File Title
1 Ames Laboratory physicists discover new material that may speed computing
2 Researchers find key to zinc rich plants to combat malnutrition
3 Scientists uncover what makes plants 'clot'
4 New way to smell a rat means end for rodents
5 Researchers generate clean energy using bacteria-powered solar panel
6 Combined effects of copper, climate change can be deadly for amphibians, research finds
7 Study finds unexpected long-range particle interactions
8 Handwriting analysis provides clues for dating of old testament texts
9 Study: More than 40 percent of retired NFL players had brain injury
10 Antibiotic resistance genes increasing
11 The 6 elements of an effective apology, according to science
12 The brain on LSD revealed: First scans show how the drug affects the brain
13 Economic development does mean greater carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
14 Bringing the landslide laboratory to remote regions
15 Will raindrops stick to a spider web's threads?
16 The pyrophilic primate
17 Tropical birds develop 'superfast' wing muscles for mating, not flying
18 How the ant queen gets her crown: Uncovering the evolution of queen-worker differences
19 Research reveals trend in bird-shape evolution on islands
20 1917 astronomical plate has first-ever evidence of exoplanetary system
21 Swarming red crabs documented on video
22 Zika virus may now be tied to another brain disease
23 Application of novel alignment-free sequence descriptors in Zika virus characterization
24 Neanderthals may have been infected by diseases carried out of Africa by humans
25 Changing monsoon patterns, more rain contribute to lower tea yield in Chinese provinces
26 New magnetism research brings high-temp superconductivity applications closer
27 Scientists discover how Chinese medicinal plant makes anti-cancer compound
28 Shorter, intensive radiation can be recommended in early prostate cancer
29 HIV can develop resistance to CRISPR/Cas9
30 Scientists invent robotic 'artist' that spray paints giant murals
31 A newly discovered way for cells to die
32 The future is here: Interactive screens on your packages
33 Clearing the way for real-world applications of superhydrophobic surfaces
34 Physicists discover flaws in superconductor theory
35 Restoring ecosystems--how to learn from our mistakes
36 New models predicting where to find fossils
37 Astrophysicists find triple star system with 'hot Jupiter'
38 Common prostate cancer treatments suppress immune response and may promote relapse
39 Quantum dots enhance light-to-current conversion in layered semiconductors
40 The Lancet: Number of adults with diabetes reaches 422 million worldwide
41 Marine reserves are critical for coral reef resilience
42 Microbes take center stage in workings of 'the river's liver'
43 Study suggests epiregulin as a target in lung cancer
44 'Liquid biopsy' blood test detects genetic mutations in common form of lung cancer
45 Argentinian researchers develop trap for mosquito that transmits Zika
46 Yeast against the machine: Bakers' yeast could improve diagnosis
47 Wine yeast genomes lack diversity
48 UW team stores digital images in DNA--and retrieves them perfectly
49 Smithsonian and collaborators find that trap-jaw spiders strike prey with lightning speed
50 These trap-jaw spiders strike their prey with lightning speed
51 Modern men lack Y chromosome genes from Neanderthals, Stanford researchers say
52 Neanderthal Y chromosome offers clues to what kept us separate species
53 New mouse model to aid testing of Zika vaccine, therapeutics
54 Trophoblasts resistant to Zika/Zika in the mouse
55 Duke study uncovers genetic elements that drive regeneration
56 Penn study brings new understanding to how fundamental DNA sequences govern gene activity
57 New survey on American attitudes toward Zika virus finds limited awareness or concern
58 Brief face-to-face talk can shift anti-transgender attitudes
59 UC Berkeley, Stanford find LA LGBT Center's canvassing conversations reduce transphobia
60 Oregon researchers use light and sound waves to control electron states
61 Catalyst could make production of key chemical more eco-friendly
62 Methods used to create textiles also could help manufacture human tissues
63 Quantum simulation 2.0: Atoms chat long distance
64 Public understanding of genetics can reduce stereotypes
65 Penn engineers develop first transistors made entirely of nanocrystal 'inks'
66 From Genome Research: Human evolution fast-tracked by mutations from anti-viral enzyme
67 Primate evolution in the fast lane
68 New predictive tool for assessing breast cancer risk
69 No more broken hearts
70 Function of mysterious RNAs may often lie in their genes
71 News: Report shows how to say goodbye to harmful algal blooms
72 Spending that fits personality can boost well-being
73 Climate models underestimate global warming by exaggerating cloud brightening
74 ORNL neutron 'splashes' reveal signature of exotic particles
75 Long-distance transport of electron spins for spin-based logic devices
76 New database gives scientists hope for helping coral reefs
77 Mixed results on benefits of antiarrhythmic drugs for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
78 Resuscitation drugs can be beneficial to restoring heart rhythm after cardiac arrest
79 Irregular heart rhythm may affect walking and strength in older adults
80 Death of partner linked to heightened risk of irregular heartbeat for up to a year later
81 Enzyme discovery leads scientists further down path to pumping oil from plants
82 Live fast, die young
83 Therapsids adapted to drastic climate change by having shorter life expectancies
84 Current methods cannot predict damage to coral reefs
85 Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place
86 Supermassive black holes may be lurking everywhere in the universe
87 Changing the color of single photons in a diamond quantum memory
88 Mediterranean loggerhead turtles dying in waters off the Middle East and North Africa
89 Existing state laws collectively require a 50 percent increase in US renewable electricity
90 Advance may make quantum computing more practical
91 Plastic proteins: Synthetic material mimics essential characteristics of natural proteins
92 New study shows much longer survival for heart transplants across species
93 Xenotransplantation: Hearts made in Munich
94 Supernovae showered Earth with radioactive debris
95 New metallic glass bounces
96 ORNL tracks how halogen atoms compete to grow 'winning' perovskites
97 UCSB researchers identify specific defects in LED diodes that lead to less efficient solid state lighting
98 Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place
99 How deep does life go? MBL study describes microbial neighborhood beneath ocean floor
100 Alaska researchers improve their 'hearing' to detect volcanic eruptions
101 New laser to shine light on remote sensing
102 'Honeycomb' of nanotubes could boost genetic engineering
103 Fewer than 250 mature Bawean warty pigs in existence
104 Invasive species not best conservation tool: Study
105 How network effects hurt economies
106 Engineers develop a pill for long-term drug release
107 PPPL scientists help test innovative device to improve efficiency of tokamaks
108 Large variations in precipitation over the past millennium
109 Dragons out of the dark: 6 new species of dragon millipedes discovered in Chinese caves
110 Potential of satellite remote sensing to monitor species diversity