File Title
1 Prolonged sitting responsible for more than 430,000 deaths
2 Daytime sleepiness could predict metabolic disease
3 How do female gamers deal with sexual harassment?
4 Laparoscopy (Pelvic): Uses, Risks and Benefits
5 Serious heart attacks affecting younger people
6 What do you call a blonde woman? Intelligent
7 Fruit juices and smoothies have 'unacceptably high' sugar content
8 'Study biofilms to better fight bacterial infection,' urge scientists
9 Digital mammography can help predict heart disease
10 Pre-pregnancy genetic testing: what women and doctors need to know
11 Sleepwalking: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
12 All-out sprints may do more harm than good
13 Stem cell therapy enables spinal regrowth
14 Cannabis vs. alcohol: economic and social impacts
15 Smokers at higher risk of TB because of 'clogged-up immune cells'
16 Ear infections in babies falling, breastfeeding could be a reason
17 Air pollution-linked premature births cost US $4.33 billion annually
18 Malaria dates back to dinosaur era, study suggests
19 Early fetal abnormalities may correct themselves in time
20 Endometriosis may raise women's heart disease risk
21 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD): Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
22 The universal 'not face' gives clues to the evolution of language
23 Uncertainty is more stressful than pain, say neurologists
24 Ebola in West Africa 'no longer global emergency,' WHO report
25 Male birth control: non-hormonal injection could be effective
26 Memory encoding may be influenced by expectation
27 Drama therapy: unlocking the door to change
28 Couples' caffeine intake before pregnancy may affect miscarriage risk
29 Hepatitis A: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
30 Right brain structures may hold clue to language recovery after stroke
31 What does a 'good death' really mean?
32 Melanoma: 'intralesional therapy is here to stay'
33 Fungicides trigger autism-related gene expression changes in mice
34 Precision treatment for NF1 steps closer with mutation clues
35 Zika link to fetal brain abnormalities confirmed in new study
36 Nightly fasting may help reduce breast cancer risk
37 Daily serving of pulses may aid long-term weight loss
38 Volcanoes may have caused the Moon's poles to wander, according to ancient ice deposits
39 Switching to reversed stance gives elite cricket players a 'technical and visual benefit'
40 Genetic map reveals impact of interbreeding with ancient Denisovans and Neanderthals
41 Climate change could put eucalypts at risk of death from air bubbles
42 Indonesian 'hobbits' disappeared when modern humans arrived, new dating shows
43 Paris Climate Treaty: 'Significant step' as US and China agree to sign
44 Small, cheap gravity gadget to peer underground
45 Lasers could 'cloak Earth from aliens'
46 Age of 'Hobbit' species revised
47 'Drastic' Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise
48 Ancient fossil was 'nearly a spider'
49 Tests find trees tolerant to olive tree killer pathogen
50 'Dancing' tadpoles discovered in India's Western Ghats
51 Japanese satellite Hitomi: Lost in space?
52 Arctic winter sees sluggish sea-ice growth
53 Australia's Great Barrier Reef hit by 'worst' bleaching
54 Synthetic bug given 'fewest genes'
55 Girl trains dog, Pip, to 'sniff out' diabetes danger
56 Experts could overrule 'Boaty McBoatface' name choice for polar ship
57 Ripping Earth Apart
58 Is India facing its worst-ever water crisis?
59 Tribal warriors catch giant snakes for science
60 The nuclear industry: a small revolution
61 What would it take to put an astronaut on Mars?
62 FBI agrees to unlock another iPhone in homicide case
63 Cyber criminals 'hacked law firms'
64 EE top in mobile internet speed test
65 Will tomorrow's smart office be a saviour or a spy?
66 Build 2016: Microsoft proposes helper bot boom
67 Sex worker caught by 'drone vigilante' pleads guilty
68 FBI resists call to reveal Tor hacking secrets
69 Complaints about Vodafone rocket in UK
70 Amazon tightens US rules over non-compliant USB-C cables
71 Nest chief Tony Fadell attacked by Dropcam's founder
72 Pele sues Samsung for $30 million over lookalike use in ad
73 Foxconn finalises Sharp takeover
74 The danger with streaming and driving
75 Orkney seals to receive 'smartphones' as part of study
76 The anatomy of a nation-state hack attack
77 Tech eases Syrians' trauma in Jordanian refugee camp
78 From fine wine to lotteries: Blockchain tech takes off
79 Will smart meters be worth the money?
80 These unlucky people have names that break computers
81 Is old tech putting banks under threat of extinction?
82 Can the Micro Bit inspire a million?
83 Tay: Microsoft issues apology over racist chatbot fiasco
84 Sexist bullying 'can make bright girls feel unfeminine'
85 Birmingham Academy to pay back more than 100 k pounds funding
86 Ruth Davidson defends 'graduate charge' plan
87 Toddlers 'need early years teachers in nurseries'
88 Thousands of police visits 'criminalise' children in care homes
89 Leaving EU 'devastating for young,' says Nicky Morgan
90 NUT says tackling teacher shortage 'should be priority'
91 Teachers warn extremism policy prevents open debate
92 Libraries lose a quarter of staff as hundreds close
93 Supply teachers 'missing out on pay and development'
94 Teachers' union calls for ballot on primary test boycott
95 Cross-party move against England's academy schools plan
96 Why are South African students so angry?
97 Reading 'exports' university to Malaysia
98 Why the NUT should love Ofsted and Osborne should love unions
99 GlaxoSmithKline to 'drop patents in poor countries for better drug access'
100 Health spending devolved in Greater Manchester
101 Around the clock care for dying 'not good enough'
102 'Exciting' new genetic test for child cancer patients
103 A&E strike should be suspended, say medical leaders
104 WHO downgrades Ebola health risk
105 Easter egg 'overindulgence' sees people attend Middlesbrough A&E
106 LGA: Living wage 'could put care services at breaking point'
107 Amputee 'wasted' cash on prosthetic leg
108 Weaker drinks 'to solve health problems,' say councils
109 Funding for mental health social worker fast-track scheme
110 Frog foam could deliver drug therapy
111 Vaxxed: Tribeca festival withdraws MMR film
112 Overcoming the emotional trauma of constipation
113 The relief and grief of a child being diagnosed with autism
114 Phone app 'bridges treatment gap'
115 My mother's favourite flower: A life remembered
116 Dawn of the nanny state?
117 Trial aims to 'stall' type 1 diabetes
118 NHS staffing levels lagging behind workload