File Title
1 New drone video shows Apple's massive new spaceship campus topping off
2 How Apple Inc. is maturing into middle age
3 The death of 'Internet'--and 'Web'
4 Apple confident they'll find and patch iPhone hack purchased by FBI
5 Credit Suisse: Apple's underappreciated services business could be growth engine
6 How Apple Music impressively scaled the music streaming charts
7 Say goodbye to OS X on your Mac
8 Samsung, other iPhone knockoff peddlers lobby India to deny Apple's request to sell used iPhones
9 At Apple, 'Pro' is the new normal
10 iFixit 9.7-inch iPad Pro teardown: Apple didn't skimp on the specs
11 Google removes Android app made by the Taliban from its Play store
12 Apple's tax affairs spark a transatlantic showdown
13 UBS: Apple earnings quality better due to GAAP-only reporting
14 U.S. Senate unanimously approves trade secrets bill
15 Twitter wins deal to stream NFL Thursday, Night Football
16 Analyst: Apple investors unconcerned about potential EU tax bill
17 iPhone SE event led to website traffic spike in China and India
18 Apple's only Iowa retail store getting major makeover, massive expansion
19 MacBook Pro 2016 specs and release: 5 features expected in new MacBooks
20 Apple patent application reveals Magic Mouse with Force Touch
21 A new dividend policy for Apple
22 How Laurene Powell Jobs plans to reinvent U.S. education
23 Siri bug lets anyone spy on your iPhone 6s/Plus contacts and photos
24 T-Mobile offering $200 off any iPad when you buy an iPhone
25 Apple has fixed bug that exposed iPhone 6s/Plus Photos and Contacts
26 Mississippi governor signs religious freedom law over objections from Apple, others
27 Starz launches $8.99/mo. streaming app for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV with unlimited downloads
28 Apple Retail Stores to transition from plastic to paper bags
29 Bang your head to ToxicxEternity's metal tribute to iPhone ringtones
30 Not all mind wandering is created equal
31 Spinal cord regeneration might actually be helped by glial scar tissue
32 Blood clot risk lower for estrogen-only, transdermal, and vaginal estrogen at menopause
33 Doctors are failing to help people with gender dysphoria
34 N/A
35 Study confirms link between diabetes drug and increased risk of bladder cancer
36 Decades-old mystery disease identified and potential cure found
37 When women feel their partner demands perfection, sex life suffers
38 Indian dancing frog's secretive tadpoles unearthed from sand beds
39 Early use of postmenopausal hormone therapy may prevent heart disease
40 Tsukuba scientists solve Spallanzani's dilemma
41 Gluten-free noodle revolution: The quest for chewier, non-allergenic buckwheat
42 Right brain may help predict recovery of language after stroke
43 Study highlights risk of lapse in surgical skills among nation's pediatric surgeons
44 Penn study describes the molecular cause of common cerebrovascular disease
45 Revealing the fluctuations of flexible DNA in 3-D
46 Genome-wide association study of cannabis
47 Gene transfer shows promise for treating heart failure
48 Eating beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils may help lose weight and keep it off
49 Cancer gene drives vascular disorder
50 Finding suggests new heart disease screening target for middle-aged black women
51 Sea-level rise could nearly double over earlier estimates in next 100 years
52 Rapid transformation turns clinging tadpoles into digging adult frogs
53 Salmon are less aggressive in tanks with darker backgrounds
54 Phase-3 drug trial for refractory rheumatoid arthritis succeeds, Stanford scientist says
55 Statin use differs among Hispanic adults at risk for heart disease
56 Classroom program increases school breakfast participation, not obesity
57 Mystery of broadbills' wing song revealed
58 Successful dying: Researchers define the elements of a 'good death'
59 Living in a constant din, bats' hearing remains resilient
60 Cancer drug could treat blood vessel deformities
61 Connecting disadvantaged immigrant students to community resources may boost school achievement
62 Why neural stem cells may be vulnerable to Zika infection
63 UT Southwestern scientists identify structure of crucial enzyme in cell division
64 Naltrexone is alternative treatment for opioid addiction, Penn-led study finds
65 Sea-level rise from Antarctic ice sheet could double
66 Pitt team redesigns epilepsy drug to increase potency and specificity, reduce side effects
67 'Illusion of control' leads to inappropriate medical treatment use
68 Gene variant may contribute to increased cancer risk in African-Americans
69 Study: Severe water stress likely in Asia by 2050
70 Toward reliable reporting for lymphatic filariasis elimination efforts
71 Starvation as babies makes bees stronger as adults
72 Indonesian 'Hobbits' may have died out sooner than thought
73 JAMA Cardiology publishes Phase 2 results of AC6 gene transfer in patients with HF
74 Simulating supermassive black holes
75 Are you what you sweat?
76 Black wattle's new biogeographic distribution threatens flight safety in China
77 Finnish study confirms link between Zika virus and fetal brain damage
78 Stories about Breivik make his terror attack a personal rather than a societal problem
79 High numbers of patients in poorer countries are missing lung cancer tests and treatment
80 For the first time scientists can observe the nano structure of food in 3-D
81 Hybrid pixel array detectors enter the low-noise regime
82 Identification of a new protein essential for ovule and sperm formation
83 Cyclophosphamide, old dogs with new tricks?
84 Study looks at why people may feel more helpless in stressful situations than others
85 Diagnosing ear infection using smartphone
86 'Smoothed' light will help search for Earth's twins
87 New mouse model for acute myeloid leukemia opens door to research, possible treatments
88 Gold star: Seeking the origin of gold in the universe
89 Palaeosol loess shed light on early Pleistocene climate in western arid central Asia
90 Dynamic connections in the brain
91 Medics call for urgent improvements in the quality of endoscopy across Europe
92 Late-life economic inequality has risen sharply in recent decades, study finds
93 Personality influences how one reacts to email errors
94 Why synthetic drugs are as scary as you think (video)
95 New details emerge on deep sea, marine-submerged bodies
96 Transparent wood could one day help brighten homes and buildings
97 Immunology: An alternative route to inflammation
98 The impact of anti-odor clothing on the environment
99 Heart and liver disease linked to shutdown of body's antioxidant
100 New study on storm surges projections in Europe
101 Using glucose monitors to detect other diseases
102 Position papers articulate research needs in transgender health and medicine
103 Neuronal feedback could change what we 'see'
104 Rat study reveals long-term effects of adolescent amphetamine abuse on the brain
105 Parents' binge eating, restrictive feeding practices may be reactions to kids' emotions
106 Basketball games mimic nature
107 Race biases teachers' expectations for students
108 Can videogames improve health outcomes in children?
109 Longer maternity leave linked to better infant health
110 Map of rocky exoplanet reveals a lava world