File Title
1 'Siberian Unicorn' Lived Longer than Previously Suggested, Study Says
2 Pacific Ocean Patterns Allow Researchers to Predict Heat Waves 50 Days Earlier
3 NASA: Arctic Sea Ice Low Maximum for Second Straight Year [VIDEO]
4 World's Fisheries Could Recover in a Decade with Sustainable Practices
5 Scientists Say New Hominid Fossils in Kenya Are Unique Find
6 Alaska Volcano Cancels Flights: Scientist Weighs in [INTERVIEW]
7 Malaria Origins Traced Back to Age of Dinosaurs
8 Rockfalls in Yosemite National Park Triggered by Heat, Study Shows
9 Sustained Eruptions on Saturn's Moon Enceladus Explained by New Computer Model
10 Genetic Engineering Could Revive American Chestnut Trees
11 Non-Driving Millennials Could Have a More Complicated Reason for Not Driving Cars
12 Global Warming 'Guru' Rajendra Pachauri Blames 'Deniers' for Legal Issues
13 Flyby Comet P/2016 BA14 Was Much Bigger than We Thought
14 Lasers from Space Reveal the Secrets of Strange Geological Feature on Earth
15 Suspense Produces More Stress than Inescapable Pain
16 'Severe' Coral Bleaching Is Destroying Large Portions of the Great Barrier Reef
17 SpaceX Set to Bring Inflatable Space Habitat to International Space Station
18 Better Global Ocean Management May Improve Fisheries by 204 Percent
19 Ancient Quarry Sheds Light on Transition from Hunter-Gatherer to Farming Culture
20 Ancient Stone Slab May Contain Religious Text from Etruscan Culture
21 NASA Planning Man Mission to Mars in 2018
22 Scientists Use New Fingerprinting Technique to Identify Neanderthal Bone from 2,300 Tiny Fragments
23 Earth-Space Telescope System Reveals Surprisingly Hot Quasars
24 Scientists Suggest Water Desalinization Can Be Cheap and Easy [VIDEO]
25 Desert Mangrove a Major Source of Carbon Storage with Extremely Old Roots?
26 LED Streetlights May Cause Ecological Damage
27 Ice Age Diet Drove Evolution of 'Stocky' Neanderthal Body
28 Amateur Astronomers Capture Space Rocks Colliding with Jupiter [VIDEO]
29 Scientists Discover Universal 'Not-Face' that Transcends Language; Are Facial Expressions Grammar?
30 Prehistoric Dental Calculus May Trap Ancient Human DNA for Genome Reconstruction
31 Atmospheric Nitrogen May Cause Loss in Plant Biodiversity as Pollution Rises, Study Says
32 Ancient 'Almost Spider' Is Missing Link in Arachnid Evolution
33 Evolution of World's Largest Dinosaurs Recreated Using 3-D Modeling [PHOTO]
34 IBM's Supercomputer Mimics Human Brain; Set to Watch Over United States Nuclear Arsenal
35 Origins of Gold in Our Universe
36 Moon Base Should Come Before Mission to Mars, Astronauts Say
37 New Satellite Being Launched by NOAA and NASA Will Sharpen Hurricane Predictions
38 NASA Sends Fungi to Space to Create New Medicines
39 Exxon Mobile Under Investigation for Global Warming Lies
40 Herpes virus and EBV could be tackled by heart drug
41 Injectable nanoparticles show 'astounding' prowess against cancer
42 Parkinson's: researchers discover point at which protein harms brain cells
43 Mesothelioma gene-targeting drug looks hopeful
44 Protein helps cancer cells pave way for migration
45 Alcohol triggers breast cancer-causing gene
46 Refusal to immunize linked to outbreaks of measles and pertussis
47 'Bionic heart patch' could offer heart transplant alternative
48 Zika: risk of microcephaly 1 in 100 with infection in early pregnancy
49 Planned C-section after previous one does not increase child's health risk
50 Anxiety Attack Symptoms: Signs, Duration and Complications
51 New secrets of kidney transplant rejection unlocked
52 Pancreatic cancer's reliance on key protein may offer new drug target
53 Opioid epidemic addressed as CDC issue new prescription guidelines
54 Meditation: could it replace opioids for pain relief?
55 Hydrogel: the future of 'smart Band-Aids'
56 Anxiety may lead to bad decision-making
57 Cataplexy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
58 Trichomoniasis: Symptoms, Treatment and Causes
59 Rapid urine test could replace food logs
60 Verbal memory stronger for women than men in early Alzheimer's
61 A healthy heart could protect against cognitive decline
62 Diverse diets enrich gut microbes
63 When you eat could be as important as what you eat
64 Aging happens faster with poor diet and no exercise
65 Cryonics and the shifting goal posts of death
66 'Lost' memories retrieved in mice with early Alzheimer's
67 Acetaminophen 'an ineffective treatment for osteoarthritis'
68 Gastritis Symptoms: Signs, Duration, Complications
69 Lou Gehrig's disease: new immune link uncovered
70 Appetite controlled by brain enzyme, researchers find
71 Bladder cancer type bears molecular features of breast cancer
72 Laser tool for detecting bacterial growth in packaged food
73 Implantable capsule shows promise for Alzheimer's prevention
74 Stem cell injection reverses osteoporosis in mice
75 High standards could make or break a marriage, study finds
76 High-fat diet may put future generations at risk of disease
77 Crunch effect: how the sounds of eating curb the appetite
78 Pill that 'lights up' breast cancer could lead to more accurate screening
79 Sperm 'switch' could lead to new fertility treatments
80 Could your commute improve your physical health?
81 Hemp: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
82 The smell of alcohol can affect behavior
83 Diabetes: rare, genetic form may need different treatment
84 Prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound 'could transform treatment'
85 Autism: early death risk a 'hidden crisis'
86 Rosacea linked to increased Parkinson's risk
87 Altruism could be increased by reducing specific brain activity
88 Fentanyl: Uses, Effects and Health Risks
89 Heart disease declines in US, but disparity grows
90 Antipsychotic drugs may be harmful for people with Parkinson's
91 Diabetes management with graphene skin patch steps closer
92 FDA propose to ban most powdered medical gloves
93 Season of birth linked to allergy risk
94 Moderate drinking: many studies reporting health benefits are 'flawed'
95 Eye microbiome of contact lens wearers resembles that of skin
96 SSRI antidepressants 'do not increase risk of cardiovascular events'
97 Leprosy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
98 Childhood chemo: how does it affect fertility later in life?
99 BPA substitute in food packaging triggers fat cell formation
100 Stress before pregnancy linked to birth weight
101 Glaucoma treatment expected to improve with new stem cell method
102 Social media use and depression linked in large study
103 People with 'rage' disorder twice as likely to have toxoplasmosis
104 Opioids: will the CDC's prescribing guideline help tackle the 'silent epidemic'?
105 Women's heart health: is it being ignored?
106 Vitamin C intake may help reduce the chance of cataracts
107 What is the gut microbiota? What is the human microbiome?
108 Exercise in older age may protect memory and thinking skills
109 Wound healing could be enhanced with modified maggots
110 'Tough guys' less likely to be honest with doctor