File Title
1 Mystery of Volcano Lightning Explained
2 Tsunami Warning Issued After New Japan Quake
3 Ancient Peruvian Mystery Solved from Space
4 Plants Force Partners to Act Fairly
5 Greenland's Melt Season Started Nearly Two Months Early
6 World's Largest Coal Producer Files for Bankruptcy
7 Ocean Temps Could Be Key in Predicting Tornadoes
8 Curious History of 'The Jungle Book'
9 Cosmic Ray Tech May Unlock Pyramids' Secrets
10 Ancient Mass Graves Discovered in Greece
11 35 Living Relatives of Leonardo Da Vinci Identified
12 Giant Rock Sphere Linked to Mysterious Civilization?
13 Cave Art in France 10,000 Yrs Older than Thought
14 Leonardo Da Vinci's Living Relatives Found
15 Bible Was Written Earlier, Ancient Notes Suggest
16 Here Come the 17-Year Cicadas: Photos
17 Model Solves Mystery of Monarch Butterfly Migration
18 Is England's Last Resident Golden Eagle Dead?
19 Why Bearcats Smell like Buttery Popcorn
20 17-year Cicadas Set to Invade the Northeast
21 $70K Worth of Whale Vomit Found by UK Couple
22 Smithsonian Tracks Lone "Ghost" Curlew's Migration
23 Fossil Pegs Origin of Dolphin Echolocation
24 Dark Ice on Greenland Could Mean Faster Rise in Sea Levels
25 How Intense Exercise can Affect Health
26 Overdosing on Anti-Anxiety Medication Reaches new Heights?
27 Can Exercising Now Prevent Depression Later?
28 Move More, Sit Less, Live Longer
29 The Cure for Ebola May Be Near
30 Altruistic or Secretly Selfish? Your Brain Could Reveal Your True Motivation
31 How Your Sleep Affects Your Waistline
32 Ethnic Minority Women's Views on Cancer
33 NCAA Concussion Prevention Rules' Unwanted Effects
34 Air Pollution, Asthma and Pregnancy
35 Zika Virus Becoming Widespread in Colombia
36 Using Stem Cells to Lose Fat--Without Diet or Exercise
37 China's Clean Energy Future in Jeopardy
38 How Early Discharge Affects Women and Babies After Birth
39 NFL Makes Historic Admission
40 Alzheimer's Protection from Blueberries?
41 Does Your Child Scream for Screen Time?
42 What Happens When Women are Abused During Pregnancy?
43 Got Munchies? Get More Sleep
44 Ultra-Processed Foods in the American Diet
45 Is Your Mouth Showing Signs of Bad Sleep?
46 Using Sugar to Fight Sugar
47 How the Cold Sore Virus Might Affect Alzheimer's Disease
48 Superbugs, Sewage and the Oceans
49 How's Your Body Image, Bro?
50 When It Comes to Sex, Labels Aren't Everything
51 Breathe Deeply and Improve Your Heart Health
52 Meat, Antibiotics and Superbugs: Is There a Connection?
53 How Your Lack of Sleep can Help Tumors Thrive
54 The Infamous Rob Ford, Ex-Mayor of Toronto, Dead at 46
55 Ouch! Managing Chronic Pain
56 How Zika Virus Might be Linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome
57 Trends in Plastic Surgery
58 New Medication for Type 2 Diabetes?
59 Watch Out! Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise
60 Is Chronic Stress Wiping Your Memory?
61 Why Is Salmonella So Widespread?
62 Liver Cancer Deaths Spike While Overall Cancer Deaths Fall
63 Anesthesia, Cognition and the Elderly Patient
64 How Complex Tasks Defeat Mental Blocks
65 How Much Caffeine is in that Cup of Coffee?
66 Is this Risky Stroke Treatment Still Your Best Bet?
67 Antibiotics and the Older Heart
68 Strange Side Effects for Antidepressant Users
69 How Exercise Affects Alzheimer's Risk
70 Gastric Bypass and Treating Diabetes
71 A Possible Way to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
72 Are You All Human? Your DNA Might Say Otherwise
73 How Mom's Weight Affects Her Baby
74 Pain in Her Neck
75 Which Came First--the Asthma or the Stress?
76 Drugs get Re-purposed to Fight New Deadly Viruses
77 Are Your Kids Addicted?
78 Possible Prevention Treatment for Colorectal Cancer
79 Popping the Acne Myth
80 You Are Where You Eat
81 Two Healthy Things that Shouldn't Mix
82 Nutrition Doesn't Always Help Heal
83 Walking Burns More Calories than Many Realize
84 New Treatments for Low Back Pain?
85 The Link Between Movement and Personality
86 Depressed People May Want to Take Heart
87 Pitching Injuries in the Adolescent Baseball Player
88 The Link Between Social Media and Depression
89 Relief in the Garden of Your Mind
90 A Rare Genetic Brain Disorder Gets Another Look
91 A Tale of Parasites and Rage
92 Do You See What I See?
93 What Do Nanostructures Have to do with Laundry?
94 Your Brain and God
95 Tango Your Way to a Healthy Heart
96 Americans and Healthy Lifestyles
97 How Maggots Can Affect Wound Healing
98 How Brain Health Affects Intelligence
99 Obesity Levels Raise Concerns
100 The Economic and Relationship Troubles of Heavy Pot Users
101 Zika Virus and the Fetal Brain
102 A Better Drug to Treat Heroin Addicts
103 N/A
104 N/A
105 The Ebola Emergency has Come and Gone, Now What?
106 First the Parkinson's Disease, Then Compulsive Gambling?
107 Five Healthy Benefits of Golfing
108 What Golfers Eat to Stave Off Hunger
109 A Wandering Mind: Creativity Unlocked or Zoning Out?
110 Could $1000 Be the Cost of Ending Childhood Obesity?