File Title
1 Microbots can clean up polluted water
2 Research pioneers nanotechnology for gas sensing
3 Dressed to kill: Tailoring a suit for tumor-penetrating cancer meds
4 Quantum dots enhance light-to-current conversion in layered semiconductors
5 A teacher, a spy, a shield--this nanoparticle wears many hats in the body
6 Engineers develop first transistors made entirely of nanocrystal 'inks'
7 Nanoparticles show promise for treating intestinal inflammation, study finds
8 Removing intercalated water from nitrogen-doped graphene-oxide sheets
9 Research team reports new approach to simulating nanoscale heat transfer
10 Researchers cook up new battery anodes with wild mushrooms
11 'Honeycomb' of nanotubes could boost genetic engineering
12 Nanogel that delivers one-two punch to cancer heads to clinical trial
13 Using colloids to build complex structures
14 Graphene is both transparent and opaque to radiation
15 A movie of the microworld: Physicists create nanoparticle picture series
16 Model aids efforts to reduce cost of carbon nanostructures for industry, research
17 NREL reveals potential for capturing waste heat via nanotubes
18 Tiny tubes move into the fast lane
19 Researchers present a direct first proof of stable, ultra-long 1D carbon chains
20 World's smallest diode developed
21 Scientists push valleytronics one step closer to reality
22 Nanotubes line up to form films
23 Graphene layer could allow solar cells to generate power when it rains
24 New use for X-rays: A radar gun for unruly atoms
25 Heat and light get larger at the nanoscale
26 Three-way battles in the quantum world
27 Physicists discover new type of material that may speed computing
28 A twist on Hanbury Brown--Twiss interferometry offers new approach for remote sensing
29 Physicists discover flaws in superconductor theory
30 Clearing the way for real-world applications of superhydrophobic surfaces
31 New magnetism research brings high-temp superconductivity applications closer
32 From IT to black holes: Nano-control of light pioneers new paths
33 Physicists measure long-range magnetic interactions between ultracold particles
34 Researchers use light and sound waves to control electron states
35 Multi-satellite mission directly observes electron acceleration by fast-moving electric-field waves
36 LIGO researchers suggest background noise due to gravity waves may be much greater than thought
37 Feedback technique used on diamond 'qubits' could make quantum computing more practical
38 Researchers identify specific defects in LED diodes that lead to less efficient solid state lighting
39 World's fastest electron diffraction snapshots of atomic motions in gases
40 Breaking metamaterial symmetry with reflected light
41 Cooling chips with the flip of a switch
42 Scientists study the insulator-superconductor transition of copper-oxide compound in fine detail
43 The role of electron diffusivity when turning waste heat into electricity
44 Researchers develop formula describing ghostly transfer of heat
45 Research team discovers novel way of transferring magnetic information
46 Topological origami and kirigami techniques applied experimentally to metamaterials
47 Changing the color of single photons in a diamond quantum memory
48 Using laser light to cool a quantum liquid
49 Laser technique promises super-fast and super-secure quantum cryptography
50 New laser to shine light on remote sensing
51 Astronomers in South Africa discover mysterious alignment of black holes
52 Reprieve for NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft
53 New tool refines exoplanet search
54 Pulsation-driven winds in giant stars
55 Image: Hubble frames a unique red rectangle
56 Hot super-Earths stripped by host stars: 'Cooked' planets shrink due to radiation
57 NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Spacecraft in emergency mode (Update)
58 SpaceX delivers world's first inflatable room for astronauts
59 Saturn spacecraft not affected by hypothetical Planet 9
60 SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at sea
61 Team identifies clathrate ices in comet 67P
62 How do massive young star clusters form?
63 Searching for far out and wandering worlds
64 The color-changing comet
65 Scientists say the 'R' in RNA may be abundant in space
66 Space station getting inflatable room, a cosmic first
67 Water ice detected at the surface of a distant star's disk
68 Planet 9 takes shape
69 Physicists discover rare brown dwarf, essential for testing theoretical models
70 Proof that ancient supernovae zapped Earth sparks hunt for after effects
71 Supernovae showered Earth with radioactive debris
72 Supermassive black holes may be lurking everywhere in the universe
73 Young, unattached Jupiter analog found in solar neighborhood
74 Astronomers determine the structure and composition of clouds on a 'hot Jupiter' exoplanet
75 Asteroid-hunting spacecraft delivers a second year of data
76 Why you might soon text robots as often as your friends
77 Researchers say new generation of ransomware emerging
78 Research brings 'smart hands' closer to reality
79 Experts caution self-driving cars aren't ready for roads
80 The future is here: Interactive screens on your packages
81 Using data from social networks to understand and improve systems
82 Scientists invent robotic 'artist' that spray paints giant murals
83 Team stores digital images in DNA--and retrieves them perfectly
84 A jetpack nears liftoff, but creator fears dream is grounded
85 Self-drive trucks 'future of Europe's busy highways'
86 Insect eyes enable drones to fly independently
87 WhatsApp toughens encryption after Apple-FBI row (Update)
88 Touching a robot can elicit physiological arousal in humans
89 Technicolor stores Hollywood history in a bottle
90 In race to improve batteries, nanotechnology provides hope
91 Combining gasification with fuel-cell technology could boost efficiency of coal-powered plants
92 Scientists developed artificial molecules
93 High-tech Boston area in legal bind on driverless-car tests
94 For rechargeable batteries that crush the competition, crush this material
95 X-rays reveal how a solar cell gets its silver stripes
96 Science relies on computer modelling--so what happens when it goes wrong?
97 Hard mathematical problems as basis for new cryptographic techniques
98 Augmented reality mapping out tech's next mind-bending trip
99 Affordable Model 3 is Tesla's biggest test yet
100 Lithium hoarding behind failure of promising new battery 8
101 Shining new light on diabetes treatment
102 How defects influence efficiency in concrete manufacture
103 Crystal structure of PKG I suggests a new activation mechanism
104 A single ion impacts a million water molecules
105 New discovery for better batteries
106 Chemists unveil plastic that 'heals itself' at body temperature
107 Methods used to create textiles also could help manufacture human tissues
108 Catalyst could make production of key chemical more eco-friendly
109 Crumpling approach enhances photodetectors' light responsivity
110 Nanoporous material's strange 'breathing' behavior