File Title
1 Bee flower choices altered by exposure to pesticides
2 Researchers develop new lens for terahertz radiation
3 Chinese scientists realize quantum simulation of the Unruh effect
4 Experimentation and largest-ever quantum simulation of a disordered system explain quantum many-particle problem
5 Genetically inherited high cholesterol twice as common as believed
6 Newly found species reveals how T. rex became king of dinosaurs
7 Newly discovered dinosaur reveals how T. rex became king of the Cretaceous
8 Wildland fire emissions worse in polluted areas
9 'Popular girls' have less lice--in the monkey world
10 Experiment shows magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing's energy efficiency
11 Spray-on coating could ice-proof airplanes, power lines, windshields
12 RNA sequencing opens door to accurate, highly specific test for prostate cancer
13 Multi-gene test identifies early breast cancer patients who can be spared chemo
14 INRS takes giant step forward in generating optical qubits
15 Deciphering compact galaxies in the young universe
16 Paleontologists discover 250-million-year-old new species of reptile in Brazil
17 World's thinnest lens to revolutionize cameras
18 Seeing the light: Army ants evolve to regain sight and more in return to surface
19 Flooding alleviated by targeted tree planting and river restoration, scientists discover
20 A virus common among livestock depends on a micro-RNA to replicate
21 Greenhouse gas 'bookkeeping' turned on its head
22 Scientist at MDI Biological Laboratory identifies mechanism to regenerate heart tissue
23 Functional heart muscle regenerated in decellularized human hearts
24 New treatment regimen cuts severity of drug-resistant malaria in pregnancy
25 Artemisinin combination therapy prevents malaria in pregnancy
26 Attribution of extreme weather events in the context of climate change--new report
27 Science can now link climate change with some extreme weather events
28 Change in mosquito mating may control Zika virus
29 Protected Majorana states for quantum information
30 Can we predict aggressiveness of prostate cancer before surgery with a blood test?
31 Some assembly required to boost robot ratings
32 Hooray for Hollywood robots: Movie machines may boost robot acceptance
33 New frog species discovered in India's wastelands
34 Early human habitat, recreated for first time, shows life was no picnic
35 New study: Disparity in student loan debt between blacks and whites
36 Hispanic women who identify as white are healthier than those who don't
37 Wealth doesn't protect US blacks from greater chance of incarceration
38 Blast behavior research could save British troops
39 57 different pesticides found in poisoned honeybees
40 OUP publishes free article collection about Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster
41 News coverage of Fukushima disaster found lacking
42 Introducing the five new 'Drowned Apostles'
43 Research identifies first step in design of new anti-cancer drugs
44 The 'great smoky dragon' of quantum physics
45 Close comet flyby threw Mars' magnetic field into chaos
46 Novel molecular processes controlling key genes in prostate cancer uncovered
47 Where prostate cancer spreads in the body affects survival time
48 Surgery improves survival rates for men with prostate cancer if radiation treatments fail
49 Down the rabbit hole: How electrons travel through exotic new material
50 Penn study shows a form of genetically elevated 'good' cholesterol may actually be bad
51 Mix and match MOF
52 Sharpest view ever of dusty disc around aging star
53 Gene protects against toxic byproducts of photosynthesis, helping plants to 'breathe'
54 Bats in Asia found to have resistance to white-nose syndrome fungus
55 High white blood cell ratio linked to recurrence risk in early stage breast cancer
56 Sea level rise threatens larger number of people than earlier estimated
57 Full dose radiotherapy to whole breast may not be needed in early breast cancer
58 Smart clothing of the future will automatically adjust itself
59 Vision restored in rabbits following stem cell transplantation
60 Imaging advance may bring earlier disease detection
61 Widespread use of meldonium among elite athletes, research shows
62 Real-life aliens extremely efficient at turning their hosts into new parasites
63 Dingo skull resistant to change from cross breeding with dogs, research shows
64 Stanford scientists make renewable plastic from carbon dioxide and plants
65 Suffering warthogs seek out nit-picking mongooses for relief
66 Stem cells regenerate human lens after cataract surgery, restoring vision
67 Scaling up tissue engineering
68 Physical activity does not influence breast density: Protective effect against breast cancer is due to other mechanisms
69 Diabetes treatment can reduce mammographic density
70 Sticky, stony and sizzling science launching to space station
71 Genes influence sleep/wake timing of seizures in people with epilepsy
72 Changes in heart activity may signal epilepsy
73 A step toward reducing brain damage after stroke
74 'Big data' drills down into metabolic details
75 Researchers build molecule that could significantly reduce brain damage in stroke victims
76 The benefits of food processing
77 We've got your number: Tracing the source of invasive Japanese beetles
78 Apple's iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro now available for preorder in 13 territories
79 Video: How to use Apple's new Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3
80 iPhone SE battery bests iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 in stress test
81 Sony to bring popular PlayStation titles to Apple's iOS in Asia and Japan
82 Who would actually use the selfie flash on a 9.7" iPad Pro?
83 Macs may go even longer between revamps as Intel kills tick-tock
84 Shares of PayPal slide amidst rumors of browser-based Apple Pay checkout
85 Microsoft attempt at artificial intelligence becomes Hitler-loving, misogynistic PR disaster
86 Apple's first TV series to focus on developers, 'app economy'
87 Apple airs Apple TV ad focusing on Siri voice control, Apple Music
88 First look: Apple's new USB 3 Lightning to USB-C cable and Camera Adapter for iPad Pro
89 Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro
90 Apple Music for Android update introduces home screen widget
91 Apple halts iOS 9.3 updates for older iPads, iPhones after activation issues
92 AppleInsider podcast talks iPad Pro, iPhone SE, True Tone display and more
93 Netflix admits to throttling video on AT&T & Verizon, says it was to protect viewers
94 Shootout: Apple's new 9.7" iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2
95 Trade-in guide: Where to get the most money for your iPhone or iPad ahead of Apple's iPhone SE and 9.7" iPad Pro
96 Cost of out-of-warranty Apple Watch Sport repairs drops to $199
97 Apple requests delay in NYC iPhone encryption case, citing FBI's efforts to unlock San Bernardino phone
98 Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law
99 Foxconn reported to ink Sharp deal next week, pay smaller bailout
100 This week on AI: iPhone SE, 9.7" iPad Pro, Apple Watch changes & more
101 How Apple's new, powerful 4-inch iPhone SE is built for the future
102 New iPhone model with curved glass case, 5.8" AMOLED display due in 2017, insider says
103 Will Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro take a chunk out of Microsoft Windows?
104 Web link bug in iOS 9.3 causes apps to crash, freeze
105 iPhone SE preorders top 3.4M in China, gold & rose gold most popular--report
106 Kanye West changes his tune, releases a single track from new album on Apple Music
107 Harvard uses iPhone app to study long-term damage to former NFL players
108 T-Mobile targets rival US carriers with 'Wireless Customer Bill of Rights'
109 Apple releases updated iOS 9.3 to fix Activation Lock bug on older devices
110 Facebook plans to use Messenger for retail point-of-sale service, could integrate Apple Pay