File Title
1 The Surprising Way Endometriosis May Affect Heart Health
2 Here's How Smoking Changes Your Mouth Bacteria, and It's Not Good
3 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Beautyblender Could Do
4 How to Declutter Your Kitchen, According to Marie Kondo
5 For Pregnant Women, Seasonal Flu Shot Could Reduce Stillbirth Risk
6 To Speed Up Weight Loss, Eat More of These Kinds of Food
7 Study Finds Long-Term Antibiotics Don't Seem to Help Chronic Lyme Disease
8 FDA Eases Restrictions on Abortion Medication
9 BPA Is Still Present in 60% of Cans in the U.S.: Study
10 Do You Always Call Out Typos? Science Says You're the Worst
11 7 Signs of Aging Hands--and How to Prevent Them
12 Why More Obituaries are Opening the Book on Addiction and Mental Health Struggles
13 Taylor Swift on the Treadmill Is All of Us
14 Inequities Persist in Biologic Use in RA
15 Multi-Target Drug Blocks Myeloma Proliferation
16 A New View Debates Antibiotics for Appendicitis
17 ACC: HOPE Results Boost Statin Prevention Role
18 ACC: TAVR Once Again Non-Inferior to Surgery
19 ACC: BP Tx Alone Not Enough for Primary CV Prevention
20 D.C. Week: Obama Sets Task Force to Ensure Access to Addiction Tx
21 Flu Shot During Pregnancy May Cut Stillbirth Risk by Half
22 DAPT Guide; Wearable Defibrillators; Transfusion Thresholds: Cardiology Week
23 CDC: Autism Rates Steady Among Children
24 Challenges Stressed at Zika Summit
25 Antibiotic Resistance Continues to be a Problem in Children
26 WHO: Zika May Cause 'Severe Public Health Crisis'
27 Low Risk for Infertility in Female Childhood Cancer Survivors
28 Early Diagnosis Vital for Early-Onset CRC
29 Children Better Able to Rate Allergy Treatment Response than Caregivers
30 Sleep-Deprived Teens May Have More Diabetes Risk Factors
31 In UK, Junior Docs Set for 'All-Out' Strike
32 Avoiding Sun as Dangerous as Smoking
33 Brain Stimulation After Stroke Aids Recovery
34 Early-Career Docs No Less Likely to Prescribe Antibiotics than Older Docs
35 Fall in PSA Screening Resulting in More Advanced Disease
36 Medicare Poised to Fund First Prevention Program, for Diabetes
37 Suicidal Patients: ED Docs Miss Opportunities to Intervene
38 Hackers Seek Ransom from Two More California Hospitals
39 Fear of Falling Impedes Hip Fracture Recovery
40 Intensive Exercise May Delay Cognitive Decline by 10 Years
41 Dual-Drug Strategy Reduces Carpet of Polyps in FAP Patients
42 China Vaccine Scandal Stokes Anger as Regulators Come Under Fire
43 Coronary Calcium Predicts Array of Noncardiovascular Diseases
44 WHO Urges India to Implement Larger Health Warnings on Cigarette Packs
45 Only Conservative Use of PSA Testing Is Cost-effective
46 Should Clinicians Change How They Talk Statins with Patients? New Study Says Yes
47 New York e-Prescribing Law Goes into Effect this Sunday
48 Med Students: Exceptionally High Rates of Alcohol Abuse
49 Multiple Sclerosis: Comorbidities Common at Diagnosis
50 Bypass Surgery Better at Alleviating Diabetes than Diet and Exercise
51 CDC: TB Incidence Has Plateaued in US After 20-Year Decline
52 Aromatase Inhibition Reduces Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy Men
53 U.S. Regulators Finalize New Silica Limits for Construction, Other Industries
54 Nearly 87 Million Children Under 7 Live in Conflict Zones, Brains Not Developing--UNICEF
55 Combined Surgical Approach Effective for Severe Sleep Apnea
56 People with Sleep Apnea More Likely to Get Injured at Work
57 Simeprevir-Sofosbuvir Effective for Chronic Hepatitis C with Cirrhosis
58 Cleft Surgery Boosts Economy, Gives Developing Nations Reason to Smile--Charity
59 'War on Drugs' Has Failed Public Health, Medics Say
60 Red Blood Cell Processing Method May Affect in-hospital Mortality
61 Think Your Kid Has a Sleeping Problem? Look in the Mirror
62 Retinal Thickness Changes May Not Predict Hydroxychloroquine-related Retinopathy
63 FDG-PET/CT Accurately Detects Recurrence in Breast Cancer
64 Device Maker Hiked Prices for Scopes as Infections Spread
65 Physician Discipline Rates Vary Fourfold Between States
66 Medicine 3.0 Panelists Dissect Patient-Generated Data
67 Breast Arterial Calcification on Mammography IDs Atherosclerotic CVD Risk
68 2016 Country Doctor of the Year Built Rural Care Network
69 Two Large Studies Conflict on Antibiotics' Effect on Obesity
70 Nuclear Cataract Progression Mostly Driven by Environment
71 'Dramatic Shift' in US Map of Heart-Disease Mortality
72 Medicare Suspends Penalty-for-PSA-Testing Proposal
73 Ketamine Linked to Bladder Toxicity
74 Universal HPV Vaccination of Girls Prevents Genital Warts in Young Men
75 Urine-Based Assay Cuts Mortality in African Trial of HIV-TB
76 Tiniest Preemies Struggle with School and Adult Life
77 Specialists More Apt to Give Androgens to Men than Women with Sexual Woes
78 CBO Charts Federal Subsidies for U.S. Health Insurance Coverage
79 U.S. Health Officials Tell Couples Exposed to Zika to Wait to Conceive
80 Popular Music Often Takes Negative View of Aging
81 Histology Grade Can Help Predict Relapse in Ulcerative Colitis
82 High, Worsening Depression Symptoms Linked to Dementia Risk
83 Gilead Ordered to Pay Merck $200 Mln in Hepatitis C Drug Patent Dispute
84 Handful of Nations See Many Unintended Pregnancies Despite Sex with Contraception
85 Defining Efficacy of Cancer Immunotherapy Is a Challenge
86 Hiked Price on Aid-in-Dying Drug to Affect Terminally Ill
87 Very Low-Calorie Diet May Trigger Type 2 Diabetes Remission
88 ACP Issues Policy Statement to Stem Rising Cost of Drugs
89 Atypical Anorexia: Severe Physical, Psychological Stress Common
90 Study Suggests Bringing Back Whole-Cell Pertussis Vaccine
91 Teleophthalmology May Expand Coverage in Emergency Eye Care
92 PPIs May Lower Gastrointestinal Events After DAPT, Regardless of Aspirin Dosing
93 Obesity Survey Uncovers Striking Clinician 'Knowledge Gap'
94 Possible Drug Risks Buried in Delayed FDA 'Watch Lists'
95 Combination Therapy Cleans Up Hoarding Symptoms
96 Headache Specialists Have High Rates of Headache
97 Environment More Important than Previously Thought in Multiple Sclerosis
98 When Medicare Advantage Drops Doctors, Some Members Can Switch Plans
99 Proven Screening Tool for Alcohol Abuse Underutilized
100 Rosacea Linked to Increased Parkinson's Risk
101 Washington's MedStar Health Shuts Down Computers After Virus
102 Cognitive Deficit Can Impede Conversation for Parkinson's Patients
103 Telemedicine Could Expand Access to Medical Abortion
104 Out-of-Hospital Births on the Rise in U.S.
105 China Needs Tougher Enforcement of Vaccine Regulation--WHO
106 U.S. Scientists Develop Mouse Model to Test Zika Vaccines, Drugs
107 Acupuncture May Ease Hot Flashes in Women with Breast Cancer
108 Vaccines, Breastfeeding Tied to Decline in Ear Infections
109 Erasure with MM4-401 Aids Reprogramming of Murine Stem Cells
110 Program Curbs ED Visits, Admissions for Behavioral Problems