File Title
1 Leaf mysteries revealed through the computer's eye
2 Giant reed is a photosynthetic outlier, study finds
3 Trust your aha! moments, experiments show they're probably right
4 Advocates call on all candidates running for national office to provide detailed plans on advancing research and innovation
5 Improving modern vaccines--sugar polymer tails wag the protein dog
6 'Female traders can reduce market crashes,' says University of Leicester research
7 CNIO scientists have discovered a code of signals that regulates genome duplication
8 Even plant-supporting soil fungi affected by global warming, UCI study finds
9 Surgical tools made smaller with origami to make surgery less invasive
10 Cellular aging process unexpectedly enhances insulin secretion
11 Mutated gene safeguards against heart attacks
12 A toxic byproduct of hemoglobin could provide treatments for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
13 Preemies' gut bacteria reveal vast scope of antibiotic resistance
14 Scaling up tissue engineering
15 Catholic schools that fail to serve fast-growing Hispanic population put futures at risk
16 Down the drain: Here's why we should use rainwater to flush toilets
17 Team finds new approach to curbing cancer cell growth
18 Clinician communication reduced distress related to the detection of incidental nodules
19 New findings suggest severe tornado outbreaks are increasingly common
20 Penn professor urges physicians to help victims of torture seeking asylum
21 Combining 2 techniques to 'rewire' the brain may improve arm and hand movement for stroke survivors
22 Hop, skip and a jump: CU-Boulder researchers reveal molecular search patterns
23 New York harbor's oyster beds once protected against severe storm and extreme wave damage
24 'Tommy John' reconstructive surgeries on the rise among young athletes
25 Immune factor allows viral infections to become chronic
26 Molecule induces lifesaving sleep in worms
27 International research team achieves controlled movement of skyrmions
28 Penn researchers identify cause of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics
29 Lack of stem cells to blame for recurrent miscarriages
30 Liposomes cannot penetrate the skin
31 Too many avoidable errors in patient care, says report
32 VCU scientists work to bring about a new treatment for rare childhood cancer
33 Alzheimer's more versatile than previously known
34 Gambling our way against climate change
35 Bid to beat baby chest infection boosted by immune study
36 AI crossword-solving application could make machines better at understanding language
37 This week in BMJ Case Reports: Rugby injuries, dental infection, harms of poppers
38 High white blood cell ratio linked to recurrence risk in early stage breast cancer
39 Antibiotics use affects the abundance of resistant bacteria in soil
40 Immunology meets single-cell sequencing
41 Scientists solved the weather and wind mystery of the capsized cruise ship Oriental Star
42 New mothers with postpartum psychiatric disorders face increased risk of suicide: Study
43 Fish populations revealed through seawater analysis
44 New evidence supports grapes' benefits to eye health
45 Teen girls see big drop in chemical exposure with switch in cosmetics
46 Time to rethink your vegetable oil?
47 Fighting food poisoning in Las Vegas with machine learning
48 Iowa State engineers develop flexible skin that traps radar waves, cloaks objects
49 Overconfidence linked to one's view of intelligence
50 Zebrafish and humans have new biomedical friend in the spotted gar
51 Quality of life not notably better for women choosing double mastectomy
52 Scientists tap the smarts of mice, capture problem-solving in action
53 Huntington's disease gene dispensable in adult mice
54 Faults control the amount of water into the Earth during continental breakup
55 Variation in medical marijuana program regulations impacts enrollment
56 Daily dose of antibiotics helps bacteria develop multi-drug tolerance
57 Blood test may give early warning of skin cancer relapse
58 Novel molecular processes controlling key genes in prostate cancer uncovered
59 Researchers take giant step towards 'holy grail' of silicon photonics
60 Non-natural biomedical polymers produced from microorganisms
61 Skin cancer: To each tumor its particularities, to each tumor its treatment
62 'Person-on-a-chip': U of T engineers grow 3-D heart, liver tissues for better drug testing
63 Holding mirror to docs who overprescribe addictive drugs doesn't stem prescriptions
64 Where prostate cancer spreads in the body affects survival time
65 Predicting avoidable 30-day readmissions
66 Neighborhood features associated with decreased odds of homicide in adolescents
67 Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may increase risk of MS in children
68 Mercury's mysterious 'darkness' revealed
69 Study suggests impact of climate change on agriculture may be underestimated
70 New study finds troubling health care outcomes for US workers without paid sick leave
71 Urgent need to transform key food producing regions in Africa by 2025
72 Retail clinics may increase health spending, study finds
73 Could cutting urban blight reduce teen murders?
74 Potential Western Atlantic spawning area found for Atlantic bluefin tuna
75 The brain's gardeners: Immune cells 'prune' connections between neurons
76 Scientists map roots of premeditated, violent 'intent' in animal brain
77 How rivers of hot ash and gas move when a supervolcano erupts
78 Shipwrecks, tree rings reveal Caribbean hurricanes in buccaneer era
79 Songbirds pinpoint effects of Huntington's disease
80 Lung cancer screening: New Canadian guideline
81 N95 respirators v. surgical masks: Protecting health workers from respiratory infections
82 Urinary tract infection: How bacteria nestle in
83 The expansion of the universe simulated
84 American Statistical Association releases statement on statistical significance and p-values
85 UVA scientists use synthetic gene and magnets to alter behavior of mice, fish
86 Scientists reveal how animals find their way 'in the dark'
87 Fungus that threatens chocolate forgoes sexual reproduction for cloning
88 'Watchdog' for greenhouse gas emissions
89 Caught for the first time: The early flash of an exploding star
90 Improving benchtop particle accelerators
91 Black fever beats drugs by adding just two DNA bases to its genome
92 New chemistries found for liquid batteries
93 Astronomers found a star with a record variation period
94 New MD Anderson-developed breast cancer staging system emphasizes importance of tumor biology as prognostic indicator
95 New gene identified as cause, early indicator of breast cancer
96 Capturing the acid-base reactions in alcohol
97 Researchers track neural stem cells by coloring chicken eggs from the inside
98 York University astrophysicists detect ultra-fast winds near supermassive black hole
99 Island foxes may need genetic rescue
100 Tiny, ancient galaxy preserves record of catastrophic event
101 Video: Morphing metal shapes future of soft robotics
102 Human carbon release rate is unprecedented in the past 66 million years of Earth's history
103 Record-breaking ultraviolet winds discovered near black hole
104 New way to control particle motions on 2-D materials
105 Lighting up disease-carrying mosquitoes
106 Survival of the hardest working
107 Technicolor zebrafish reveal how skin heals
108 Skin regeneration in technicolor
109 Study shows precision medicine's potential to define the genetics of autoimmune disease
110 Lehigh scientists extend the reach of single crystals