File Title
1 New work-family research shows how team makeup, 'virtuality' affect social loafing
2 People with rage disorder twice as likely to have latent toxoplasmosis parasite infection
3 Personality traits can be revealed by how you move
4 More ancient viruses lurk in our DNA than we thought
5 Marijuana use disorder is on the rise nationally; few receive treatment
6 Bump in Large Hadron Collider data has physicists electrified
7 Most eccentric planet ever known flashes astronomers with reflected light
8 Astronomers report most 'outrageously' luminous galaxies ever observed
9 Ancient super-eruptions in Yellowstone Hotspot track 'significantly larger' than expected
10 Ancient Denisovan DNA excavated in modern Pacific Islanders
11 China's forest recovery shows hope for mitigating global climate change
12 Researchers turn carbon dioxide into sustainable concrete
13 Modified maggots could help human wound healing
14 Brad Pitt's and fruit flies' cowlicks controlled by cancer protein
15 Using frog foam to deliver antibiotics
16 In the wilds of the Local Group, a lonely galaxy stays set apart
17 Printing nanomaterials with plasma
18 Creation of minimal cell with just the genes needed for independent life
19 Single bacteria type grows 60 percent better on the International Space Station than on Earth
20 City birds are smarter than country birds
21 'MyShake' app, a personal tsunami warning system
22 Robots welcome visitors to Berlin travel fair
23 Going places: machine beats top Go player in win for artificial intelligence
24 Spacecraft to seek life on Mars in European-led mission
25 Astronaut Scott Kelly retiring after longest U.S. space mission
26 Google AI program wins third straight match to take Go series
27 'Smell of death' could help sniffer dogs
28 European-Russian spacecraft heads out in search for life on Mars
29 From wee rex to T. rex: modest forerunner to huge predator found
30 John Grisham book turns spotlight on futuristic cancer treatment
31 Squirrels show flexibility and persistence when foraging
32 One boy, two girls win Intel U.S. Talent Search
33 Newborn seal draws visitors at Japanese aquarium
34 Drone meets blimp for crowd-friendly UAV
35 What is a Tully Monster? Scientists finally provide an answer
36 Russia slashes space funding by 30 percent as crisis weighs
37 Cat stem cell trial could lead to human treatments
38 Frigid Pluto is home to more diverse terrain than expected
39 Homo sapiens' sex with extinct species was no one-night stand
40 U.S., Russian crew arrives at space station
41 Five cheetah cubs fight for survival after rare C-section birth
42 Carbon emissions highest in 66 million years, since dinosaur age
43 DNA data storage could last thousands of years
44 Beetle's chemical signal tells mate, 'Honey, I'm not in the mood'
45 3-D printer, 'Gecko Grippers' head to space station
46 Wireless mice leave billions at risk of computer hack: cyber security firm
47 Mood lighting for stress-free chickens
48 Oslo trash incinerator in carbon capture trial
49 Stripped-down synthetic organism sheds light on nature of life
50 Dracula orchid flowers mimic mushrooms to attract flies
51 Puzzle game launched to help program quantum computers
52 How Kinect cameras could prevent the next self-driving car crash
53 Newborn neurons observed in a live brain for first time
54 Bacteria found to eat PET plastics could help do the recycling
55 Wildlife heaven or nuclear hell: Chernobyl's future up for grabs
56 Shape-shifting matter could let houses crumple themselves away
57 Gene test can tell people with breast cancer if they need chemo
58 Could three gun laws cut US firearm deaths by 90 per cent?
59 'Shaken baby' expert witness found guilty of misleading courts
60 Explanimator: Why machines don't think like humans
61 Humans strike back: How Lee Sedol won a game against AlphaGo
62 February 2016's temperature spike is yet another record
63 Oldest ever human genome sequence may rewrite human history
64 Sea-level rise may displace 13 million people in the US by 2100
65 Mathematicians shocked to find pattern in 'random' prime numbers
66 Skull of mini T. rex shows it gained intelligence before size
67 High-power biological wheels and motors imaged for first time
68 Mysterious fairy circles now discovered in Australia's desert
69 Drug may have hit wrong brain target in French clinical trial
70 Fermat's last theorem mathematician Andrew Wiles wins Abel prize
71 Graphene origami produced by world's thinnest folds
72 Tiny sensors carried by pigeons can test air quality on the wing
73 Take a detour to improve traffic for everyone else
74 How victory for Google's Go AI is stoking fear in South Korea
75 Snapping shrimps make less noise in acidifying oceans
76 Cancer reversed in frogs by hacking cells' electricity with light
77 Virtual instruments let you play music using only your eyes
78 Material that can grow when stretched is inspired by Islamic art
79 Machines are teaching themselves to grapple with the real world
80 Oil tax breaks in UK's budget criticised by climate campaigners
81 One Per Cent
82 Rats learn to sense infrared in hours thanks to brain implants
83 Evolution acting on older dads is protecting our genetic health
84 60 Seconds
85 Florida one step closer to genetically modified mosquito trial
86 Human stem cell with half a genome could help infertile couples
87 Aquatic plant that feeds like a Venus flytrap faces extinction
88 Why Obama's Supreme Court nomination is good for the climate
89 Energy-related CO2 emissions held steady despite economic growth
90 Artificial DNA folds into parcels that can survive inside us
91 Pluto gives up its icy secrets as New Horizons data pours in
92 Women live longer than men but suffer more years of poor health
93 Right-leg prostheses give sprint para-athletes an edge on bends
94 NASA is sending a 3D printer and a fire starter to the ISS
95 New alloys could lead to next generation of nuke plant metals
96 Frozen rabbit kidneys could solve organ shortage for transplants
97 On the trail of some of the world's rarest monkeys
98 Manta rays are first fish to recognise themselves in a mirror
99 Weather records broken as world faces alarming levels of change
100 Fish with rainbow skin shows how cells move when skin regrows
101 iPhone app tracks 600 patients in biggest ever Parkinson's study
102 Invasive Soviet water flea cuts US lake's visibility by a metre
103 Pluto may have hosted lakes and rivers of liquid nitrogen
104 Never-before-seen life spotted by Hawaiian deep-sea expedition
105 Reviving Europe's long-lost beasts through mass rewilding
106 Bison return to forests across Europe as part of mass rewilding
107 Ghostly galaxies are light on stars but heavy on dark matter
108 Graphene smart patch for monitoring diabetes could save lives
109 Visions of the singularity: how smart can AI get?
110 Helpful ghost hands teach beginners how to build new things