File Title
1 Ibuprofen doesn't increase bleeding risk after plastic surgery
2 Experience in Afghanistan highlights plastic surgeons' role in combat trauma surgery
3 'Revolutionary future' for contact lenses--drug delivery, disease monitoring and more
4 Study: State-level public corruption affects firm value, transparency
5 MicroRNA controls growth in highly aggressive B-cell lymphomas
6 Climate change drives UK wine production but not without weather shocks
7 Planet formation in Earth-like orbit around a young star
8 What's holding black entrepreneurs back?
9 Freezing plants to predict the fate of the Arctic
10 New genus of treehopper named after Selena Quintanilla, the queen of Tejano music
11 New method measures the risk of type 2 diabetes in blood
12 Researchers discover ways to improve red tide predictions
13 Colonists' religious architecture influenced by Maya traditions
14 Harlequin ladybirds are conquering the world at great speed
15 Aplidin shows positive results in pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial for multiple myeloma
16 Designing gene therapy
17 Imitating movements could help Alzheimer's patients
18 Thrill of the hunt motivates some to buy counterfeit goods
19 Remote eye gaze tracking as a marker for autism
20 Prey scarcity and competition led to extinction of ancient monster shark
21 New insights in cancer therapy from cell death research
22 RUB researchers use cyanobacteria for the production of chemicals
23 Roadmap: Global research data management advisory platform combines DMPTool and DMPonline
24 Infants born prematurely may show less interest in others
25 'Precision medicine' brings new relief for old diseases
26 Handheld surgical 'pen' prints human stem cells
27 'Cancer gene' twice as likely to be defective in children with autism
28 Study: Is your political ideology in your head?
29 How the brain processes emotions
30 Living off the fat of the land
31 Urine test improves prediction of high-grade prostate cancer
32 NTU scientists discover way to improve effectiveness of antibiotics
33 Researchers map climate patterns on 'super-Earth'
34 'Homing turtles' go back to familiar grounds
35 Opioid relapse rates fall with use of medication for adults in criminal justice system
36 Cold front: ONR researchers explore arctic land and sea at Navy ICEX
37 Open-access article on masked chafer grubs in turfgrass explains management techniques
38 New compounds may aid in development of targeted therapies for a rare pediatric cancer
39 A cheaper, lighter moth trap may make citizen science projects more affordable
40 Altered brain communication could be predictive marker of dementia in Parkinson's disease
41 Tracking 'marine heatwaves' since 1950--and how the 'blob' stacks up
42 Rethinking induced seismicity
43 Tracking deer by NASA satellite
44 Second quantum revolution a reality with chip-based atomic physics
45 Penn researchers move one step closer to sustainable hydrogen production
46 Long-acting treatment for opioid addiction reduced risk of relapse
47 Managing migraine during pregnancy and lactation
48 Researchers uncover key scientific and statistical errors in obesity studies
49 Teens are gambling online at a significantly higher rate than previously reported
50 No snow, no hares: Climate change pushes emblematic species north
51 Generating good fat by pushing the right buttons
52 Exercise keeps muscles--and you--young: Study
53 New research--9 laws particularly effective in reducing underage drinking fatalities
54 Molecular-scale ALD discovery could have industrial-sized impact
55 Laser reveals water's secret life in soil
56 Study finds wide-reaching impact of nitrogen deposition on plants
57 The ocean below
58 'Community solar' systems may add savings to local, cooperative energy projects
59 Seventh-graders learn astrophysics through mixed-reality computer simulation
60 Even seizure-free, children with epilepsy can face social problems as adults
61 Better outreach and employer engagement critical to New Jersey paid family leave program
62 Asthma-free? Maybe Mom experienced a sunny second trimester
63 New state of matter detected in a two-dimensional material
64 Touching a robot can elicit physiological arousal in humans
65 NUS-led research team discovers novel way of transferring magnetic information
66 Study: Elevated levels of inflammation marker offsets benefits of good cholesterol
67 Evacetrapib impacts cholesterol but doesn't reduce cardiovascular events
68 Study supports broader use of statins in intermediate-risk populations
69 Evacetrapib fails to reduce major adverse cardiovascular events
70 Summer melt-driven streams on Greenland's ice sheet brought into focus
71 Researchers document how broadbills make loud wing song
72 Plant gases can counteract Arctic climate change
73 Insulator-superconductor transition of copper-oxide compound studied in fine detail
74 Presently recommended exercise levels may be much more than needed for significant health benefits
75 Exercise counteracts sitting time
76 A real Peter Rabbit tale: Biologists find key to myxoma virus/rabbit coevolution
77 Few children get 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity daily
78 Sweet technique finds cause of sour oil and gas
79 Multitasking New Horizons observed solar wind changes on journey to Pluto
80 NASAs New Horizons fills gap in space environment observations
81 Breaking metamaterial symmetry with reflected light
82 A movie of the microworld: Physicists create nanoparticle picture series
83 Cooling chips with the flip of a switch
84 Back to basics with thermoelectric power
85 NREL raises rooftop photovoltaic technical potential estimate
86 NREL reveals potential for capturing waste heat via nanotubes
87 Cold mountain streams offer climate refuge: Future holds hope for biodiversity
88 Fossil discovery suggests size poor predictor of maturity in ancient reptiles
89 'Forgotten' fish turns up in West Texas
90 BEAT hunger with safe, nonsurgical weight loss treatment
91 Early data from clinical trial indicates safety and efficacy of new weight loss procedure
92 In some men, taking testosterone while dieting may help lose fat, not muscle
93 Few patients use weight-loss medications despite FDA approval
94 Penn researchers find similar outcomes for patients with severe aortic stenosis who undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement or surgery
95 Anti-inflammatory drug does not reduce risk of major CV events following heart attack
96 Higher volume of TAVR boosts key in-hospital outcomes
97 Penn researchers find transcatheter aortic valve replacement better for patients with severe aortic stenosis
98 Rates of death and stroke equivalent for surgery and TAVR at 2 years
99 SAPIEN 3 improves outcomes for major endpoints at 1 year
100 IV beta blockers before angioplasty are safe, but offer no clinical benefit
101 Deferred stenting shows no clinical benefit
102 No improvement in clinical outcomes with ischemic postconditioning
103 New study adds key piece to autism puzzle
104 African wars endanger world's largest gorilla subspecies
105 Earth's internal heat drives rapid ice flow and subglacial melting in Greenland
106 New understanding of liquid-like materials to solid state transition discovered
107 Hybrid system could cut coal-plant emissions in half
108 How crispy is your bonbon?
109 Queen's University microbiologists unmask the Hannibal route enigma
110 World's smallest diode, developed by U. of Georgia and Ben-Gurion U.