File Title
1 Shortened RT schedule benefits low-risk prostate cancer patients
2 Existing state laws collectively require a 50 percent increase in US renewable electricity
3 Public understanding of genetics can reduce stereotypes
4 Magnetic delivery of therapeutic enzymes paves the way for targeted thrombosis treatment
5 Older men who purchase sex do so more frequently as they age
6 How deep does life go? MBL study describes microbial neighborhood beneath ocean floor
7 Children's interactions more complex than predicted
8 Duke study uncovers genetic elements that drive regeneration
9 SMFM releases statement on use of antenatal corticosteroids in late preterm birth period
10 Understanding the scent of death
11 How bioceramics could help fight gum disease
12 Respirator mask reduces effects of pollution on the heart
13 Invasive species not best conservation tool: Study
14 Sacubitril/valsartan in chronic heart failure: Indication of considerable added benefit
15 Advance may make quantum computing more practical
16 Proof that ancient supernovae zapped Earth sparks hunt for after effects
17 Large variations in precipitation over the past millennium
18 Nanopillars on drone fly larvae allow them to avoid bacterial contamination
19 Texas A&M study shows saturated fats 'jet lag' body clocks, triggering metabolic disorders
20 Vanderbilt researchers identify potent antibodies against HIV
21 Factors associated with good heart health may also protect kidneys
22 A warming climate puts Europe at risk for seasonal outbreaks of dengue fever
23 Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place
24 Are narcissists more likely to post selfies and care about the feedback they receive?
25 Young, unattached Jupiter analog found in solar neighborhood
26 For parents of autistic children, more social support means better health
27 Higher levels of vitamin D correspond to lower cancer risk, researchers say
28 UCSB researchers identify specific defects in LED diodes that lead to less efficient solid state lighting
29 Mediterranean loggerhead turtles dying in waters off the Middle East and North Africa
30 Fresh fruit associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke
31 Oily fish eaten during pregnancy may reduce risk of asthma in offspring
32 Crab shell signaling helps control the many faces of cholera, study shows
33 Researchers visualize brain's serotonin pump, provide blueprint for new, more effective SSRIs
34 Results of world's first study on new treatment for heroin addiction
35 Supermassive black holes may be lurking everywhere in the universe
36 Geothermal heat contributes to Greenland ice melt
37 Reducing food waste could help mitigate climate change
38 So long lithium, hello bacteria batteries?
39 Earth's soils could play key role in locking away greenhouse gases
40 Solar storm researchers prepare for the 'big one' with new urgency
41 How a metabolic pathway promotes breast cancer metastasis
42 'Love Hormone' Nasal Spray Might Help People Lose Weight
43 New Study Finds Another Great Health Perk for Coffee Drinkers
44 The Case Against Low-Fat Milk Is Stronger than Ever
45 Here's What an Expert Thinks About Whoopi Goldberg's Menstrual Marijuana
46 The Best Anti-Allergy Bedding
47 Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Her Depression and a 'Particularly Rough Patch of Self-Hatred'
48 Train like a Spartan with this 4-Part Run
49 I Took Gwyneth Paltrow's Healthy Living Advice for a Week
50 Treating Depression May also Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
51 The 3 Keys to Healthy Aging After 40, According to Cameron Diaz
52 Tanning May Limit Skin's Ability to Produce Vitamin D, Study Says
53 How Thyroid Problems May Affect Your Diabetes Risk
54 Sleepless Nights Linked to Brain Changes in Study
55 This Factor Is Key to Your Attractiveness
56 This Is the First Model with Down Syndrome to Become the Face of a Beauty Campaign
57 From 'Beards' to Whispies, 5 Weird Ways Having a Baby Changes Your Hair
58 5 Things You Really Shouldn't Be Doing to Your Breasts
59 This Italian Village Has 300 People Over 100 Years Old
60 6 Stars on Why It's Time to Retire the Term 'Plus Size'
61 This Indiana Teen Explained to Her Teacher Why BMI is Total BS
62 Sugary Drinks and 'Bad' Carbs May Increase Risk of These Types of Cancer
63 4 Healthy Tips from a Woman Who Eats for a Living
64 The Best Meal Kit Services for Healthy Eaters
65 Weight-Loss Surgery Gets People Moving, Study Shows
66 This Kind of Exercise May Be the Key to Keeping Muscles Young
67 This Is What Happens to Your Brain on No Sleep
68 5 Alternatives to Trendy Superfoods that Are Just as Healthy
69 Even 'Healthier' Fast Food Meals Still Have Too Much Fat and Salt
70 Losing a Loved One May Literally Break Your Heart
71 Eating Fresh Fruit Daily Could Protect Your Heart
72 How Mindful Munching Can Help You Shed Pounds
73 How to Make Energizing Banana Bread with Avocados
74 What this Trainer and Mom Eats in a Day
75 I Got Eyelash Extensions and Something Really Unexpected Happened
76 Here's How Many Miles You'd Have to Run to Burn Off a Pizza
77 4 Things New Moms Don't Need to Feel Guilty About, According to an Ob-Gyn
78 Predicting Longevity May Be Simpler than Thought
79 Sitting Too Much Is Bad for You, but this Could Help
80 Doctors Weigh in on Gwyneth Paltrow's Bee Sting Therapy
81 Here's How I Made an Instagram-Worthy Fruit Pizza
82 Jennifer Lawrence Has a Lot to Say About "Normal" Body Weight
83 This Is What Teens Do When They Don't Sleep
84 A 6-Move TRX Workout to Strengthen Your Entire Body
85 Zika May Be Linked to Autoimmune Brain Disorder, Study Says
86 Adele's Makeup Artist Shows How to Get Her Perfect Winged Eye
87 Life Expectancy Varies Based on Your Income
88 Gigi Hadid Will Make You Want to Get Bangs ASAP
89 4 Things You Should Never Do After a Breakup (And 1 You Always Should)
90 5 Delicious Probiotic Treats (That Aren't Yogurt!)
91 Taking Aspirin Daily Can Help Prevent Heart Disease and Colon Cancer, Panel Says
92 Can a Laser Treatment Really Help with Dryness and Painful Sex?
93 Here's Why You Should Be Putting Kale Beauty Products on Your Face
94 You're 4 Times More Likely to Catch a Cold if You're Not Sleeping Enough
95 40% of Former NFL Players Have Brain Injuries, Study Says
96 Here's the Best Way to Prevent Blisters
97 I Run by a Busy Highway. Is that Bad for My Lungs?
98 Lindsey Vonn Made SI's Most Fashionable Athletes List--Here's How to Steal Her Gym Style
99 Birchbox Launches Ingredient-Conscious Products for Earth Month
100 4 New Celeb Makeup Lines You Need to Check Out
101 Could Fast Food Expose People to Harmful Chemicals?
102 4 Hemp-Infused Beauty Products for Healthy Skin and Hair
103 Butter No Worse for You than Vegetable Oil, Says Controversial New Study
104 Google Wants to Help You Get to the Gym Already
105 Strawberries Have the Most Pesticide Residues: Report
106 This Is How YouTube Star Amanda Steele Nixed Her Acne Issues
107 These Smart Sun Tech Products Will Change the Way You Apply SPF
108 Why It's OK to Be the Slowest Runner in the Race
109 3 Sophisticated Yet Simple Plant-Based Recipes from Blogger Deliciously Ella
110 These New Anti-Gravity Products Promise to Tighten Sagging Skin