File Title
1 Climate Change Threatens Trillions of Dollars of Financial Assets
2 Alaska Volcanic Eruptions Can Be Revealed Through Distant Volcanic Roars, Study Says
3 Ancient 'Kite Runner' Carried Offspring Tethered to Its Body
4 NASA Satellite Images Map Undergound Forest Fungi Networks from Space
5 Mysterious Fast Radio Burst 'Afterglow' Was a Supermassive Black Hole
6 'Topsy Turvy' Ocean Circulation of Faraway Planets Examined by Scientists
7 World's Largest Primates Threatened by Raging African Wars
8 Climate Change Is Already Altering Ocean Chemistry on West Coast
9 World's Smallest Diode Created Using Single DNA Molecule
10 Crocodilian Jaws Have Surprising Feature for Extremely Powerful Bites
11 Climate Change Threatens Human Health in Big Ways, New Assessment Discovers
12 Human Sacrifice Played Key Role in Shaping Modern Societies
13 Reverse Photosynthesis Is 'Game Changer' for Creating Biofuels
14 El Nino Has Major Impact on Oceanic Food Web by Limiting Phytoplankton [VIDEO]
15 Fat Stunts the Growth of Caterpillars; Metabolic Processes Investigated
16 Scientists Cool Quantum Liquid Using Laser Light Beam
17 China Research Team Plans to Work on Gravitational Wave Detection Project
18 Ancient Mars May Have Been Able to Support Alien Life After Massive Bombardment
19 Expandable Astronaut Habitats: How Close Are We to Space Hotels?
20 Mars Rover Spots Dust Devil Twirling in the Distance
21 Beach Replenishment Can Have Negative Impact on Coastal Ecosystems
22 Surviving a Mass Extinction: Live Fast and Die Young
23 Sperm Whale May Have Evolved a Forehead for Ramming in Combat
24 Gravitational Wave Research Reveals Secrets of Galaxy Evolution and Mergers
25 World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Set for Major Upgrade [VIDEO]
26 How Do We Help the Countries Most Vulnerable to Climate Change?
27 Fiddler Crabs Call Opponent's Bluff During Territorial Disputes
28 New Horizons Provides Glimpse into Unexplored Space Environments
29 Pluto's Heavy Heart May Have Tipped Tiny World in Distant Past, Study Says
30 Green Sea Turtles of Florida, Mexico Reclassified from Endangered to Threatened
31 Cold Mountain Streams Offer Climate Refuge to Species Escaping Warm Temperatures
32 Six 'Extraordinary' Dragon Millipedes Discovered in Chinese Caves
33 Stolen Dinosaur Fossils and Eggs Returned to Mongolia by United States
34 Young Jupiter Analog Discovered Floating Freely in Our Solar System
35 World's Fastest Electron Diffraction Captures Atom Motion in Gases [VIDEO]
36 Japanese Spacecraft Almost Ready for Venus Mission
37 Ancient Supernovae Showered Earth with Radioactive Stardust 2 Million Years Ago
38 How Insects Heal Their Broken 'Bones' with Internal Bandages
39 Supermassive Black Holes May Be More Common than Previously Thought
40 NASA's 'Hubble Repairman' John Grunsfeld Announces Retirement
41 Loggerhead Turtles Dying at Concerning Rate in Mediterranean Habitats
42 Drones Equipped with 'Insect Vision' Fly Independently
43 Ancient Reptile Fossils Show How Dinosaur Hatchlings Matured
44 Study Reveals First Microbial Life Buried Deep Beneath Ocean Floor
45 Extreme Solar Storms Could Knock Out Communications; Conference Highlights Necessity of Preparation
46 Scientists Shed Light on Rare Brown Dwarf; Reveal Mass, Age and Composition [PHOTO]
47 Half of World Heritage Sites Threatened by Industrial Activities, WWF Says
48 Reducing Food Waste on Global Scale May Combat Climate Change, Study Says
49 What's It Really like to Be a NASA Astronaut?
50 Genes that Drive Regeneration May Be Hidden in Humans: Regrowing Cells and Limbs
51 Tiny Trap-Jaw Spiders, Fastest Known on Earth, Strike Prey with Lightning Speed
52 Great Lakes: Invasive Fish Wreaking Havoc on Endemic Mollusks
53 Scientists Store Digital Images in DNA with New Technique
54 Climate Change Models Overestimate Clouds' Power to Prevent Global Warming
55 Neanderthal Y Chromosome Genes May Have Been Incompatible with Humans
56 Comets Seeded Life on Earth with Ribose and Essential Building Blocks
57 Nanophotonic Chip Controls Light, Could Further Understanding of Black Hole Evolution
58 Neutron Stars: New Formula Predicts When They Will Collapse into Black Holes
59 Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Accelerated by Ancient Geothermal Hot Spots
60 Primate Evolution in the Fast Lane: These Species Evolve More Quickly
61 Robot 'Artist' Can Spray Paint Stunning, Giant Murals
62 Isaac Newton's Secret Alchemy Recipe Rediscovered
63 Evolution of Titi Monkeys More Diverse than Previously Thought
64 Quantum Computing: Neutron 'Splashes' Reveal Exotic Particle Signature
65 Controversial Mining Project Approved Near Great Barrier Reef
66 Face-To-Face Conversations Can Reduce Transgender Prejudice
67 'Planet Nine': What Does It Look Like? [PHOTO]
68 Ancient Fossils May Be Discovered with New Model that Predicts Their Hiding Places
69 Pluto's 'Spider' Discovered by NASA's New Horizons Team [PHOTO]
70 How the Ancient Maya Civilization Conserved Water with Residential Water Tanks
71 Scientists Now Drilling into Dinosaur-Killing Extinction Crater in Mexico
72 New Interactive Screens Created to Put on Packaged Products
73 Bill Nye Says Millennials Could Force Republicans to Address Climate Change
74 NASA's Kepler Set for New Mission: Hunting for Orphan Worlds
75 Endangered Species Act Candidates: Are They Getting Prioritized?
76 Clathrate Ices Discovered in Comet 67P Could Shed Light on Solar System Formation
77 Wine Yeast Genomes Lack Diversity: Big Taste, Yet Small Variety
78 Moss Reveals Staggering Concentration of Cadmium Air Pollution
79 'Climate-Smart Soils' Could Help Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions
80 Easter Island: Climate, Ecology, Culture Help Explain Civilization's Disappearance
81 Spectacular Space Image of Red Rectangle Captured by NASA/ESA Hubble Telescope
82 Mission Emergency Declared for NASA Kepler Spacecraft 75 Million Miles from Earth
83 NASA's Cassini Saturn Spacecraft Not Affected by Planet Nine
84 Metal Foam Armor Turns Bullets into Dust upon Impact [VIDEO]
85 Climate Change Is Shifting North Pole Towards England, NASA Says
86 Arctic Summers Were Ice-Free 10 Million Years Ago
87 California's Lake Shasta Fills to Historic Capacity Thanks to El Nino Storms
88 Hot Super-Earth Planets Have Their Atmospheres Blasted Away by Host Stars
89 Wild Tiger Populations Increasing for First Time in a Century
90 Neanderthals May Have Been Doomed by Humans with Infectious African Diseases
91 Pool Frogs Take Full Advantage of Warm Weather in Sweden
92 'Missing' Brown Dwarfs Hidden in Our Cosmic Neighborhood Discovered by Scientists
93 Cigarette Smoke and the Flu May Cause Lung Medications to Fail Those with COPD
94 Earth's Ancient Geological Past May Help Predict Future Volcanic Eruptions
95 Sharks Face Mounting Pressures from Finning Industry in Indonesia
96 Chinese Scientists Use CRISPR to Genetically Modify Human Embryos
97 Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: The Color-Changing Comet
98 Brazilian Bees Threatened by Common Copper Sulfate Fertilizers
99 Sand Dune that Mysteriously Swallowed Boy Remains Closed
100 World's Longest Snake Dies Shortly After Capture Near Malaysia Construction Site
101 Planetary Nebulae's Cosmic Distances from Earth Revealed with New Technique
102 New Tool Reveals Exoplanets Orbiting Small Stars
103 Scientists Create Solar Panel that Generates Power from Raindrops
104 Humanoid Robot and Computer Avatars May Help Patients with Social Disorders
105 NASA Kepler Planet-Hunting Spacecraft Recovers from Emergency Mode
106 RedWorks: Startup Develops 3-D Printing System to Create Homes During Mars Colonization
107 Climate Change and Copper May Be Dooming Amphibians to Extinction
108 Massive Swarm of Red Crabs Spotted Off Panama Coast [VIDEO]
109 Breakthrough Starshot: Stephen Hawking and Billionaire Team Set to Explore Space with Nanocraft
110 Tree of Life Revised with Addition of More than 1,000 New Species