 Early-stage embryos with abnormalities may still develop into healthy babies, study shows
34 Vascular brain injury is evident in people in their 40s
35 Public Release: March 28, 2016 'Transient contractions' in urinary bladder may lead to therapeutic interventions for bladder dysfunction
36 Yearly cost of US premature births linked to air pollution: $4.33 billion
37 Another reason to break the habit: Smoking alters bacterial balance in mouth
38 Survey gives clearer view of risky leaks from gas mains
39 Solved: First crystal structure of a transcription terminator protein
40 Statement published on pairing smoking cessation with lung cancer screening
41 Safer, cheaper, 'greener,' more efficient system for the synthesis of organic compounds
42 New harmonized test protocols for PEM fuel cells in hydrogen vehicles
43 Enzyme may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease caused by HIV medications
44 Study offers efficient alternative for Ebola screening program for travelers
45 Scientists find 'outlier' enzymes, potential new targets to treat diabetes, inflammation
46 How cancer stem cells thrive when oxygen is scarce
47 The non-driving millennial? Not so simple, says new research
48 Nonpathogenic viruses transferred during fecal transplants
49 Patients with skin infections fail to complete antibiotics, leading to poor outcomes
50 Ocean temps predict US heat waves 50 days out, study finds
51 Big Data-driven method could save money, increase efficiency in pharmaceutical management
52 Individualized treatment duration of blood thinning drugs after heart stent procedures
53 2016 Arctic sea ice wintertime extent hits another record low
54 An ancient killer: Ancestral malarial organisms traced to age of dinosaurs
55 BIDMC researchers discover early indicators of pancreatic cancer
56 Imaging predicts long-term effects in veterans with brain injury
57 Experimental study of the electrical conductivity of hydrous minerals under high P-T conditions
58 Not all mind wandering is created equal
59 Separating charge and discharge in measuring next-generation car batteries
60 Blood clot risk lower for estrogen-only, transdermal, and vaginal estrogen at menopause
61 Ocean temperatures predict US heat waves 50 days out
62 Holistic data analysis and modeling poised to transform protein X-ray crystallography
63 Revealing the fluctuations of flexible DNA in 3-D
64 Curbing malaria resistance with multiple therapies
65 Food insecurity and hospital visits--is there a link?
66 When women feel their partner demands perfection, sex life suffers
67 Ancient quarry proves human impact on landscape
68 Researchers develop new method of trapping multiple particles using fluidics
69 New tool mines whole-exome sequencing data to match cancer with best drug
70 Screening tools to identify developmental delay in healthy young children not beneficial
71 Uric acid, gout and kidney disease: The chicken or the egg?
72 Women with endometriosis at higher risk for heart disease
73 Infradian oscillation of circadian genes in a mouse model of bipolar disorder
74 Tsukuba scientists solved the Spallanzani's dilemma
75 Research on risky sexual behaviors is lacking
76 Narcissism linked to sexual assault perpetration in college, study finds
77 How to make metal alloys that stand up to hydrogen
78 Scientists unlock genetic secret that could help fight malaria
79 Earth-space telescope system produces hot surprise
80 Automated Ebola blood test performs well in field evaluation
81 Classroom program increases school breakfast participation, not obesity
82 Better global ocean management
83 Nanoparticles deliver anticancer cluster bombs
84 Are stem-cell therapies for parkinson's disease ready for clinical trials?
85 Study of enzymatic chemical reactions may indicate how the first cells formed colonies
86 Scientists identify minimum set of genes needed for life
87 How bees give a heads-up when danger is near
88 This fish can walk. What can it teach us about terrestrial evolution?
89 Did thieves steal Shakespeare's skull?
90 Huntington Beach rattled by magnitude 3.1 earthquake
91 Do solar 'superflares' pose a danger to Earth?
92 Alaska's Pavlof volcano: Did we see this eruption coming? (+video)
93 Are Saturn's moons younger than the dinosaurs?
94 How do clouds form? It's way more complex than we learned in school.
95 Mysterious archaic humans left clues in a surprising place
96 Japan loses contact with $265 million X-ray satellite
97 Could Pacific waters give early warning of East Coast heat waves?
98 'Squishy' exoplanets with wonky orbits shed light on formation of 'hot Jupiters'
99 Et tu nitrogen? Study links nitrogen pollution to plant diversity decline
100 Scientists highlight path to restoring world's fisheries
101 Did Pluto once have nitrogen lakes and rivers?
102 Siberian 'unicorn' lived for much longer than we thought
103 Will heat make Yosemite's iconic arches and cliffs fall apart?
104 Are man-made earthquakes on the rise? USGS report says yes (+video)
105 As temperatures set a high record, Arctic sea ice sets a low one (+video)
106 What is the 'not face'? Everyone has one, say scientists.
107 A new model may solve mysteries of Enceladus' icy geysers
108 Are inflatable space habitats the future? NASA experiment to find out.
109 Huge comet unexpectedly whizzes past Earth
110 Desert mangroves: stars of carbon sequestration