File Title
1 Tiger Numbers on the Rise for the First Time in a Hundred Years
2 Research Reveals Climate Change Causes Increase in Pollen Allergy
3 Scientists Spotted Massive Red Crabs Swarming in the Off Coast of Panama
4 Alaska's Juneau Icefield Might Vanish by 2200
5 Ice Collapse in Antarctica Horrifies Scientists
6 Europa Ice Structure Deformities Generate Intense Heat than Friction
7 Snorkelers Hurt Coral Reefs Unintentionally; Here's How
8 Freshwater Scarcity Real in Small Islands
9 Emo Queen Taylor Swift Lip Syncs to Jimmy Eat World in New Apple Music Ad
10 There Is Still Hope for Those with Spinal Cord Injury
11 Defining Deja vu and Its Causes
12 NASA's Space Telescope Captures a Green Spider Nebula
13 Woman Jumps Over Tiger Barrier to Recover Hat, Toronto Zoo
14 Sun Ate Young Super-Earth During Formation of Solar System
15 Diabetes Drug Metformin May Reduce Cancer Death Risk
16 Possible Volcanic Activity on Mount Paektu Forces North Korea to Open Its Borders for Scientists
17 Soil Management Can Save Earth from the Dangers of Climate Change
18 Stephen Hawking Supports Interstellar Travel Program
19 Americans Prefer Weather Changes Brought Over by Global Warming, Study Reveals
20 Monkeys Crossed from South America to North America 21 Million Years Ago; Fossils Found in Panama Canal
21 Dinosaurs on Its Way to Extinction Before Asteroid Collision, New Theory States
22 Watch: NASA Covers Up 'Possible' Alien Sighting, ISS Video Feed Cut Off After Horseshoe UFO Appears
23 The Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Has 98 Percent Cure Rate for Prostate Cancer
24 Scientists create new stretchy self-healing artificial muscle polymer
25 Wait...will the moon turn green on Wednesday?
26 Dinosaurs were in decline long before the meteor struck, study finds
27 When did humans migrate to America? New study changes the timeline.
28 Massive tectonic collisions cause ice ages, study finds
29 Human limbs and shark fins may have evolved from fish gills, study finds
30 Climate change has destroyed 93% of the Great Barrier Reef
31 First-ever fossilized heart found in prehistoric fish fossil
32 Ancient blocks linked to Egypt's first female pharaoh
33 Ancient monkeys crossed 100 miles of open ocean to reach North America, study finds
34 Inflatable habitat among supplies taken to ISS by SpaceX Dragon
35 Stephen Hawking announces $100 million interstellar exploration project 'Breakthrough Starshot'
36 Dark matter-rich dwarf galaxy found hidden in halo of lensing galaxy
37 'Supernova iron' discovered on the Moon
38 Cassini samples dust from outside the solar system
39 Scientists recreate the most extreme conditions in the universe
40 Want to see Mercury in 2016? Better start looking!
41 Gamma-ray burst detected near first observed gravitational wave
42 Huge solar flare captured in latest NASA footage
43 NASA discovers free-floating planet-sized object in the Milky Way
44 Breakthrough new fuel cells produce electricity using urine
45 Sophia the robot is too creepy and humanlike, wants to destroy the world
46 Japanese AI novelist writes short story, nearly wins literary competition
47 Scientist conceives of laser cloaking device to protect the Earth from aliens
48 Computer creates 'new Rembrandt' after analyzing old works
49 LHC magnet upgrade will pave the way for exciting discoveries in physics
50 Solar panel breakthrough generates electricity during rainstorms
51 WATCH: New metal foam turns a bullet to dust
52 Team develops incredibly thin and flexible e-skin display
53 Battery breakthrough could lead to longer smartphone battery life
54 Scientists develop breakthrough artificial skin treatment
55 This fart-sensing pill could change how doctors measure your health
56 Obese adults now outnumber underweight people, study finds
57 'Groundbreaking' stem cell treatment could regrow limbs, repair bones
58 Vitamin D supplements can heal hearts, study finds
59 Scientists kept a pig's heart in a baboon for two years. Would this work in humans?
60 Breakthrough method delivers drugs directly to the brain
61 Paraplegic man regains hand mobility after brain chip implant
62 Why do women live longer? New study has the answer.
63 Cities have unique microbial signatures, study finds
64 Tying Lipstick Smears From Crime Scenes to Specific Brands (Video)
65 Blueberries, the Well-Known 'Super Fruit,' Could Help Fight Alzheimer's
66 DNA 'Origami' Could Help Build Faster, Cheaper Computer Chips
67 Getting Closer to Using Beer Hops to Fight Disease
68 A step toward a birth control pill for men
69 Desert Cactus Purifies Contaminated Water for Aquaculture, Drinking and More [Video]
70 A nanoparticle does double duty, imaging and treating atherosclerosis
71 Nanomotors could help electronics fix themselves
72 Artificial 'Nose' Sniffs Out Pollution to Protect Disney Art on International Tour
73 Spongy Material Helps Repair the Spine (Video)
74 ROBO1 Helps Cells Put Up Stiff Resistance
75 Decrypting a Collagen's Role in Schizophrenia
76 Lake Huron's Chinook Salmon Fishery Unlikely to Recover Due to Ongoing Food Shortage
77 Bacterial Biofilms in Hospital Water Pipes May Show Pathogenic Properties
78 Can the Vaquita Be Saved from Extinction?
79 Bee Flower Choices Altered by Exposure to Pesticides
80 Scientists Using Crowdfunding to Sequence the Genome of Joshua Tree
81 Scientists Create Painless Patch of Insulin-Producing Beta Cells to Control Diabetes
82 Global Shift in Farmed Fish Feed May Impact Nutritional Benefits Ascribed to Consuming Seafood
83 Researchers Develop New Lens for Terahertz Radiation
84 More than Bugs: Spiders also like to Eat Vegetarian
85 Climate Change Redistributes Global Water Resources
86 Warming Ocean Water Undercuts Antarctic Ice Shelves
87 Wildland Communities Must Learn to Live with Fire
88 MIT Develops Nontoxic Way of Generating Portable Power
89 How Does the Ocean Garden Grow? Nitrogen Fixation Is Key
90 How the Brain Detects Short Sounds
91 Hunting for Big Bang Neutrinos that Could Provide Fresh Insight on the Origin of the Universe
92 Pigeon Foot Feather Genes Identified
93 Microbes May Not Be So Adaptable to Climate Change
94 Insect Wings Inspire Antibacterial Surfaces for Corneal Transplants, Other Medical Devices
95 Pregnant T. rex Could Aid in Dino Sex-Typing
96 Living Lab: Involving Kids, Parents in Real-Time Child Development Research
97 $9.5 Billion in Yearly Health Costs from Coal Plants in Just Five European Countries
98 FAU Receives $1.2 Million from Florida Department of Health to Develop New Stroke Treatment
99 Applicability of Using Waste Rubber in Structural Applications
100 ASCO to Hold Capitol Hill Briefing March 15 on the State of Cancer Care in America: 2016
101 Smartwatches Can Now Track Your Finger in Mid-Air Using Sonar
102 Kansas State University, Texas Tech University to Conduct Beef Cattle Production Medicine Research
103 A Rolling Stone Gathers No Mates
104 Chromium Breaks the Toughest of Bonds, with the Right Support
105 New Material Increases the Lifetime of Solar-Powered Electrons
106 Molecules that May Keep You Young--and Alive
107 Consider an Organic Approach to Your Lawn
108 Scratching the Surface: Real-Time Monitoring of Surface Changes at the Atomic Level
109 Sharkskin Actually Increases Drag
110 Detecting Radioactive Material from a Remote Distance