File Title
1 Israel's Oldest Glass Factory Discovered to Be 1,600 Years Old
2 Evolution of Island Birds May Be Predictable: How Birds Become Flightless
3 Island Nations Are in for an Exceptionally Dry Future
4 Calcium Isotope Brings Scientists Closer to Determining Mass of Mysterious Neutrinos
5 Alien Life Could Be Breathing Iron, According to NASA Studies
6 Mapping Software Identifies Viable Habitat for Critically Endangered Species
7 Clay Inscriptions Suggest Bible Was Written Earlier than Previously Thought
8 Alaska's Juneau Icefield Could Be Gone by 2200 if Climate Change Continues to Increase
9 Inky the Octopus Escapes to Ocean from New Zealand Aquarium [VIDEO]
10 Earliest Evidence of Exoplanets Was Unknowingly Discovered 100 Years Ago
11 Scientists Discover Mysterious Supermassive Black Hole Alignment Not Predicted in Theories
12 Dry Landscapes Gave Rise to Fire Use Among Early Humans
13 Very Large Telescope Captures Spectacular New Image of Galaxy Cluster
14 Wolverine Protection Changes Meaning of Endangered Species Act
15 Oxygen May Play Major Role in Containing Coal Ash Contamination
16 Laughter Can Help You Identify Your True Friends
17 Secure Quantum Information System Created by Scientists for Quantum Computing
18 Scientists Discover New Species of Extinct Rodent in Israel 18 Millions Years Later [PHOTO]
19 Fast Food May Expose You to Harmful Chemicals
20 China's Role in Genetic Modification and Human Cloning Becoming Clear with Recent Experiments
21 Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels May Threaten Pollen's Protein and Impact Honeybees
22 Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Populations Increase by 35 Percent
23 'Godzilla' Iguana Captured in Waters of Galapagos Islands [VIDEO]
24 Mysterious State of Superconducting Matter Discovered 50 Years After Being Predicted
25 Baby Dolphin Deaths Linked to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
26 Dramatic Tropical Glacier Retreat Revealed in Pleaides Satellite Images
27 NASA's Massive Solar Sail Hopes to Reach Outer Edge of Solar System in 10 Years
28 Optimized Fertility Needed to Save Endangered Sumatran Rhinos
29 Greenland's Ice Sheet Started Melting Unseasonably Early this Week
30 Humans May Be the New Supercomputer; Video Gamers Solve Quantum Physics Mystery
31 20th Century Warming May Have Caused Moose to Colonize Alaskan Tundra
32 Humans May Be Monogamous Due to Sexually Transmitted Infections
33 Saharan Silver Ants Use Hairs to Reflect Desert Sun
34 Couple Discovers Rare Piece of Whale Vomit Worth Up to $70,000
35 Dwarf Dark Galaxy Discovered in ALMA Gravitational Lens Image
36 Supernova Iron Discovered on Earth's Moon from Ancient Exploding Star
37 Scientists Discover Rare DNA Transfer of 'Genomic Parasites' Between Animals and Plants
38 Flexible Camera Captures Images in Wider Field of View [VIDEO]
39 How Deep-Sea Creatures Survived the Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid
40 Heated Rocks May Have Jumpstarted Life on Ancient Earth
41 Stillbirth risk could be halved with seasonal flu shot during pregnancy
42 Oral health and cognitive decline may be related
43 Sex After Pregnancy: When Can I Resume Intercourse?
44 Clues to celiac disease found in 'junk RNA'
45 Brain study yields clues about 'natural forgetting of long-term memories'
46 Zika test for donated blood given green light by FDA
47 Are we programmed to like or not like exercise before we are born?
48 Daily coffee, even decaf, may protect against colorectal cancer
49 Obesity now more prevalent worldwide than underweight
50 Cigarette smoking alters the mouth microbiota
51 High-protein diet may explain anatomical differences of Neanderthals
52 Apple- or pear-shaped? Your answer may affect your heart disease risk
53 Treating depression may reduce heart disease risk
54 Toxoplasmosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
55 Vitamin D levels could predict risk of poor cardiovascular health
56 Apple's new CareKit will help patients monitor medical conditions
57 'Good' cholesterol may not always protect against heart disease
58 Our travel history may be in our viruses
59 Skin with hair follicles and glands grown in lab
60 Oxytocin nasal spray: how can it help curb obesity?
61 Higher calcium intake 'may protect seniors from CVD, but not stroke, fractures'
62 Virtual consultations vary in quality of care
63 More than half of fentanyl patch prescription use remains unsafe
64 Gluten: What Is Gluten? Facts, Foods and Allergies
65 New obesity treatment shows real promise
66 Daily vitamin D-3 supplementation may benefit heart failure patients
67 Enlarged prostate: new procedure shows promise in reducing nighttime waking
68 Stimulation of deep brain structure may ease chronic pain
69 How can red wine help the gut microbiome to prevent heart disease?
70 Choir singing may boost cancer patients' health, well-being
71 The neuroscience of impulse and addiction
72 Irregular heartbeat risk increases for 1 year after death of a partner
73 DiGeorge Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
74 Highly processed carbohydrates impact cancer risk
75 Suicidal thinking affects 'significant minority' of US veterans
76 Insulin costs in the US have tripled in a decade
77 Hookah smokers: even light use causes lung abnormalities
78 Sit-stand desks: do they prevent the harms of prolonged sitting?
79 High-fat diet can alter the cellular body clock
80 Global levels of diabetes soar, says biggest ever study
81 Incredible brain-controlling microscope revealed
82 Hemp: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
83 Cardiac arrest: new studies question clinical practice
84 Gum disease may be treatable with bioceramic material
85 HIV vaccine possibility following study of 'antibodies with loops'
86 The doctor's bag is getting a digital makeover
87 The health hazards of space travel
88 Eating fresh fruits daily may reduce your risk of cardiovascular death
89 Tracking of therapeutic stem cells reveals no cancer risk
90 Reiki: What Is It and Does It Work?
91 Kidneys' circadian clock regulates drug disposition, blood component levels
92 Why white matter matters in insomnia
93 Cancer risk falls with higher levels of vitamin D
94 Researchers develop supersensitive biosensor for cancer
95 Obesity and gestational diabetes linked to excessive fetal growth
96 Wisdom influenced by heart rate variability
97 Cardiac contractions and feelings of familiarity linked
98 Kids' meals still too high in fat and sodium
99 Lithium brings anti-aging drugs a step closer
100 Going to a rock concert? Remember to take your earplugs
101 Marriage may prolong cancer survival, but why?
102 Psilocybin: What are Magic Mushrooms? Effects and Risks
103 Spinal injury scars appear to help, not hinder, nerve regrowth
104 Clinicians experience trauma when childbirth goes wrong
105 Platelet production on large scale steps closer with new stem cell method
106 Zika linked to another brain disorder in new study
107 Job-seeking smokers earn less money than nonsmokers
108 Life expectancy depends on wealth and where you live
109 Live music shown to reduce stress hormones
110 Neanderthal extinction may have been result of humans bringing diseases out of Africa