File Title
1 Americans & Canadians favor practical wisdom
2 Current methods cannot predict damage to coral reefs
3 Fewer than 250 mature Bawean warty pigs in existence
4 Optical approach offers faster and less expensive method for carbon dating
5 Epilepsy drug may not increase risk of birth defects
6 Tuning perovskite solar-cell absorbers by giving them a squeeze
7 Minimally invasive treatment could freeze out phantom limb pain
8 For young people with schizophrenia, physical and mental exercises offer hope
9 Restaurant kids' meals make nutrition strides, but leave room for improvement
10 Risk allele for side effects induced by Clozapine identified
11 New database gives scientists hope for helping coral reefs
12 Researchers show corals struggle to grow under multiple stressors
13 Controlling blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol linked to lower cardiovascular disease
14 Resuscitation drugs can be beneficial to restoring heart rhythm after cardiac arrest
15 What can Frizzled7 reveal about breast cancer development?
16 Can your fitness tracker save your life in the ER?
17 Controlling cell turnover in the intestinal lining
18 New methods to study 'genetic invasion' detect the escape of crop genomes into the wild
19 Promising results reported in study of AAV-based gene delivery to treat methylmalonic acidemia
20 NASAs New Horizons fills gap in space environment observations
21 Fossil discovery suggests size poor predictor of maturity in ancient reptiles
22 Parkinson's disease meds increase risk of compulsive gambling, shopping, binge eating
23 New study reports on suicidal thinking among US veterans
24 New in the Hastings Center Report
25 Cold mountain streams offer climate refuge: Future holds hope for biodiversity
26 Study shows certain gastrointestinal tumors associated with higher mortality
27 NREL reveals potential for capturing waste heat via nanotubes
28 Financial incentives are highly effective in helping pregnant women quit smoking
29 NREL, SLAC scientists pinpoint solar cell manufacturing process
30 Can urban gardeners benefit ecosystems while keeping food traditions alive?
31 NREL raises rooftop photovoltaic technical potential estimate
32 'Forgotten' fish turns up in West Texas
33 Online comment sections may influence readers' opinions on health issues
34 US national security decision-making processes need trimming, new RAND study finds
35 Multitasking New Horizons observed solar wind changes on journey to Pluto
36 Research finds evidence of lung abnormalities in light-use waterpipe smokers
37 Summer melt-driven streams on Greenland's ice sheet brought into focus
38 Novel 3-D imaging offers new tool for identifying advanced fibrosis in liver
39 Few children get 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity daily
40 General practice in England nearing 'saturation point'
41 A better fix for torn ACLs
42 Household food insecurity at record high in the North: University of Toronto researchers
43 Rhythm of oscillations in cerebral cortex, key to understanding Down syndrome
44 Scientists to crack the genetic code of the Y chromosome in malaria mosquitoes
45 A real Peter Rabbit tale: Biologists find key to myxoma virus/rabbit coevolution
46 Pharmacists in care teams improve care for patients with dementia
47 Automated thinner benefits romaine lettuce size, uniformity
48 Root water transport measured with hydraulic conductance flow meter
49 Cooling chips with the flip of a switch
50 Landscapers benefit from organic land care extension program
51 A movie of the microworld: Physicists create nanoparticle picture series
52 Back to basics with thermoelectric power
53 Gravitational wave search provides insights into galaxy evolution and mergers
54 Insulator-superconductor transition of copper-oxide compound studied in fine detail
55 Fighting fiddler crabs call each other's bluff
56 Sweet technique finds cause of sour oil and gas
57 Researchers discover that breast cancer tumor growth is dependent on lipid availability
58 Exercise counteracts sitting time
59 Major new project maps out woodland biodiversity
60 Plant gases can counteract Arctic climate change
61 Researchers test new Risk of Bias assessment tool for non-randomized intervention studies
62 Radical solution could avoid depletion of natural resources
63 Risk of breaking a bone depends on where you live
64 Promising new method inhibits TB-causing bacteria
65 Maternal smoking during pregnancy leaves its lasting mark on the child's genetic make-up
66 New laser technique promises super-fast and super-secure quantum cryptography
67 Long-term response to selection predictable regardless of genetic architecture
68 NUS-led research team discovers novel way of transferring magnetic information
69 Scientists reveal endocardial origin of liver vasculature
70 Cost-effective production of hydrogen from natural resources
71 Impossible superconductors gone live
72 Hard whale heads sink ships--or can they?
73 Researchers document how broadbills make loud wing song
74 Is it really give and take? New research examines how young people talk about oral sex
75 Changing the color of single photons in a diamond quantum memory
76 CU study: Ancient Mars bombardment likely enhanced life-supporting habitat
77 Record-breaking steel could be used for body armor, shields for satellites
78 Researchers discover new fish virus that threatens global tilapia stocks
79 Altered circadian rhythm worsens Parkinson's disease, Temple researchers show
80 Gamblers Anonymous associated with progress, could benefit from more combined approach
81 Neuroscientists working to test brain training claims
82 Biomechanics team discovers how insects repair their 'bones'
83 Study: The science behind bodily secretions
84 The Lancet: General practice in England nearing 'saturation point' as study reveals extent of GP workload increase
85 Invading the brain to understand and repair cognition
86 Indiana University-led researchers identify objective predictors of suicidality in women
87 Live fast, die young
88 New mouse model to aid testing of Zika vaccine, therapeutics
89 Sugar shock: Insulin costs tripled in 10 years, study finds
90 Significant increase seen in price of insulin
91 Pain and physical function improve after weight-loss surgery
92 Screening for COPD not recommended
93 New studies reveal large gap in life expectancy between patients with type 1 diabetes and the general population
94 Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to low birthweight and intensive care
95 Childhood asthma overdiagnosed, argue leading respiratory doctors
96 Death of partner linked to heightened risk of irregular heartbeat for up to a year later
97 Sensation-seeking may be linked to brain anatomy
98 Interventions requiring less individual agency should be prioritized to fight obesity
99 Study examines bed bug infestations in 2,372 low-income apartments in New Jersey
100 How to survive extinction: Live fast, die young
101 Targeting the gut microbiome to fight heart disease
102 TSRI scientists get first-ever glimpse of 'teenage' HIV-neutralizing antibody
103 Touching a robot can elicit physiological arousal in humans
104 Uninfected or asymptomatic? Diagnostic tests key to forecasting major epidemics
105 Irregular heart rhythm may affect walking and strength in older adults
106 Hispanics/Latinos at higher risk for cardiac dysfunction, heart failure
107 Most patients likely to see reductions in pain and disability after bariatric surgery
108 'It's not worth me having a long-life lightbulb'
109 A lesson from wheat evolution: From the wild to our spaghetti dish
110 Scientists net virus behind tilapia die-offs in Israel and Ecuador