File Title
1 Eastern Monarch Butterflies May Go Extinct: New Study
2 30% of the Ocean Needs to Be Protected from Exploitation and Harm
3 Genetic Rescue Needed to Save California's Island Foxes
4 Scientists Discover New Technique for Killing Bacteria in Seconds
5 Unusual Friendship Between Hyenas and Wolves in the Negev Desert: New Study [VIDEO]
6 Bizarre Creature Was Nitrogen Factory in Earth's Cretaceous Oceans
7 Plants May Boost Extreme Temperatures by 5 Degrees Celsius with Continuing Climate Change
8 Endangered Animals May Vanish Without Trace in Fossil Record
9 City Birds Are Smarter than Country Birds: How Living in an Urban Environment Increases Intelligence [VIDEO]
10 'Burnt Hot Dog' Sea Cucumber May Be Threatened by Fisheries
11 Rocky Mountain Forests Not Exactly Rocketing to Recovery After Drought
12 Wrinkling and Crumpling Graphene May Make It Better: How Crunching the Material Enhances Its Properties
13 Fish Bond During Mealtime, Study Finds
14 Frozen Lake on Pluto Suggests Ancient Rivers and Lakes of Nitrogen [PHOTO]
15 Cuba and US Scientists Joining Forces to Know Caribbean and Climate Change
16 Lather Up: Prime Soap Ingredient Harvested 1,000 Years Earlier
17 Zebrafish with Rainbow-Colored Cells Demonstrate How Skin Heals [VIDEO]
18 Fungus Threatening Chocolate Production with Frosty Pod Rot Prefers to Clone Itself
19 Scrolls Buried by Mount Vesuvius Eruption Contain Lead Ink, Might Help Scientists Reveal Their Secrets
20 Scientists Say Global Warming Slowdown Happened but Its Effects Are Gone
21 Reducing Lake Erie Phosphorus Runoff Proves to Be a Challenge
22 Endangered Species Funding: Government Overpays Some and Underpays Others
23 Tiny but Significant Creature Is Consuming Great Lakes: New Study
24 Female Burying Beetles Use Pheromones to Curb Mates' Sexual Appetite
25 Gravitational Waves Could Shed Light on Dark Matter Made of Black Holes
26 Global Warming Coming Faster and Harder than We Think: Study
27 Giant Panda Conservation: Study Reveals Animals' Sensitivity to Noise Disturbance [VIDEO]
28 Liquid Batteries Could Become Cheaper and More Practical
29 Brain Mapping Shows How Animals Navigate in the Dark [PHOTO]
30 Scientists Observe Jupiter's 'Northern Lights' as Solar Storms from the Sun Hit Planet
31 'Outrageously Luminous' Galaxies Deemed Brightest Ever Observed in the Universe
32 Ancient Seaweed Fossils Some of the First Examples of Multicellular Life on Earth
33 Nitrogen Fertilizer in Farm Fields May Pollute Water for Decades
34 Toilet Waste Now Has More Efficient Way to Power Fuel Cells
35 Nano-Enhanced Textiles: Clothes Might Soon Clean Themselves with Light
36 Scientists Map Evolution of Malaria Back to Its Bird Origins
37 Is Chesapeake Area a Bald Eagle Killing Field? $25K Reward
38 Twisting Light Slows It Down: New Study Opens Up Potential for Storing More Information Using Twisted Light
39 New Extinct Bat in Hawaii Is Unique Character: 'Really Something New'
40 Quasars Slowed Early Universe's Star Formation Through Intense Radiation and Galactic Winds: Study
41 Moon's Lunar Poles Shifted Over Last 3 Billion Years: Study
42 Genetically Modified Maggots May Help Human Wounds Heal Faster, Study Says
43 Arctic Microbes May Cause Glaciers to Melt Faster with Climate Change, Study Says
44 Mercury Moves from Rivers to Land When Spiders Eat Insects
45 Prairie Dogs Murder Baby Squirrels to Decrease Competition for Food: Study
46 'Billions' Year-Old Icy Spots on Moon Suggest Its Axis Shifted
47 What on Earth Is NASA Doing in Coral Reefs Lately?
48 New 'Green' Plastic Is 10 Times Tougher than Plastic Used on Cars
49 'Pit Bull' Labeled Dogs Practically Camp Out at Shelters
50 Green Light Could Save Sea Turtles from Being Caught in Nets Used by Fisheries
51 Mitigation Strategies Proposed to Save Endangered Animals in Nicaragua
52 Aerosol Emissions Might Be Beneficial for Climate Change: Study
53 New Fossils Illustrate Adaptability of Early Hominids
54 New World Record for 5G Spectrum Efficiency: The Future of Smartphones [VIDEO]
55 Japanese Whaling Fleet Kills 333 Minke Whales in Antarctic Hunt
56 Quasars Strangle Star Birth with Fierce, Cosmic Winds
57 Global Warming of More than 2 Degrees May Be Inevitable, Even with Changes, Study Says
58 Magnetar Possibly Powered Explosion of One of the Brightest Supernovae in Universe
59 Epidemic Dysentary Spread from Europe to Africa, New Genomic Study Reveals
60 Tree-Killing Fungus: Beetles Likely Spreading Ohia Death Through Dust Clouds in Hawaii
61 Researchers Create First 3-D Print of 3,000-Year-Old Chinese Oracle Bone [VIDEO]
62 Sun's Superflares Could Have Devastating Effects on Earth: Study
63 Mars Colonization 'Long Way Down the Road' for NASA; SpaceX Aims for Colonization in Near Future
64 BPA Found in Common Plastic May Be Linked to Preterm Births
65 Hawaii Finds, Loses Second Land Mammal: Meddling Humans?
66 Greenhouse Gas Methane Can Be Used Without Harming Climate, Researchers Say
67 Scientists Reveal Walking Fish that Possesses Vertebrate-Like Skeleton
68 This Robot Joins Two Healthy Plant Parts to Make Thriving Whole
69 Synthetic Bacteria Created with 'Minimal' Genes Needed for Life
70 Female Cichlid Fish Grows Testicles and Impregnates Self
71 Robot Overlords? A Study Shows One Way to Feel Less Fear
72 Belief in Science or Religion Linked to Brain Structure: Study
73 Coral Reefs: Air Bubbles Could Rid Marine Environments of Carbon Dioxide
74 Ground-Nesting Bees Lack Food on Farms, Grow Smaller: Study
75 X-Ray Sky and Cosmic Objects Captured in a Sky Survey by the ROSAT Satellite
76 New Biotechnology Improves Crop Tolerance to Stress and Absorption of Nutrients
77 Sleep Deprivation Gene Discovered by Scientists in Fruit Flies
78 The Anatomy of Pain: New Theory Reveals How Pain Is Processed by Humans
79 First Ever 3-D Atlas of Extinct Dodo Reveals New Skeletal Features
80 Micro-Sanctuaries Are Key to Blackbuck Antelope Survival in Increasingly Urbanized Areas
81 Cassini Spacecraft Spots Tallest Mountain on Saturn's Moon Titan
82 Saturn's Inner Moons, Rings May Be Younger than Dinosaurs: Study
83 Your Brain May Prefer High-Calorie Foods for Energy Storage
84 Missourians Work to Save Monarch from Impending Extinction
85 Comet LINEAR: When and How to See the Vivid Green Near-Earth Object
86 Antarctic Birds Recognize Human Intruders [VIDEO]
87 Japanese AI Writes Short Story, Makes It to Finals of Literary Competition
88 Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Donates $100 Million to Cutting-Edge Bioscience Research
89 Mammoth Bones Reveal Shift in Ancient Vegetation
90 Simulation of Sun's Magnetic Field Shows Large and Small Scale Processes [VIDEO]
91 Scientists Use New Molecular 'Lightbulbs' to Illuminate MRI Technology
92 Chytrid Fungus: Some Frogs Have Developed Genetic Immunity, Study Shows
93 William Shakespeare's Skull Might Have Been Stolen by 18th Century Grave Robbers, Study Says
94 Alaska's Juneau Ice Field Will Continue to Shrink if Climate Warming Doesn't Stop, Study Says
95 Antarctic Birds Can Recognize Individual Humans, Study Says
96 Bee Alarm Signals Significantly More Sophisticated than Previously Believed
97 Wyoming Wolf Pack Slaughters 19 Elk in Rare 'Surplus Killing'
98 New Catalyst 3 Times Better at Splitting Water than Previous Record Holder
99 Arctic Sea Ice Loss Linked to Greenland Melting, Study Shows
100 Japan Loses Contact with Black Hole Satellite
101 Scientists Push for New Strategy to Study Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reefs
102 How Species Cope with Climate Change: Adaptation to Wide Temperature Fluctuations
103 Weird Exoplanet with Eccentric Orbit Raises Questions About Origins of Hot Jupiters
104 Scientists Reveal the Surprising Presence of Denisovan Ancestry in Modern Humans
105 Water Bears: Study Confirms Less Foreign DNA than Previously Thought
106 'Keeping Up with the Joneses' Linked to Lower Fertility in Mathematical Study
107 Planet Nine: Scientists Uncover New Data that Further Supports Its Existence
108 'Global Cooling': How the Pavlof Volcano Eruptions Could Decrease Worldwide Temperatures
109 Dark Energy: Scientists Set to Map Cosmos in Search of Elusive Force
110 Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Are in Worse Shape than Thought [VIDEO]