File Title
1 Common pesticides kill amphibian parasites, study finds
2 Chasing after a prehistoric Kite Runner
3 Researchers use single molecule of DNA to create world's smallest diode
4 Cancer research at Marshall University shows promise for combating deadly lung cancer
5 Leading ocean scientists recommend action plan to combat changes to seawater chemistry
6 Heart failure patients have improved outcomes following investigational stem cell treatment
7 Cell therapy may mend damaged hearts, study says
8 West Coast scientists sound alarm for changing ocean chemistry
9 New device for heart failure patients fails to improve primary outcomes
10 Stem cell therapy improves outcomes in severe heart failure
11 Device that detects congestion in the lung improves heart failure outcomes
12 Vitamin D improves heart function, study finds
13 New syndrome named, causes a rare intellectual disability
14 Fishing for the future of coral reefs
15 Coral reefs highlight the key role of existing biodiversity for climate change adaptation
16 UEA research reveals 'topsy turvy' ocean circulation on distant planets
17 Scientists push valleytronics 1 step closer to reality
18 Recent evolutionary change allows a fruit fly to dine on a toxic fruit
19 For post-operative atrial fibrillation, 2 common treatments show equal outcomes
20 New app improves treatment of atrial fibrillation
21 Two atrial fibrillation ablation techniques equal on efficacy and safety
22 Rate, rhythm control equally effective in post-operative atrial fibrillation
23 Statin use differs among Hispanic adults at risk for heart disease
24 New study: Waist circumference is stronger predictor of heart disease than BMI
25 Researchers find 'simple' methods to prevent heart attacks and stroke worldwide
26 Improving depression symptoms can reduce risk of major cardiovascular problems, new study finds
27 Low levels of two components of vitamin D can help predict risk of heart attack
28 Study finds testosterone supplementation reduces heart attack risk in men with heart disease
29 Ancient Southwest marked by repeated periods of boom and bust
30 Histone deacetylase inhibitors enhance immunotherapy in lung cancer models, say Moffitt researchers
31 New tumbleweed species rapidly expanding range
32 X-rays reveal how a solar cell gets its silver stripes
33 Study shows best way to reduce energy consumption
34 Simulating supermassive black holes
35 Lifting the veil on sex: Can males be less expensive?
36 Massive deforestation found in Brazil's Cerrado
37 Separating charge and discharge in measuring next-generation car batteries
38 Ruthenium nanoframes open the doors to better catalysts
39 New cause of exceptional Greenland melt revealed
40 Size matters: NASA measures raindrop sizes from space to understand storms
41 Black, Latino families urged to emphasize college graduation rates in enrollment decisions
42 Number of science and engineering graduate students up in 2014
43 Nepali textile find suggests Silk Road extended further south than previously thought
44 Illuminating the inner 'machines' that give bacteria an energy boost
45 Growing skin in the lab
46 The ocean below
47 Ice Age Antarctic Ocean gives clue to 'missing' atmospheric carbon dioxide
48 Rise of the ridiculously resilient ridge: California drought patterns becoming more common
49 California drought patterns becoming more common
50 The Lancet: We now live in a world in which more people are obese than underweight, major global analysis reveals
51 Obesity can be predicted as early as 6 months of age, says study
52 Ancient DNA shows European wipe-out of early Americans
53 Autism diagnosis taking too long, experts say
54 Discovered a new magnet
55 Quantum effects at work in the world's smelliest superconductor
56 Flat boron is a superconductor
57 Prey scarcity and competition led to extinction of ancient monster shark
58 Planet formation in Earth-like orbit around a young star
59 ALMA's most detailed image of a protoplanetary disc
60 Journey to the center of our galaxy
61 Harlequin ladybirds are conquering the world at great speed
62 Mile-high Mars mounds built by wind and climate change
63 Kansas State University engineer builds paperlike battery electrode with glass-ceramic
64 Many in families with pregnant women don't know key facts about Zika
65 Structure of Zika virus determined
66 Zika virus structure revealed, a critical advance in the development of treatments
67 Proving the genetic code's flexibility
68 Hubble's journey to the center of our galaxy
69 Argonne continues to pave way for improved battery performance testing
70 Agriculture expansion could reduce rainfall in Brazil's Cerrado
71 Strong effects of climate change on common bird populations in both Europe and the USA
72 Study: State-level public corruption affects firm value, transparency
73 PacBio's SMRT sequencing provides scientists with a superior gorilla genome reference
74 A new approach to sequence and assemble primate genomes
75 New use for X-rays: A radar gun for unruly atoms
76 Sweet tooth? Flies have it too--new study shows how they know what to eat and when to stop
77 Pharmacy on demand
78 Virus evolution differs by species of mosquito carrier
79 A fossilized snake shows its true colors
80 'Cancer gene' twice as likely to be defective in children with autism
81 Remote eye gaze tracking as a marker for autism
82 Study reveals the possibility of curbing synapse loss in Alzheimer's
83 US autism rate unchanged in new CDC report
84 Holistic data analysis and modeling poised to transform protein X-ray crystallography
85 Revealing the fluctuations of flexible DNA in 3-D
86 Women with endometriosis at higher risk for heart disease
87 Finding suggests new heart disease screening target for middle-aged black women
88 Ant antennae provide vital ID information: Study
89 New mouse model for acute myeloid leukemia opens door to research, possible treatments
90 New details emerge on deep sea, marine-submerged bodies
91 Map of rocky exoplanet reveals a lava world
92 Spinal cord regeneration might actually be helped by glial scar tissue
93 Indonesian 'Hobbits' may have died out sooner than thought
94 Indian dancing frog's secretive tadpoles unearthed from sand beds
95 Rapid transformation turns clinging tadpoles into digging adult frogs
96 Laser reveals water's secret life in soil
97 Sea-level rise could nearly double over earlier estimates in next 100 years
98 Finnish study confirms link between Zika virus and fetal brain damage
99 Atmospheric nitrogen leads to loss of plant diversity in sites across US
100 Researchers developed manufacturing method for batteries with organic electrode materials
101 Molecular-scale ALD discovery could have industrial-sized impact
102 Study finds wide-reaching impact of nitrogen deposition on plants
103 Transparent wood could one day help brighten homes and buildings
104 UT Southwestern scientists identify structure of crucial enzyme in cell division
105 No snow, no hares: Climate change pushes emblematic species north
106 'Community solar' systems may add savings to local, cooperative energy projects
107 Survey gives clearer view of risky leaks from gas mains
108 The 'Not Face' is a universal part of language, study suggests
109 Computer model explains sustained eruptions on icy moon of Saturn
110 Scientists call for new strategy to study climate change impacts on coral reefs
111 A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry in modern humans
112 Text in lost language may reveal god or goddess worshipped by Etruscans at ancient temple
113 Better global ocean management
114 An up-close view of bacterial 'motors'
115 Beach replenishment may have 'far reaching' impacts on ecosystems
116 Study of enzymatic chemical reactions may indicate how the first cells formed colonies