File Title
1 Quantum simulation 2.0: Atoms chat long distance
2 UC Berkeley, Stanford find LA LGBT Center's canvassing conversations reduce transphobia
3 Modern men lack Y chromosome genes from Neanderthals, Stanford researchers say
4 From Genome Research: Human evolution fast-tracked by mutations from anti-viral enzyme
5 Smithsonian and collaborators find that trap-jaw spiders strike prey with lightning speed
6 These trap-jaw spiders strike their prey with lightning speed
7 HIV can develop resistance to CRISPR/Cas9
8 Neanderthal Y chromosome offers clues to what kept us separate species
9 Typhoid toxin increases host survival and promotes asymptomatic infection
10 Treating sugar addiction like drug abuse: QUT leads world-first study
11 Moss is useful bioindicator of cadmium air pollution, new study finds
12 Key advance: UC Davis neuroscientists get a new look into how we read
13 Crumpling approach enhances photodetectors' light responsivity
14 Radiation therapy chemotherapy combination improves survival in adults with low-grade brain cancer
15 Network governance connects people to solve collective environmental problems
16 Would changing gait pattern decrease your likelihood of running injuries?
17 How a metabolic pathway promotes breast cancer metastasis
18 Invasive species not best conservation tool: Study
19 Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place
20 Crab shell signaling helps control the many faces of cholera, study shows
21 CRI scientists find novel metabolic twist that drives cancer survival
22 Solar storm researchers prepare for the 'big one' with new urgency
23 Higher levels of vitamin D correspond to lower cancer risk, researchers say
24 'Honeycomb' of nanotubes could boost genetic engineering
25 Geothermal heat contributes to Greenland ice melt
26 How deep does life go? MBL study describes microbial neighborhood beneath ocean floor
27 Vanderbilt researchers identify potent antibodies against HIV
28 Advance may make quantum computing more practical
29 Plastic proteins: Synthetic material mimics essential characteristics of natural proteins
30 Duke study uncovers genetic elements that drive regeneration
31 Researchers visualize brain's serotonin pump, provide blueprint for new, more effective SSRIs
32 New study shows much longer survival for heart transplants across species
33 ORNL tracks how halogen atoms compete to grow 'winning' perovskites
34 UCSB researchers identify specific defects in LED diodes that lead to less efficient solid state lighting
35 Women with unhealthy BMIs who smoke and drink at two-fold higher risk of asthma
36 Quality time rather than study time improves teens' educational aspirations
37 Shortened RT schedule benefits low-risk prostate cancer patients
38 Xenotransplantation: Hearts made in Munich
39 Supervisors, coworkers tolerate unethical behavior when production is good, Baylor study
40 PPPL scientists help test innovative device to improve efficiency of tokamaks
41 Are narcissists more likely to post selfies and care about the feedback they receive?
42 Particulate vaccine delivery systems may help
43 Engineers develop a pill for long-term drug release
44 Respirator mask reduces effects of pollution on the heart
45 Texas A&M study shows saturated fats 'jet lag' body clocks, triggering metabolic disorders
46 Brain responses found to originate from previously unknown source
47 Nanopillars on drone fly larvae allow them to avoid bacterial contamination
48 How network effects hurt economies
49 For parents of autistic children, more social support means better health
50 Acupuncture in the military for rapid pain relief on the battlefield
51 Children's interactions more complex than predicted
52 Argentinian researchers develop trap for mosquito that transmits Zika
53 Insights into new targets and promising treatments for musculoskeletal disease
54 Cause of Maryland food poisoning outbreak traced to Asia
55 Mediterranean loggerhead turtles dying in waters off the Middle East and North Africa
56 Yeast against the machine: Bakers' yeast could improve diagnosis
57 Learning in the absence of external feedback
58 Young, unattached Jupiter analog found in solar neighborhood
59 Stanford scientists improve perovskite solar-cell absorbers by giving them a squeeze
60 SMFM releases statement on use of antenatal corticosteroids in late preterm birth period
61 Understanding the scent of death
62 Age and mobility predict death better than one's 'molecular clock'
63 Natural history museum professionals, biodiversity scientists identify needs
64 How bioceramics could help fight gum disease
65 So long lithium, hello bacteria batteries?
66 Paper-based test could help prevent food poisoning
67 Older men who purchase sex do so more frequently as they age
68 Study raises questions about the safety of MRI contrast agent; authors call for FDA action
69 High in calories and low in nutrients when adolescents share pictures of food online
70 Sacubitril/valsartan in chronic heart failure: Indication of considerable added benefit
71 Genvoya in HIV: Positive effects predominate in some adults, negative effects in others
72 Ring-shaped sugar helps in cases of atherosclerosis
73 Insect eyes enable drones to fly independently
74 Travels with my smart phone
75 Discrimination on Facebook: A matter of gender
76 Oily fish eaten during pregnancy may reduce risk of asthma in offspring
77 Alcohol related deaths are likely to increase after cuts in alcohol taxation
78 Simulations 'sharpen' their tools
79 Large variations in precipitation over the past millennium
80 Magnetic delivery of therapeutic enzymes paves the way for targeted thrombosis treatment
81 New spectroscopy of 10 Be hypernucleus redefines the reference data of Lambda hypernuclei
82 A warming climate puts Europe at risk for seasonal outbreaks of dengue fever
83 Dragons out of the dark: 6 new species of dragon millipedes discovered in Chinese caves
84 Outdoor light has role in reducing short-sightedness in kids
85 Prescription assistance tied to fewer ER visits
86 Enzyme discovery leads scientists further down path to pumping oil from plants
87 Factors associated with good heart health may also protect kidneys
88 Existing state laws collectively require a 50 percent increase in US renewable electricity
89 Exome sequencing improves doctors' ability to diagnose hard-to-pin-down neurogenetic disorders
90 Brain guardians remove dying neurons
91 Combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy assists low-grade glial brain tumors
92 Stroke survivors face 'invisible impairments' to return to work
93 Globe's rising obesity, diabetes rates no surprise to Samoa researcher
94 The Lancet: Number of adults with diabetes reaches 422 million worldwide
95 Fresh fruit associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke
96 Graphene is both transparent and opaque to radiation
97 Therapsids adapted to drastic climate change by having shorter life expectancies
98 Earth's soils could play key role in locking away greenhouse gases
99 Banned EU pesticide affects learning of honeybees but not bumblebees
100 Honduras: 215 LGBT people killed in 7 years
101 Results of world's first study on new treatment for heroin addiction
102 Supernovae showered Earth with radioactive debris
103 Proof that ancient supernovae zapped Earth sparks hunt for after effects
104 Challenging the American consensus on e-cigarettes: The English raise the ante
105 Supermassive black holes may be lurking everywhere in the universe
106 Is there association between MC1R and melanoma risk after controlling for sun?
107 Hydromorphone vs. diacetylmorphine for long-term opioid addiction
108 Food should be labeled with 'activity equivalent' calorie information
109 Study raises questions over timing of heart shocks in resuscitation guidelines
110 New tool tailors drug dosing for patients