File Title
1 Antipsychotics Linked to Mortality in Parkinson's
2 Dental Therapist Programs Launched in Washington, Oregon
3 Respiratory Rates Vary Widely in Healthy Term Newborns
4 Pathologists Often Disagree on Biopsy Findings
5 Mediterranean Diet May Help Reduce Women's Hip-Fracture Risk
6 Surveillance Instead of Surgery in Head and Neck Cancer
7 Obama Seeks to Expand Opioid Addiction Treatment
8 Burning More Calories Boosts Brain Volume
9 Altruism Hardwired in the Brain
10 Bloomberg, Others Give $125 Mln for Immunotherapy Cancer Research
11 Utah Governor Signs Anesthesia Requirement for Some Abortions
12 Omega-6 PUFAs in Diet Seem to Cut Diabetes Risk: Kuopio Cohort
13 FDA Panel Gives Thumbs Up to Parkinson's Psychosis Drug
14 Topline Results with Ticagrelor for Secondary Prevention in Stroke
15 Biosimilar Drugs Could Save up to $110 Billion by 2020: IMS
16 West Africa Ebola Outbreak No Longer Poses Global Risk, WHO Says
17 After Breast Reconstruction, 24 Hours of Antibiotics Is Enough
18 U.S. Lawmakers Want Health Agencies to Lower Prostate Cancer Drug Cost
19 Keryx Says Anemia Drug Succeeds in Study of Kidney Patients
20 Even Men Need to Cut Back on Coffee Before Pregnancy
21 Researchers Identify Receptor that Regulates Sperm Activation
22 Giant Rats to Sniff Out Tuberculosis in Tanzania, Mozambique Prisons
23 U.S. Firms Target Investment in Israeli Cannabis R&D
24 Don't Screen All Kids for Developmental Delays, Canadians Say
25 Simple Steps Help Prevent Deaths During Youth Sports
26 Calcium Pathways Tied to Sleep Regulation
27 Delayed Visual Improvements in AMD Continue with Ranibizumab Treatment
28 Genomic Differences Underlie Racial Disparities in Renal Cell Carcinoma
29 U.S. Preterm Births Tied to Air Pollution Cost $4 Billion a Year
30 Medical Cannabis Helps Chronic Pain Patients Cut Opioid Use: Survey
31 N-Acetylcysteine Curbs Compulsive Skin Picking in Trial
32 MI Patients Getting Younger, More Obese
33 Association with CVD Risk Stronger in Femoral vs. Carotid Arteries
34 Alzheimer's Caregivers Make Tough Financial Choices
35 HRT May Reduce Atherosclerosis When Taken in Early Menopause
36 MedStar Physicians Weather Cyberattack
37 Post-Lyme Disease Syndrome: Longer Antibiotics May Not Help
38 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine May Halve Risk for Stillbirth
39 Trauma Linked to Significant, Persistent Psychosis Risk
40 Are Frequent Ejaculators Bacchanalian?
41 Psychostimulant Promising for Long-term Cocaine Dependence
42 Alternative Therapy Soothes Brazil Babies Suffering Defects Linked to Zika
43 Chubb Adds Cyber Bullying Coverage to U.S. Home Insurance Policies
44 Decline in Financial Settlements with U.S. Big Pharma: Report
45 US Autism Rate Steady at 1 in 68: CDC
46 But Money Is Long Gone
47 Nonoperative Management of Rectal Cancer Increasing in US
48 Even When Women Aren't Obese, PCOS Can Mean Pregnancy Problems
49 Early Age of Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis Tied to Poorer Health
50 Scan May Help Many with NAFLD Avoid Biopsy
51 Black Patients May Do Better at Hospitals with More Racial Diversity
52 Diabetes Link to Sitting Largely Due to Obesity and Lack of Exercise
53 Pioglitazone's Diabetes-Preventing Effects Persist Up to a Year
54 Vonoprazan Contributes to Helicobacter pylori Eradication
55 Dexamethasone Implant Helps Some with Diabetic Macular Edema
56 Invasive Lobular Carcinoma-- a Distinct Breast Cancer Subtype
57 Study Puts Endometriosis in Cardiologists' Sights
58 Baricitinib Offers Promise of Remission in Refractory RA
59 Nearly 4% of All-Cause Mortality Linked to Excess Sitting
60 IBD: Relapse Rate High After Stopping Anti-TNF Treatment
61 'Fusion' Imaging for DBS Lead Location Safe, Feasible
62 Right Brain May Aid Speech Recovery After Left-Sided Stroke
63 Prolonged Nightly Fasting Cuts Risk for Breast Cancer Return
64 HPV Vaccine Adverse-Effects Class-Action Suit Planned in Japan
65 Pricey PCSK9 Inhibitors Require Careful Patient Selection
66 Early Aortic Stiffness Tied to Dementia Risk Factors
67 U.S. Study May Point the Way on How to Beat the Zika Virus
68 Potential Treatment Targets Sighted in Rare GI Stromal Tumors
69 GlaxoSmithKline Promises Reduced Drug Patents to Help World's Poor
70 Mini-MVR Yields Excellent Outcomes Without Increased Cost: Study
71 Symptomatic Dengue in Pregnancy Linked to Adverse Fetal Outcomes
72 Calcaneal Apophysitis Tends to Get Better on Its Own
73 HRT Clot Risk Lower for Vaginal Creams and Skin Patches
74 'Strong Scientific Consensus' Emerges on Zika Link to Disorders--WHO
75 Mother's Smoking During Pregnancy Affects Baby's DNA
76 Genfit Plans to Test Its Drug in Second Liver Disease
77 Low-FODMAP Diet Shifts Metabolome, Microbiome in IBS Patients
78 Experts Warn Complacency on Ebola May Leave Vaccine Work Unfinished
79 Tenofovir Prodrug as Effective as Tenofovir DF, and Possibly Safer
80 Collisions with Other Cyclists Are Major Cause of Race Injuries
81 Mother's Smoking During Pregnancy Affects Baby's DNA
82 Genfit Plans to Test Its Drug in Second Liver Disease
83 Low-FODMAP Diet Shifts Metabolome, Microbiome in IBS Patients
84 Experts Warn Complacency on Ebola May Leave Vaccine Work Unfinished
85 Toolkit Detects Viable Bacteria on Reprocessed Endoscopes
86 Emperor Hadrian's Villa Yields Posh, Arty Apartment
87 Understanding the 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors
88 The 10 Most Common Poisonous Plants
89 More Injuries from Bison at Yellowstone: Are Selfies to Blame?
90 You're Surrounded: New Tech Unleashing 3D Audio
91 'Cousin of Lucy' Fossils Reveal Human Relative Lived in East Africa
92 Hybrid Female Fish Is Both Mother and Father to Her Offspring
93 Top 10 Things that Make Humans Special
94 Season of Birth Genetically Linked to Allergy Risk
95 Colon Cancer Found in 18th-Century Hungarian Mummy
96 Amazing Blind Cavefish Walks Up Rocks and Waterfalls
97 Reference: Human Brain: Facts, Functions & Anatomy
98 Archaeologists Uncover Another Branch of the Silk Road
99 Easter's Early Arrival: How the Moon Shapes the Date
100 Reference: Colon (Large Intestine): Facts, Function & Diseases
101 Expedition Unknown: Saving Marine Mammals Is a Daunting Task (Op-Ed)
102 What's the Difference Between Rabbits and Hares?
103 The World's 7 Most Interesting Eggs
104 After Zika Infection, People Should Wait Months to Conceive Children, CDC Says
105 Sesame Street's Elmo and Raya Warn Kids About Zika
106 Eating More 'Healthy Fats' May Lower Diabetes Risk
107 25 Fun Facts About Science & History
108 Arctic Sea Ice Is at Near Record Lows, NASA Says
109 Will End of Orca Breeding Change Much for Captive Animals? (Op-Ed)
110 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week