File Title
1 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): Medical Uses, Side Effects and Interactions
2 Aspirin benefits reaffirmed for CVD and colorectal cancer
3 Healthy adults found unaffected by their disease-inducing genetic mutations
4 Zika virus kills developing brain cells and stunts growth in lab models
5 Decrease in air pollution and respiratory symptoms in California
6 Anorexia: genetic and environmental risk factors uncovered
7 Fertility treatment, breast density and breast cancer: is there a link?
8 MS vision loss could be helped by OTC drug
9 Labor: What are the Stages of Labor?
10 Polyunsaturated or saturated fat? Old data, new conclusions
11 Insulin-producing cells grown in lab control glucose spikes in diabetic mice
12 Prostate cancer hormone therapy may increase risk of depression
13 Radiation exposure increases risk of health problems for medical staff
14 Five unusual toxic animals and their chemical weapons
15 How does LSD dissolve one's sense of self? fMRI scans reveal answer
16 What is a Cardiac Risk Calculator? What are the Best Heart Health Predictors?
17 Scans show severe brain damage in babies exposed to Zika
18 Ultrasound headset could detect athletes' concussion on the sidelines
19 The genetics of neuroticism slowly unpicked
20 Paralyzed man controls hand and fingers using brain implant
21 Protein identifies cancer cells becoming aggressive, ready to spread
22 Hepatitis C may raise risk of certain head and neck cancers
23 Expedition will test implantable biosensor on world's seventh highest mountain
24 Tobacco use in youths has remained stable since 2011, CDC report
25 Intestinal worms may prevent IBD, study suggests
26 Psoriasis severity predicts risk of abdominal aortic aneurysms
27 Psoriasis severity predicts risk of abdominal aortic aneurysms
28 Zika virus causes microcephaly and other birth defects, confirm CDC
29 Gastritis: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
30 Heartburn, stomach acid medication linked to serious kidney damage
31 How do we fall asleep and wake up? Scientists uncover key mechanism
32 Marijuana use may reduce dopamine in the brain
33 What you need to know about the weird weather in the northern US
34 As ocean acidification threatens the West Coast, a quest to stop it
35 Climate change is for, and against, the birds, say scientists
36 Did human sacrifice create social stratification?
37 Kite kids? Ancient arthropod kept offspring on a short leash--literally.
38 Where did Hannibal cross the Alps? Ancient dung may hold clues.
39 Researchers begin to crack the mystery of Laos's 'Plain of Jars'
40 Can we use 'reverse photosynthesis' to make biofuels?
41 NASA's Opportunity rover captures image of Martian dust devil
42 World's brightest X-ray to get 10,000 times brighter
43 Green sea turtles in Florida and Mexico: No longer 'endangered'
44 A surprising ally in the battle against climate change: dirt
45 Fact-checking Moby Dick: Can sperm whale foreheads sink ships?
46 Ancient supernovae showered radioactive iron on our planet, say astronomers
47 Gigantic black hole catches astronomers off guard
48 Scott Kelly to chronicle groundbreaking space station mission in new book
49 Scientists describe spiders that ensnare prey with lightning fast jaws
50 Researchers find no trace of Neanderthal Y-chromosomes in modern humans
51 Ribose, a basic ingredient for life, can arise in comets, say scientists
52 In-depth conversation can reduce anti-transgender prejudice, researchers say
53 Global warming: Why clouds may be less helpful than models forecast
54 Philosopher's Stone: Isaac Newton's alchemy recipe comes to light
55 Global warming is changing our planet's axis, say scientists
56 Isaac Newton: handwritten recipe reveals fascination with alchemy
57 NASA's Kepler telescope enters 'emergency mode.' Can it be saved?
58 Why SpaceX's rocket stage landing is such a huge deal
59 Giant spider: Another mysterious geographic feature on Pluto
60 Elon Musk: SpaceX rocket landing 'another step toward the stars'
61 Can NASA save its planet-hunting Kepler telescope?
62 SpaceX Dragon cargo ship delivers inflatable habitat to space station
63 President Obama congratulates SpaceX on rocket landing
64 Engineering feat from 75 million miles aways gets Kepler back in action
65 Newly discovered microbes expand tree of life, say scientists
66 Climate change: Small islands to face a freshwater scarcity
67 Hot super-Earths have atmospheres torn away by host stars
68 Weird 'cloud' of crabs off Panama baffles scientists (+video)
69 Sending robots to Alpha Centauri? Stephen Hawking is on it.
70 Oldest glass factory in Israel dates to 4th century AD
71 Inky the Octopus stages brazen escape from New Zealand aquarium (+video)
72 Earliest evidence of exoplanets came to light in 1917
73 Strange alignment: A group of black holes points to galaxies' beginnings
74 These Saharan ants use their silver hairs to keep cool
75 Space travel could be a breeze on solar wind
76 A Swiss forest proves that even trees can share
77 Greenland's early ice melt breaks records. What caused it?
78 How the Great Barrier Reef is going from bad to worse
79 Millions of migrating monarchs: How do they know which way to go?
80 Warming trends may have pushed Alaskan moose north
81 How a Sleepless Night Affects Your Ability to Focus
82 Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave
83 Motion Simulator Brings 4D Entertainment to Your Couch
84 Sit Up Straight! How Good Posture Benefits Your Health
85 Grilling Danger: Wire Brushes Cause Injuries, Doctors Warn
86 Distant Volcanic Roars Reveal Eruption Hazards
87 Posture Pointers: 7 Tips for Breaking Bad Habits
88 Mars Life Hunt: Could Basin Host Remains of an Ancient Biosphere?
89 Buzz Aldrin Wins March Madness Challenge
90 Tiny Ancient Creature Carried Its Babies like 'Kites'
91 Concussions and Cognitive Skills: What's the Impact?
92 The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds
93 Pug Life: Baby-Face Dogs Surge in Popularity
94 What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
95 Real-Life 'Moby-Dick'? Testing Sperm Whales' Ramming Ability
96 From Shredded C-Notes to Corn: Weird Materials Make Their Way into Cars
97 Wrong Baby Daddy? It's Not Likely, Science Says
98 After Their Egg Is Stolen, Condors Raise Foster Chick
99 Is Mysterious 'Planet Nine' Tugging on NASA Saturn Probe?
100 Fetal Tissue Controversy: How These Cells Are Used in Research
101 Think Fast! Caffeine Speeds Up Older Adults' Reaction Time
102 Are You Impulsive? Maybe Your Brain Is to Blame
103 Preserved Poop Points the Way to General Hannibal's Historic Path
104 Reference: Facts About Elk
105 Ancient Bronze Shovel May Have Been Used in Jewish Cultic Rituals
106 Medieval Metal Whip, Used During Black Death, Found in Abbey
107 Woman's Weight-Loss Surgery Leads to Vision Loss
108 Street Heroin Use Could Be Curbed with Morphine-Like Drug
109 Mysterious Plain of Jars Site Holds Human Remains
110 Clearing the Air, China Now Leads World in Clean Energy (Op-Ed)