File Title
1 New Ultrathin Solar Cells Are Light Enough to Sit on a Soap Bubble
2 Are Simulated Human Hearts as Good as Animal Models? (Op-Ed)
3 How Dirty Are Public Restrooms, Really?
4 Aloha, You Old Bat: Extinct Critter Doubles Hawaii's Land Mammal Species
5 New Tetraquark Particle Sparks Doubts
6 Climate Change Is Coming for Your Maple Syrup
7 Alaska Volcano Erupts, Spewing Ash 20,000 Feet into the Air
8 12 Supereruptions Pockmark Path of Yellowstone Hotspot
9 Women Could Lower Fracture Risk with Mediterranean Diet
10 Needle Stuck in Woman's Heart Gives Her a Stroke
11 This Negative Facial Expression Is 'Universal'
12 Reference: Adderall: Uses, Abuses & Side Effects
13 'The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories' (US 2016): Book Excerpt
14 Writing Sci-Fi? First Understand How Elephants Aren't Dragonflies (Op-Ed)
15 Reference: Ebola: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
16 The 9 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics
17 Old Vaccine, New Tricks: Revive Early Pertussis Shot, Study Says
18 Man-Made Earthquake Hotspot Revealed: Oklahoma
19 Right or Wrong? How You Judge Others Depends on Your Culture
20 Bugs for Everyone! Awesome Insect Photos Shared in Free Project
21 Massive Robotic Sub Can Carry Out Months-Long Underwater Missions
22 Hepatitis C Deaths Rising in US
23 Reference: Whooping Cough: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
24 Giant Mammoth Skull Discovered by Bulldozer Operator
25 Trace Your Ancient Human Ancestry with New Map
26 Experts Doubt Claims of 'Hidden Chambers' in King Tut's Tomb
27 10 Things You Need to Know About Coffee
28 'Unicorns' Lumbered Across Siberia 29,000 Years Ago
29 Morgan Freeman Delves into 'The Story of God' in Nat Geo Special
30 Mom's Smoking Can Alter Fetus's DNA
31 Zika Revealed: Here's What a Brain-Cell-Killing Virus Looks Like
32 Reference: Facts About Donkeys
33 April Fools' Day! Why People Love Pranks
34 Are You Ready for America's 1st Virtual-Reality Roller Coasters?
35 Elusive 'Dancing Frog' Tadpoles Finally Glimpsed
36 Which Types of Foods Are the Most Filling?
37 The Science of Hunger: How to Control It and Fight Cravings
38 'Extraordinary Find': Rare Religious Text Written in Lost Etruscan Language
39 Hidden King Tut Chambers? Not So Fast, Officials Caution
40 Does Talcum Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer?
41 Strangely in Sync: Scientists Solve 350-Year-Old Pendulum Clock Mystery
42 What's the Coldest Place in the Universe?
43 Reference: Tutankhamun: The Life & Death of the Boy Pharaoh
44 California's Extreme Droughts Blamed on 'Ridiculously Resilient Ridge'
45 Lab-Grown Skin Sweats and Sprouts Hair
46 Religious Reveal: Men Lag Behind Women in Devoutness
47 Reference: Zika Virus: Symptoms, Risk, Treatment & Prevention
48 'Laser Cloak' Could Hide Earth from Evil Aliens
49 Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching is 'Worst in its History'
50 Obesity Numbers Overtake Underweight Population
51 Protecting Pregnant Women in the US from Zika Is a Top Priority, Officials Say
52 Possible Viking Settlement in Canada Revealed in Satellite Images
53 FDA May Limit Arsenic in Infant Cereals
54 Why Do People Risk Their Lives for the Perfect Selfie? (Op-Ed)
55 Are Fish Faces the Future of Filtration?
56 Reference: What Is an Amoeba?
57 Reference: Lemons: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
58 Size vs. Shape: What's More Important for Heart Health?
59 Animal Sex: How Tarantulas Do It
60 New study supports link between Omega-3 supplementation and reduction in depression
61 PERK-opathies: Stress mechanism underlying neurodegeneration
62 Antibiotics for appendicitis--yes and no
63 Capturing the acid-base reactions in alcohol
64 Adjunctive minocycline microspheres
65 MicroRNA-146a is abundant in extracellular vesicles released by osteoclasts
66 Rescue inhaler study: New approach increases mastery of life-saving technique
67 Secukinumab in ankylosing spondylitis or psoriatic arthritis: Added benefit not proven
68 Truckers with sleep apnea who do not follow treatment have greater crash risk
69 Dabrafenib/trametinib: Considerable added benefit for men with advanced melanoma
70 Small molecule replacement therapy to rescue craniofacial defects
71 Your brain might be hard-wired for altruism
72 College can cultivate innovative entrepreneurial intentions
73 Baby monkeys grow faster to avoid being killed by adult males
74 Google glass meets organs-on-chips
75 Cryptographic system lets users control access to their data
76 Key findings--Discovery of the characteristics of subcortical regions in schizophrenia
77 Saliva liquid biopsy
78 Child and adolescent perceptions of oral health: Life course perspectives
79 Why are women more prone to knee injuries than men?
80 Mercury rising?
81 Addendum on regorafenib in metastatic colorectal cancer: Added benefit no longer proven
82 Natural resilience to major life stressors is not as common as thought
83 Study sheds light on patterns behind brain, heart systems; circadian rhythms
84 Longevity of restorative treatments in pediatric patients: EBD in the era of EHR
85 Signed, sealed, undelivered: Mechanisms underlying polycystic kidney disease
86 TGen helps track down deadly bloodstream infection
87 Only about half of suicidal patients asked if they have access to firearms
88 New effects of ketamine abuse uncovered
89 Astronomers found a star with a record variation period
90 Acceptability of alternative drugs and strategies to prevent malaria in pregnancy in Kenya
91 New research gathers more evidence for innovative stroke treatment
92 Rare form of diabetes may require alternate treatment
93 Penn researchers show rising opioid prescriptions following low-risk surgeries
94 IUPUI researchers use stem cells to identify cellular processes related to glaucoma
95 Travel burden linked with likelihood of receiving radiation therapy to treat rectal cancer
96 New biotechnology to inhibit microRNA activity and novel applications
97 Hot larvae: Calculating dispersal from unique submarine hot spring ecosystems
98 Women with impaired stress hormone before pregnancy have lower-birthweight babies
99 Computer-assisted approaches as decision support systems serving to combat the Zika virus
100 Speeding up accuracy of flood risk assessment
101 Biodiesel from sugarcane more economical than soybean
102 Crash risk soars among truck drivers who fail to adhere to sleep apnea treatment
103 Single brain cells reveal genes controlling formation, development
104 Ocean acidification takes a toll on California's coastline at nighttime
105 Most eccentric planet ever known flashes astronomers with reflected light
106 Is Alaska's first new butterfly species in decades an ancient hybrid?
107 Biological field stations: Keeping a pulse on our planet
108 Wrangler Supercomputer speeds through big data
109 Expanding use of recycled water would benefit the environment and human health
110 Moffitt pathologists identify new potential target in ovarian serous cancer