File Title
1 2,500-year-old sandstone slab reveals clues about ancient Etruscan faith
2 Jupiter got hit with a big rock earlier this month (+video)
3 US has 169 active volcanoes, but scientists aren't worried
4 Did Exxon Mobil mislead the public about global warming?
5 Where do spiders come from? A tiny, prehistoric 'almost spider' offers clues.
6 Did 'hobbit' people go extinct earlier than we thought?
7 Antarctic ice melt could drive sea levels up twice as high as we thought
8 India's dancing frogs spend their tadpole years eating sand
9 Two-faced exoplanet displays huge temperature range
10 Japan's lost satellite is tumbling through space, but still checking in
11 Scientists paint a more nuanced picture of the gorilla genome
12 How a distant planet could have killed the dinosaurs
13 India and China will suffer severe water stress by 2050, says study
14 How a 10-million-year-old snake helps bring extinct animals into full color
15 How to hide the Earth from aliens? A laser cloaking device
16 Did space archaeologists find a second Viking settlement in America?
17 DNA research suggests large-scale collapse of Native American ancestors
18 My Three Suns: Lessons from bizarre new planetary system
19 Awesome photo of Comet 67P: Lessons from the Rosetta mission
20 Jeff Bezos's rocket aces its landing, could fly humans by 2018
21 Right-leg amputee athletes may have an edge over left-leg amputees
22 Lab talk: the koala genome reveals its secrets
23 Myopia set to become a global health crisis
24 Behind the scenes at the Hyperloop Technologies lab
25 A new mystery surrounds Ceres' bright spots
26 Global warming will dump rain on dry areas--but not in a helpful way
27 Cosmic rays fired at Earth--now we know where from
28 New Horizons exposes Pluto's quirks
29 Hot or not? Attractiveness is boosted after a hunky photo
30 Antimatter to ion drives: NASA's plans for deep space propulsion
31 How mushrooms make it rain
32 It pays to watch paint dry
33 Young star caught cooking up planets
34 Why smiles and frowns are contagious
35 Micro-robots make their own tools to use in microfactories
36 'Twin' comets will brush past Earth this week
37 Brain zaps help stroke recovery
38 A Braille tablet for blind readers
39 'Smell of fear' part of the brain found
40 Why wine lovers can cheer climate change--for now
41 New gravity map gives us a glimpse inside Mars
42 Higgsino or hallucination? New particle detected at CERN...maybe
43 Victorious ant colonies admit turncoat losers
44 Solar storms trigger massive X-ray aurorae on Jupiter
45 Supernova shockwave caught in visible light for the first time
46 Closest view yet of Ceres sheds light on bright spots
47 Plants will adapt to global warming, pump out less carbon
48 Mould power might build better batteries
49 Popping to the shops? Hop in a passenger drone
50 How stress affects the brain
51 Volcanoes nudged the Moon off its axis
52 Handheld biopen can 'draw' stem cells in 3-D
53 How does food make your mouth water?
54 Thank hybrid yeast for your Easter chocolate feast
55 A hot mess: mathematically mapping the Sun's magnetic field
56 Social web: why do these spiders live together?
57 Minimalist cell whittled down to 473 genes
58 Five cool chemical reactions explained in videos
59 Nano-coated material cleans itself with light
60 Gut microbes affect brain damage after stroke
61 Ancient faint galaxy is a heavy element factory
62 Enceladus' plumbing explains 'tiger stripe' geysers
63 Quantum insight into world's smelliest superconductor
64 Arctic sea ice hits a record low wintertime maximum
65 Fossilised spider relative could make silk, but not spin it
66 Did malaria help kill off the dinosaurs?
67 The wild ride of a 'hot Jupiter'
68 Fracking behind most earthquakes in Western Canada
69 Cyborg beetle takes its first (remote-controlled) steps
70 Ocean temperatures predict US heat waves seven weeks ahead
71 Spaceflight turns up genes that stunt hair growth
72 Saturn's famous rings younger than the dinosaurs
73 Big brown bats hear perfectly well after noisy blasts
74 Birds inspire radical new NASA wing design
75 The hobbit's life story, rewritten
76 A better beer filter, thanks to fish mouths
77 Lab talk: microplate discovery dates birth of Himalayas
78 How butterflies control their twisty-turny flight
79 Graphene-based material more sensitive than human skin
80 No Moon, no magnetic field, no life on Earth: study
81 Saving your teeth--the latest 3D bio-printing breakthrough
82 Better on-field concussion diagnosis for athletes
83 Giant lasers could cloak Earth from alien eyes
84 Pulsing neutron star spotted in Andromeda galaxy
85 Viruses can be used to track our travel
86 Calcium: expanding the chemical repertoire for grid-scale batteries
87 The Ars review: Oculus Rift expands PC gaming past the monitor's edge
88 To SQL or NoSQL? That's the database question
89 Meet NCAM, the researchers helping NASA go "to the Moon, to Mars, and beyond"
90 Forget Tolkien, the scientific tale of real-life "hobbits" is even more complex
91 Hands-on with HoloLens: On the cusp of a revolution
92 Mad Mike postpones Texas canyon jump after "brutal" rocket tests
93 Meet the Robocar, an autonomous racing car
94 Nintendo fires harassed staffer but denies caving to trolls' demands
95 Painful Comcast cancelation phone calls targeted by California legislation
96 iFixit digs into Oculus Rift's 461 PPI OLED display, custom lenses
97 Amazon expands Dash with Red Bull, Trojan, Starbucks, and more
98 Linux kernel lawsuit SCO v. IBM is alive, 13 years and counting
99 Apple releases iOS 9.3.1 with fix for link bug
100 Intel's new Broadwell Xeon server CPUs offer up to 22 cores per socket
101 Maryland hospital group hit by ransomware launched from within [Updated]
102 Judge who ordered man to be shocked must take anger management classes
103 Father begs Apple CEO to help unlock his dead 13-year-old son's iPhone
104 Reddit removes "warrant canary" from its latest transparency report
105 Gov't expands lawsuit against fisherman who seized research buoy
106 DOD invites you (well, some of you) to "Hack the Pentagon" this month
107 Fitbit Blaze, Alta devices sell over 1 million units each in first month
108 iFixit: The iPhone SE and iPhone 5S share many identical parts
109 Theranos blood tests often wildly wrong and may be shut down by feds
110 Android for Work overhauls setup process, now possible for mere mortals