File Title
1 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
2 Pharaoh Ramesses III Killed by Multiple Assailants, Radiologist Says
3 8 Lion-Headed Goddess Statues Found in Egypt
4 Why You Probably Can't Trust Fitness Tracker Calorie Estimates
5 Is the Bermuda Triangle Really Dangerous?
6 New Patch Analyzes Sweat to Detect Blood Sugar Levels
7 High Anxiety Risk in Adolescence Linked to One Gene
8 Reference: What Is Plate Tectonics?
9 Risky Behavior Is 'Contagious,' Study Finds
10 'Boaty McBoatface' Tops Poll to Name Polar Research Vessel
11 Incoming Comet to Buzz Earth in Historic Close Flyby
12 Reference: The Four Seasons: Change Marks the Passing of a Year
13 Moderate Drinking Has No Health Benefits, Large Review of Studies Concludes
14 Reference: What Is Virtual Reality?
15 New 3D View of Richard III's Humble Grave Revealed
16 Ancient Mini Weapons Likely Made to Please Gods
17 What Really Causes Alzheimer's? New Idea Points to Germs
18 How to Avoid Zika on Spring Break
19 Birds Use Alligators as Bodyguards
20 Former Toronto Mayor Dies of Rare Cancer: What Is Pleomorphic Liposarcoma?1
21 Mindfulness Meditation May Reduce Low Back Pain
22 Reference: Human Heart: Anatomy, Function & Facts
23 Butchered Bear Pushes Back Human Arrival on Ireland
24 Physicists Unleash AI to Devise Unthinkable Experiments
25 Dracula Science: How Long Does It Take for a Vampire to Drain Blood?
26 50 Interesting Facts About Earth
27 Is 'Cat Litter' Parasite Making You a Rageaholic?
28 Weird Animal Facts
29 Sunken Pirate Ship from Explorer Vasco da Gama's Fleet Discovered
30 World's Largest Aircraft Readies for Takeoff
31 Reference: Bladder: Facts, Function & Disease
32 Live Sumatran Rhino Captured in Indonesia
33 Reference: Facts About Rhinos
34 Elusive Marbled Cats Secretly Photographed in Borneo
35 Exercise May Stave Off Cognitive Decline
36 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man's Brain
37 Reference: What Are Triglycerides?
38 WWII-Era Bell from Sunken Japanese Submarine Recovered
39 Affordable Hypersonic Jets Could Be High-Flying Reality by 2023
40 Jesus' Last Supper Menu Revealed in Archaeology Study
41 NASA: New Mars Gravity Map Is the Best Ever
42 Reference: Facts About Flight 370: Passengers, Crew & Aircraft
43 How the Moon Moved: Lunar Poles Have Wandered
44 Reference: Vasco da Gama: Facts & Biography
45 Debris Belongs to Doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Experts Say
46 Women with Oral HPV also Usually Have Vaginal HPV
47 Porn Website Launches New Virtual Reality Section
48 Zika Virus Was in Brazil a Year Before It Was Detected
49 Isaac Newton's Recipe for Magical 'Philosopher's Stone' Rediscovered
50 Print Your Hike! 3D Keepsakes Memorialize Mountain Conquests
51 Tiny Artificial Life: Lab-Made Bacterium Sports Smallest Genome Yet
52 Prolonged daily sitting linked to 3.8 percent of all-cause deaths
53 Change by the bundle: Study shows people are capable of multiple, simultaneous life changes
54 Concert hall acoustics influence the emotional impact of music
55 Sleep tight, fruit fly: Scientists find gene responsible for sleep deprivation and metabolic disorders
56 Efficient methane C-H bond activation achieved for the first time
57 Deadly stars: Our sun could also be superflare star
58 Earth's moon wandered off axis billions of years ago
59 Quasars slowed star formation, new research shows
60 Blind cavefish can walk and climb waterfalls like four-footed mammals and amphibians
61 Land bridges linking ancient India, Eurasia were 'freeways' for biodiversity exchange
62 First evidence found that 'cryptic female choice' is adaptive
63 Scientists part the clouds on how droplets form
64 One atom can make a difference: Hydrogen-bonding pairing helps design better drugs to neutralize gut
65 Self-repairing cancer cells future of cancer treatments
66 Increased vitamin C in the diet could help protect against cataracts
67 Botswana study shows 96 percent rate of viral suppression for patients on HIV drugs
68 Boost fundraising with something simple: Sandpaper
69 Prenatal steroids reduce risk of brain bleeding in preemies, Stanford study finds
70 New imaging scans track down persistent cancer cells
71 PTSD may affect blood vessel health in veterans
72 Simple solutions for overweight kids to lose weight as the weather warms up
73 Losing weight with a high-protein diet can help adults sleep better
74 Common plastics chemical BPA linked to preterm birth
75 Chinese traditional medicines: Do you know what you are buying?
76 Moving microswimmers using magnetic vortices
77 Live-imaging technique for mice seen as boost to studies of brain function, development
78 Autonomous Cloud Seeding Aircraft Successfully Tested in Nevada
79 Solar cell material can recycle light to boost efficiency
80 Timeless thoughts on the definition of time
81 Magnetar could have boosted explosion of extremely bright supernova
82 Tracing star formation rates in distant galaxies
83 New way to determine the age of stars?
84 Could free streaming ultimately cost consumers?
85 Phone-based laser rangefinder works outdoors
86 Read my lips: New technology spells out what's said when audio fails
87 Electronic counterpart to ecological models revealed
88 Micro-sanctuaries key to survival of wildlife in human-dominated landscapes
89 Cells in standby mode
90 Antarctic birds recognize individual humans
91 New knowledge for managing tree-killing bark beetles
92 Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release
93 Renewable energy investments: Major milestones reached, new world record set
94 Storing extra surface water boosts groundwater supply during droughts
95 Working to save endangered species in Nicaragua
96 Metallic ink revealed in Herculaneum papyri
97 The first 3-D atlas of the extinct dodo
98 Discovery of extinct bat doubles diversity of native Hawaiian land mammals
99 World first as 3,000-year-old Chinese oracle bones go 3D
100 Economic analysis of PSA screening, selective treatment strategies
101 Research shows potential for emergence of new Ebola virus that causes disease in humans
102 Wildfire map reveals countries in Europe most at risk of catastrophic fire damage
103 International trade damages tropical nature, study shows
104 Academic superheroes? A critical analysis of academic job descriptions
105 Dutch students' grades lower due to lack of sleep
106 College can cultivate innovative entrepreneurial intentions
107 Forgetting to learn: Neural mechanisms in mouse brains indicate that we actively forget as we learn
108 Shuffling may be best cybersecurity defense
109 Even 'diversity-friendly' employers discriminate against racial minority job seekers
110 Communicating vehicles could ease through intersections more efficiently, study finds